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I might look happy, but I've got this constant sick feeling in my gut at the moment. As if I've just realised I've lost something, or when I'm about to read a speech to a large audience. The feeling of smashing a favourite piece of mums glassware, or the feeling you get when you just miss your flight. The feeling of realising your pet isn't in the cage you left it in this morning, or the feeling when your sister should be home from the bus by now. This feeling isn't going away, and it's not meant to be a feeling that stays. On the 30th, I find out if my beautiful home is safe or in the path of destruction. I just want this awful gut feeling to go away. We are all holding our breath. πŸ˜”βœ¨πŸŽπŸ€žπŸ½ #saveoratia @saveoratia

When you're feeling a lil down and wake up to the cutest handmade necklace surprise in your mailbox the next morning 😍Naya and I are running a jewelry making night next week to raise funds and awareness about her potentially loosing her home to WaterCare.. plz message me if you want to get involved. All welCOME #saveoratia

A message from #Piha #saveoratia

If you haven't sent your email to Watercare yet this is your last weekend to get it done ⏰ Just fill in the form here http://www.saveoratia.org.nz – even if you just say "Save Oratia" it will make a difference! βœ”οΈ

My home. My valley. #SaveOratia

My parents have lived on Parker road in Oratia for nearly 10 years, it's their little sanctuary and we would love to keep it that way. #saveoratia πŸ’š

While I am here training under the ice in Finland, my thoughts go out to the families of Oratia in New Zealand whose houses are under threat for the construction of a water treatment plant.
Oratia has a wonderful, tight-knit community including my brother who lives there with his wife and kids. #saveoratia

Please head to www.saveoratia.org.nz and 'click' submissions. (Link in bio) Tell the crucial people that we just can't have a water treatment plant tearing apart Oratia. If not for me, for this little gem in the picture, who I can't bare to see broken if her home gets bulldozed. Individual submissions close on the 12th of May. They are more powerful than pages upon pages of signed petitions. πŸ’•βœ¨ Thank you from the bottom of my heart. #saveoratia @saveoratia


When @timrmartin and I decided to have a go at this #naturalwine lark with support @msjmbrown & @champagne.socialist as cellar hands! #nzwine #wineporn #saveoratia #organicwine #syrah dm for a taste! Only 30 doz #freethenipple

~ Regram ~
Well done @saveoratia for saving paradise! It was a pleasure to be involved in any way we could! #oratiagaurdians #saveoratia #nicetees #auckland

Oh happy day !!!!
We get to keep our home . Watercare have ditched plans to build a large water treatment plant in Oratia !
We are so relieved πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸƒπŸƒπŸ’šπŸ’š

Graeme Gash - musician, artist, force of nature. #oratiaguardians #guardiansoforatia #saveoratia #dday

Parker Rd orchardist Bill Keith with his beloved wife Marge. We find out today if his red zone home is safe. #dday #saveoratia #oratiaguardians #guardiansoforatia

Wen, Christine and Poppy - already part of the Oratia family. Thanks for your support. #guardiansoforatia #oratiaguardians #saveoratia #dday

More guardians at our side on this important day. Ronny Aitken with this beehives. #oratiaguardians #guardiansoforatia #saveoratia #dday

Mitchell and Jake Malam photographed by Stephen Roke with the chimney of their great-great-grandfather's cottage. #heritage #oratiaguardians #guardiansoforatia #saveoratia

Patriarch Ken Gash in the Parker Rd church designed by his brother Rusty - scene of many a local wedding and a few TV ones too. #guardiansoforatia #oratiaguardians #saveoratia

One of the last guardians of Oratia's orcharding heritage Mate Dragicevich. #guardiansoforatia #oratiaguardians #saveoratia

The tireless, talented Tulsi Watts with her four gorgeous children in their red zone garden. #oratiaguardians #guardiansoforatia #saveoratia

Julian Pirie in the #harrypotter esque library of his handmade rammed-earth house 15 years in the making. Waiting to hear if his home will be taken by Watercare. #saveoratia #oratiaguardians #guardiansoforatia

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