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Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

I think helping others doesn't have easy and hard category. I wanna be an advocate not just to have fun but to show other people that I am responsible enough to help others to save their lives. As a human being, we are responsible to help those people who are in needs. Just a simple reminders of right things to do is a huge help. Well, I can't imagine the feeling whenever I am advising other people about the importance of being wise especially when they're having sexual contact with anyone. Letting them know about this well known issues can save many people lives and for them to be always safe. HIV awareness is timely and relavant to our community as of these days. It's very alarming that the number of people who are having AIDS are increasing every now and then.

Of course, we're not just here to spread the news on how to prevent this illness but the most important is we will unite as one to help those people who are currently experiencing depression because of having this. I'm always asking myself if do I need to do this? But my mind always keep on reminding me that the purpose of life is to do your role in this world which is to protect things that God created. We all have our own priorities such as own career and our families, but you don't have to give so much of your time because there are so many ways to show our help and support.

We are one. Let's save life!
Get tested! Know your status.

See you on #LaBoracay2018 !

#SaveSexyLaboracay2018 #SaveSexy #GetTested #EndAIDS #HIVawareness #KnowYourStatus #SaveLife #RedWhistle #Red

Some organizations should change their goals and logos titles from "Human" to "Oil" to give it more credibility ...
------ بعض المنظمات يجب ان تقوم بتغيير عناوين اهدافها وشعاراتها من "الإنسان" إلى "النفظ" لتكون اكثر مصداقية ... #saveGhouta
#syria #war #savesyriachildren #savealife

Суровым ранним февральским утром я понял, что в кровосдачах есть свои плюсы.
Сегодня пришла сдавать кровушку живая копия Насти Рыбки. Да, для кого-то это обычная белорусская девчонка, слишком распиаренная в СМИ, тупенькая и шепелявая, но таки же её шпилил сам Олег "Базэл" Дерипаска, так что в ней (злорадный смех) видимо что-то есть. Что-то кроме хламидий😂
Так что целых 10 минут можно было откровенно разглядывать эти пухлые губья и вздернутый носик. А так-то студентка по факту обычная оказалась😎 Пришла за отгулом.

Из минусов привычного посещения отделения переливания крови была только песня "Не плачь, девчонка, пройдут дожди, солдат вернётся, ты только жди!", которая громко играла на репите все время, пока я в конвульсиях дрыгался 45 минут на плазмосдаче. Видимо, святой День защитника отечества кто-то из докторов начал отмечать чуть заранее.
Простим ему эту небольшую оплошность, может он армейку медбратом проходил и соскучился по клейстеру вместо каши из полевой кухни, кирзовым сапогам и утренним побудкам под добродушный ор старшины: "А ну, охломоны, подъем! Стройся на утренний осмотр!".
А так сдача крови или ее компонентов в 19-й раз - Done✔
Во мне уже сидит бутылочка🍾 любимого красного сухого🍷 так что за мой гемоглобин можете не беспокоиться.

It could be my son, your son ... We are seeing the greatest catastrophe of the 21st century. I'll continue to give a voice to those who scream for help!
#GhoutaGenocide .
. .
#syrianchildren 📷 @amer.almohibany . .
. .
#savesyrianchildren . .
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#assadputincrimes #russia
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“Il coraggio era anche quello. Era la consapevolezza che L’ insuccesso fosse comunque il frutto di un tentativo. Che talvolta e’ meglio perdersi sulla strada di un viaggio impossibile che non partire mai”. [G. Faletti]. Sii coraggioso. Prova a salvare una vita. Se ci riesci avrai salvato una vita umana, se non ci riesci ti sentirai VIVO per aver compiuto un gesto d’amore verso gli altri. #centroformazionemedica #cfm #savelife #emergency

Do you spend money buying water often? IRIBA WATER GROUP brought a solution. We provide different water purification machines that suit your size #HouseHolds, #Schools, #Hospitals, #Institutions, Don'tBuyItOwnIt, #NoWaterNoLife, #SaveMoney, #SaveLife.

From far away and wherever you are, donating in aid of Gift of Life patients is easy. Go to our website ⬆️ active link in the profile, to help @gift_of_life_charity save children from cancer 🙏🏻 #donatenow #donatetoday #giftoflife #podarizhizn

Are you a Change-Agent? 😎
If you have an idea or a vision for a better planet in line with any of the 8 Sustainable Development Goals that we are supporting, shoot your short film and submit now. To know more about the #PictureThis festival for the Planet 🌎, log on to www.sonypicturethis.com🌐
The first 100 entrants 💯from #india will win a One year 'We Transfer Plus' account.
T&C Apply : bit.ly/SPNPictureThisRules💡
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"The Blood you donate gives Someone another Chance at Life. One day that Someone may be a Close Relative, a Friend, a Loved One—or Even You.” ​​GIT is always at forefront for various social activities. GIT organized a Blood Donation Drive in association with ‘ZYDUS Hospital, Ahmedabad’ on 15th February, 2018 at the college campus. Students and staff members participated enthusiastically and total 122 unit of blood was collected for the noble cause. Its aim was to spread awareness among the community on the importance of blood donation.

#git #blooddonationdrive #savelife #zydushospital

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