We have lost close to 150,000 of this beautiful species since 1999 to poaching, pet trade and habitat loss from logging for palm oil! #natgeocreative #wildgeography #palmoilfreeorangutanalliance #bbcearthcapture #natureinfocus #savetheorangutans #endangeredspecies #palmoilfree #earthcapture

Everyday, the orangutans are in danger. They suffer and are left defenseless, and all because companies are making money off of palm oil. Palm oil has altered the lives of thousands of orangutans. They now depend on the good in us to help and save them. It is all up to you. #nomorepalmoil#savetheorangutans

Day 14 - Borneo. We've seen so many beautiful animals in Tanjung Puting but above of all them baby orangutans are my favorite. Mum carries them for the first 3 years of life while she teaches them how to survive in the wild. Family is so important! /Hemos visto tantos animales preciosos en Tanjung Puting, pero entre todos mi favorito son los bebés de orangután. La mama los lleva en su colo durante los primeros tres años mientras les enseña cómo sobrevivir en la selva. La familia es tan importante! #wildlife #savetheorangutans #indonesia #borneo #trekking #espiritoviaxeiro #travel #nature

Happy #walkaboutwednesday🌐
This is Daniel, a male Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) @phoenixzoo
He has changed SO much from when he first arrived!
🔶 Orangutans are #endangered due to human interference. Their historic range was all throughout Southeast Asia, but now they are found in Borneo and Sumatra. 🔶 Borenan orangs live in habtat ranging from tropical rainforests to swamps. They are primarily herbivores, but also eat eggs, insects, and worms.
🔶 They exhibit sexual dimorphism between males and females, but also bimaturism. Which means you see large, mature males with facial disks and flanges on their face and throat patches, or unflanged males that look more like females. Dominant males are twice the size of females, and exhibit more calling behaviors. Both males will reproduce, but flanges are a reflection of social hierarchy! Orangs aged 15-20 are usually flanged, with 8-15 usually unflanged. **So the fact that Daniel is showing flanges is great!**
🔶 The average weight for females is 37kg, and for males is 87kg (191lbs).
🔶 Females prefer to mate with flanged males (since unflanged males force copulation). They are polygynous and one male will mate with several females. There is no "breeding season" but females show higher ovarian function when food is more abundant. 🔶 Interestingly, female Bornean orangs are extremely similar to humans in that they ovulate on the 15th day of a 30-day cycle, carry the baby for 9 months, and reach menopause around 48 years of age. They usually have one offspring, although twins do occur. 🔶 Babies stay with the mother for about 5-8 years, and then when they show signs of sexual maturity, they will venture off. 🔶Orangs live between 50 and 59 and are usually solitary. They are arboreal, diurnal and sleep in nests (nest-like platforms) in the trees. FUN FACT: They walk on their fists rather than their knuckles like other great apes.👊
Bornean orangs are only hunted by humans... Not large felines like the Sumatran orangs. Orangs are important for seed dispersal. But habitat destruction and hunting by humans are drastically hurting their population numbers. #endangeredspecies #savetheorangutans

The afternoon sun shines on Karti as she clambers over a fallen tree trunk eagerly seeking out some playmates for the day. | Image credit: @________ | If you would like your photo's featured by us please tag your images with #ofi_australia and we will credit you! 🐒
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#orangutan #orphan #rescue #rehabilitate #release #BornToBeWild #Borneo #Indonesia #oficareandquarantinecentre #orangutans #savetheorangutans #sayNOtopalmoil #palmoil #deforestation #destruction #rainforest #environment #nature #endangeredspecies #criticallyendangered #wildlife #orangutanfoundationintl #ofi #drbirute #ofi_australia #ofia #fosterparent #FosterAnOrangutanToday

Learning to swing 🐒 🍌💛 #nursery

Once it is all gone, all we will want to do is get it all back ... Palm oil kills but so does the fact that we are not doing anything about it. Save the world, and take care of it with all your heart ❤️ #ittakesavillage #gogreen #helptheplanet #palmoilfreeproducts #plantonetreeinyourlife #savetheorangutans

Orangutans have the longest childhoods of any animal. Primatologists believe this is due to the immense amount they have to learn to survive in the rain forest. They must learn to eat, to sleep and to protect themselves within their environment. This education and nurturing comes only from their mothers, as fathers wander off after mating and don't return. In some cases mothers breast feed till the age of 8 l Sarawak l Borneo l 2018 #savetheorangutans #natureinfocus #bbcearthcapture #earthcapture #wildgeography #wildlifephotography #photooftheday #nofilterneeded #orangutans #orangutansofinstagram #rememberinggreatapes #redape #natgeoasia #natgeoyourshot #natgeosingapore #natgeocreative#palmoilfreeorangutanalliance #saynotopalmoil#pawtrails

IB Exhibition tomorrow! Guess what Caleb’s exhibition is about...🙊🙉🙈(there isn’t an orangutan emoji) #momlife #ibexhibition #savetheorangutans #woodlawnacademy

Some of you might wonder why I chose to run this years London marathon for Rainforest Foundation UK. Well it's all down to the simple (and very sad) fact that the threat against the the survival of our Rainforests is very real - with one of the leading contributors to deforestation being Palm Oil plantations 😡 There was a programme on BBC 2 which aired on May 10th at 9pm (now on catch up 👍🏼😃) called 'Red Ape:Saving the Orangutan' and I urge everyone to watch it and help spread the word about the destructiveness of Palm Oil! It is literally in almost everything, from sweets and biscuits to shampoo, (dot panic, Lindor is safe🙌🏽😜) BUT it is absolutely possible to get by in life without the stuff (and bonus - you'll be happier and healthier for it too!!🙌🏽😜🌈) Here are just two 60s clips of the programme-not going to lie, it's hard hitting as heck, but it gets the very important message across about the wildlife (namely orangutans) nearing extinction because of business giants, and the rate at which the Rainforests are declining!👎🏼 So the next time you hit the supermarket for your weekly shop, take a look at the ingredients of what your buying and if some things contain Palm oil (which I guarantee they will unless you're only getting whole foods🍎🥑🥕) maybe have a look around at alternatives that are Palm Oil free 👍🏼🌎🦋 If you're reading this and thinking, oh I'm just one person, surely I won't make a difference alone, trust me you WILL make a difference, because at the end of the day, this is a global issue, and as it's is ultimately our home planet under the threat of our own demise, then you really have no choice BUT to care and at least TRY to make a positive change 🌎 I hope this post (whoever gets this far in the novel😂😂) ignites a switch to make a change - whether it's swapping the Dairymilk bar for a pack of sweet chewy dates or Clover for Lurpak, I'm just one person trying to do my bit in the fight against Palm Oil🌎🙏🏼🦋🌈 Thank You!! ☺️🌎💚 #palmoilisthedevil #gopalmoilfree #livehealthyandhappy #redape #savetheorangutans #savetherainforest #savetheworld

Orangutan translates as “Man of the Forest” 🙊 Heart-melting day at the centre rehabilitating orphans to get ready for the wild 🐒 🌴

I cannot in all good conscience be in Indonesia and enjoy all its beauty and not refer to the tragedy that is the deforestation that occurs here and in Malaysia in order to make way for palm oil plantations. .
The loss of these pristine rainforests is the first part of the tragedy; the next part is the bringing of orangutans - and many other species - to the verge of extinction often in inhumane ways including burning.
There is information all over the internet on this distressing topic (along with images) which should help anyone to see why we should not support companies and products that use palm oil.
I read a great article on
www.baliecodeli.net entitled 'Say no to palm oil'.

#savetheenvironment #savetherainforests

Seriously....we all need to check ingredients and start banning the ones that use palm oil. This cannot continue. This is my pledge to do exactly that from today forward. Yes, it seems as though there is palm oil in everything, but actually it's mostly in the shit we shouldn't be eating anyway. No palm oil in fresh veggies, salads and fruits...start there ✊
Repost @palmoilinvestigations
#consciousbeing #livegently #palmoil
#savetheorangutans #savetheforests #forearthssake #bethechange #makeadifference #maketheconnection #consciousconsumer #consumerpower #consciousliving #choosewisely

Dang it, you guys, thanks to IG interactions and some internet research, I am now firmly in love with an #orangutan named #Rajang who lives at the @colchester_zoo and would very much like to meet him. He seems sweet and curious and kind. He loves pregnant women’s baby bumps and kisses them. He loves shiny jewelry and anything new you can show him—when the keepers started wearing shorts he stared at their newly-bared knees. He even kissed @hodgeoso’s orangutan tattoo! He sounds like a total sweetheart and a character, and he’s all the way over in #colchester #england AND he’s turning 50 in less than a month, so it’s not like I have all the time in the world to go see him! I’ve been interested in saving up to go volunteer with orangutan rescues in Indonesia for my next trip (if I can), and I don’t have funds to just hop across the pond whenever I want. I don’t know what I’ll do, but I hope my crush doesn’t have to go unrequited. (Photo via YouTube)
#redape #orangutans #greatape #crush #apecrush #colchesterzoo #colchester #criticallyendangered #essex #essexcounty #savetheorangutans #zoo #visitthezoo #youbelonginthezoo

#familytime 😂😂😂😂 ...... #savetheorangutans ❤️❤️❤️#pictureofapicture #funny #funnyface

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