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We received a phone call this morning to fetch a leopard in a trap on one of the farms nearby. This leopard has shown no harm to anyone. He is about 8 months old (still with his mom) and sadly can’t be released as he won’t be able to survive on his own.
In the wild leopards stay with their moms for more than a year before they go on their own.

Therefore, Brian Jones has decided to catch the cubs mother in a trap and to release them together somewhere where they will be safe.

Hallo, mein Name ist Hermann! Ich bin männlich und wurde am 01.05.17 geboren. Selbstverständlich bin ich bereits kastriert und geimpft!

Ich suche ein schönes neues Zuhause, am liebsten in Gesellschaft von Artgenossen und mit Auslauf!

Wenn Sie mich kennenlernen möchten, dann schauen Sie doch einfach mal bei mir im Tierheim vorbei, damit wir Freunde werden können! Ich freue mich schon sehr darauf, Sie kennenzulernen! 👆 Weitere Infos siehe Link in der Bio! 👆

These guys 💖💕. Seems like they were two tiny balls of fur just yesterday.

I can't even describe how much they have already helped me get through so many rough patches. Their love is unconditional and non judgemental. When I get anxious, upset or worried, a few cuddles is the best cure.

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N.30] Vi presentiamo Sting! Grazie Raffaella, per averlo adottato a distanza! ❤
Fino ad ora avete adottato 33 ricci (di cui 3 dobbiamo ancora mostrarveli!), per coprire le spese di quest'inverno bisognerebbe adottarne altri 13! Chi se la sente?
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Do you love the opportunity to make your statement? Loverope allows you to customise your message and then wear it to share it 💚 All plant based of course 💚 Discount with MVV, link in bio 🌐

Here’s a super simple, delicious and healthy vegan meal 🤗🌱
Tacos 🌮
Corn tortilla, refried pinto beans mixed with whole black beans flavored with homemade taco seasoning, quinoa, corn, lettuce, carrots, avocado and a side of salsa 💃🏼💚 It’s not a short term diet. It’s a long term lifestyle change. Food is medicine, eat to thrive! _____________________________________________________________#plantbased #ahimsa #veganrecipes #girlswholift #danaejustinewellness #dstuartskitchen #rethinkprotein #bethechange #foodismedicine #healthiswealth #healthylife #organic #tiuteam #nutrition #compassion #fitspo

Löysin lajitoverin jolla on samanlainen pälvikalju ku allekirjottaneella,samaan hengenvetoon pakko myös todeta että en kannata tätä toimintaa millään muotoa. #elephant #kochang #pälvikalju #savetheanimals

The Danish Dairy Industry tried to destroy Big Dawn and when she had nothing left to give they wanted her dead. But she had another destiny and that was to tell the world her story and save as many of her sisters as possible.#dairyfree #fieldsoffreedom

Introduction to My Vegan Journey

Over 1 week ago I decided I’d start eating Vegan, or maybe I should say Plant based. When I was in school I became vegetarian but quickly ended up being extremely tired all the time as well as having dark under eye circles. Obviously as I wasn’t eating correctly.

For many years, 8 years exactly I just came to the conclusion that my body just wasn’t meant for this kind of eating. However, with all the research I have conducted I now see that I can change. With the right foods in the right amounts I can change.

So I began my journey on the 14th of January 2018. I have to be honest here. Starting up I did spend quite a lot of money as the normal things in my kitchen that I used to eat I had to buy substitutes. Like vegan versions of meat, milk and butter as well as seeds, beans etc. In the long run though, I definitely seeing it being about the same price or even less than the usual food i’d go out to buy.

I have no cravings at all and have not had so much fun with food in my entire life. Learning to make usual dishes the vegan way is amazing. I’ll be posting some of my recipes up here  as well.

Over the last few weeks my skin has been a terrible mess with acne breakouts. It’s still not where I want it to be but it looks so much clearer after only 6 days.
I have not fully gone vegan in the other parts of my life as I just cannot afford to throw all my makeup (I am a makeup artist), toiletries and cleaning products away. However as they become depleted I’ll go buy #Vegan #crueltyfree products. I’ll keep everyone updated on the products I have gotten.

Hmmm, I think that’s it for now. I hope you guys enjoy.
#govegan #health #savetheanimals

There is a thin line between being a happy hound and miserable one. It’s called a chain. If you don’t want them in your home, you probably don’t really want them. They deserve more.

#animals #pets #dogs #cats #perros #animalneglect #neglect #abuse #cruelty #winter #cold

Great event this past weekend @pbvegfest! For the last time thank you to absolutely everyone that took part and all the great people we got to connect with. 🌱💪🙏 .

Over 6,000 people in attendance for this event & it far surpassed our expectations, we are super grateful. .

@marcogalindojr @conscious_muscle @courtney_mitchell_yoga .


Part of my animal laying down series I guess. It’s a #goat !! #sculpture #sculptures #art #ceramics #clay #savetheanimals #baa #love #gift #cutenessoverload #horns

Help save this beautiful animal from extinction #savetheenvironment #environment #savetheanimals #california

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