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Anak siapa la niiii..... #catslover #savethecat

Ada seekor lagi abandoned kitten dekat ofis harap esok berjaya tangkap. 💪dan banyak lagi kucing terbiar di sekeliling kita.. jom selamatkan kucing.. cc : my #savethecat partner @scoobeedou

Working the red carpet with @dallasking1 another #producer on #thebillmurrayexperience #documentary @amdocfilmfest we've known each other thru quite the journey...Cabo to Hollywood! #getthekitty or well... #savethecat now... 😜

Vi aggiorniamo sul gatto incidentato che abbiamo recuperato ieri. L'abbiamo chiamato Chivas ed è un rottamino, povero amore! Allora innanzitutto è un vecchiettino mal messo, ha circa 10/12 anni, FIV positivo e ha una serie di problematiche. Ha la stomatite, ha pochi denti, un'infiammazione plasma cellulare, la zampa (si vede nella foto di ieri) non è rotta ma è storta. I valori del sangue non sono bellissimi e bisognerà fare ulteriori indagini. Martedì (2 maggio) verrà effettuata un'ecografia per valutare meglio la situazione interna. Insomma chissà da quanto era per strada messo così male e ieri il colpo di grazia con la macchina che lo ha investito. Poveraccio! Cose positive: mangia come un lupetto ed è affettuosissimo! Noi gli vogliamo già un gran bene! Per cui vi raccomandiamo, se volete prenotarvi per accoglierlo quando sarà dimissibile, potete inviare già la vostra candidatura a: ADOZIONI@LESFIGATTE.ORG (in strada ovviamente non ci ritorna più!) #lesfigatteneverstop #civas #gatto #savethecat #tantobene

Put your characters through endless suffering. Make sure they don't evolve or learn any lessons. #savethecat #larsvontrier

I've always been attracted to words. I remember learning to spell. Video games weren't played in my home but we'd throw down on some Scrabble, Scattergories and UPwords. I secretly looked forward to writing term papers in high school. My writing was so well-received in college, the School of Communication offered me an opportunity to earn my Masters degree for free. I politely declined, graduated, and moved to Los Angeles. When I surrendered to being an actor, I quickly grew impatient with the delay booking work and constantly asking to be a part of someone else's project. In 2009, I wrote, produced and directed my first play. I had no idea what I was doing. A year later we were on our third run and I also starred in it. I remember hearing someone say, "She can write her ass off, but she can't act for shit." I also remember someone telling me, "Keep writing. That's your way in." They may have both been saying the same thing. I've also been told, "Focus on one thing at a time. It should be your acting." Last year I got one person who told me it was ok to do both and neither one stole from the other. Through the years I kept studying, writing and auditioning. Waiting bred frustration. So I wrote stories I wanted to see. And even when I was booked as an actress on #HitALick I was still at lunch interrogating the writer of the film, fascinated with her process. I believe that writing is a skillset that can be developed. I'm not saying it's for every actor to do but it helps me understand scripts better as a performer. Sometimes writing is so good it doesn't need to be acted. Good writing is just good writing. These days I journal. I've written 8 books (most are available on Amazon). I've written 2 plays, 2 pilots, several short films, 3 web series, 1 feature, and a few specs so far. Sometimes I write long ass captions. Over the weekend, I got to attend the #WGFestival learn from people who have been putting on shows for years. Nobody's hair was laid. Nobody came to slay. We just hung out and talked about good old film & TV writing. It was fun af. #TiffanyBlackWriter #WGA #SaveTheCat


Amo mucho a mis compañeritos de guión 😂😂😂😂😂 No puedo con la risa #savethecat #screenwriter #CCCompañeros

Best read on screenwriting. Definitely needed this to re focus. Highly recommend it! Thanks John! #savethecat #clearasday #productionlife🎥 #imagination #screenplay #indiefilm

Pace and consistency . A little everyday 💻

When you start something, you owe it to yourself to finish. There has been many days I wanted to give up on something as simple as setting up the Board. Those thoughts are simple my own naysayers, the threshold guardians that were formed by myself that wanted me to quit and allow thoughts of it "being too hard" to stop. If I can create thoughts that doubt my own actions, I can certainly create thoughts that destroy them, let it be yourself wielding a giant sword, golden shoes and armour, wings that let you fly, whatever it may be, it has to come from within you.
I have begun the next stage in my process and began writing. There's never enough time before the deadline, you just got to make the time. #dontgiveup #keepfighting #inspirationalquotes #inspired #motivation #motivated #savethecat #writing #myfirstfeature #indiemovie

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ねこ、LOVE。at 東急ハンズ 京都店


商品登録も終わり、今週半ばには展開していただけるとのことで、ひと安心ですー^ ^



お知らせいたします!!! 新作の『出たり入ったり bouquet 』シリーズも



Anak siapa la niiii..... #catslover #savethecat

This is why I feel like I shouldn't have kids. Each of my pets are worth 3 kids. 🙄 #bipolarkitty #addictedtocrampedspaces #savethecat #domesticshorthair #naughty #rescuecats

The face your cat gives you when it falls in a tight space and meows for help but you just take pics 😂 #catfail #fail #savethecat

I already drank the #tallboy my #bookmark came with #savethecat


Please don't escape from the box!
Today you will move to another temporary home.
Hope to find your future sweet family there.

#cat #gato #kitten #straycats #callejero #2month #2meses #blueeyes #ojosazules #inthecar #car #coche #carro #cx7 #sweet #lovely #newhome #nuevohogar #takecare #cuidate #miss #you #savethecat #savetheanimals #mexico #japonesa

Ada seekor lagi abandoned kitten dekat ofis harap esok berjaya tangkap. 💪dan banyak lagi kucing terbiar di sekeliling kita.. jom selamatkan kucing.. cc : my #savethecat partner @scoobeedou

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