What type of mark do you want to leave on the world? Stand up for what’s right. Give a voice to the outsiders:) Always remember that it is important to be kind and spread positivity! Happy first day of Fall!
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When your looking for an exit, but your trapped #ineedabath #closetalker #saveeachother

Mushrooms :)

When your nephew needs some wax you gotta come thru.
@luke.cline @bellabpink
We are STILL extracting and cleaning beeswax from this years final Honey harvest.
Our wax is used in a lot of our products including our #beeusable wraps and bags and our 100% Pure Beeswax Candles.
When only the best will do.
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People will bully you over your sexuality and it just doesn't make sence. You don't choose who you love but you can embrace it. Anyway back onto the bullying. Because of kids and people getting bullied in school and everyday society it causes suicide and suicidal thounght. Your sexuality is nothing to hide but it also isn't something to be made fun of, we shouldn't be harassed for who we love and for what our religion is.
Before taking action, think. Think about how everone will miss you, and don't say they won't becase they will.
#thinkbeforeyoudo #loveislove #saveeachother #beyou #belieaveinyourself #loveyourself #stopthebullying #treateveryonewithkindness #gayisokay #bisexualisokay #lesbainisokay #tansgenderisokay #queerisokay

Upsetting I know. A few months ago or a while ago if further I posted about people #hunting and #killing the beautiful #wildlife we have left on earth 🌏 a few came for me saying this hunting only exists in #Africa and that it is done to help the people of the area ummmmm this was in Arizona as I mentioned before it happens right here. So what are we all going to do about this. My first step is spreading awareness this behavior or “sport” is just #inhumane there is no reason to have taken that beautiful creatures life #saveourplanet #saveeachother

Save stuff... and don’t forget to backup regularly too 👍

#savetheworld - not Fortnite🙄

R U OK? I'm not always okay. But it is okay to not be okay. You don't have to suffer alone. There are people that care. People that want to listen. People that value and love you. I offer you my ear and shoulder. #ruok #itsokaynottobeokay #askthequestion #listen #love #bethere #sharetheload #saveeachother

Schön das du da bist!
@save.de soll Menschen in ihrem online Alltag auffangen und eine Plattform bieten, sich zu unterstützen. Manchmal müssen Geschichten erzählt werden und manchmal hilft es, die Geschichten eines anderen zu lesen.
Mobbing , Depressionen, Belästigung sind Themen die uns auch online oft beschäftigen. Du bist nicht allein und Hilfe ist nicht unerreichbar!
Solltest du Gesprächsbedarf haben , melde dich bei uns!

✨M I L K & H O N E Y✨
A customer favorite! It’s been a while since I did a crinkle cut. 👏
Which do you prefer?
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💕 wait for this

가을이 가까워지는 주말🍂
밖으로 나가 무용, 미술, 패션, 음악의 융합 예술을 보고왔어요^^ 개인적으로 느낀점은 우리는 함께이기 때문에 서로의 구김을 펴줄수도, 얽히고 설키며 감싸줄수도. 서로가 있기에 가능하다는 것 그러니까 😊 #saveeachother 서로를 아끼자

#연희예술극장 #geometricstudy

Best part of my day so far! 💗 . 😃
At work with a group of girls. One holds up her empty plastic water bottle. 💦
Girl: Mrs. Jones, do you have a trash can? 💧
Me: Yes, but do you want to recycle that in one of the bins on your way to class? ♻️ Girl: Yes! Better idea! 🌎
Me: Save the planet. Save each other. 🙋🏻‍♀️
Girl: Aww! I like that. That should be a thing. 😃
Me: Let’s make it a thing. ✅
So there you have it. Our new thing. 🎉Happy Friday!

I have been reading alot of posts about depression, anxiety and mental illness. Yes, it exists and its very painful. The feeling of emptiness and unhappiness is suffocating. Sometimes you feel you are stuck in a box full of darkness with no way out. Like your life is a road with a dead end. Hopelessness! That's the most painful part of it. No hope of getting out of this tiny box of darkness. These feelings do lead you to the path where you think of ending your life to get rid of the suffering. You feel no one will understand you. You feel lonely and can only think of one way out.
But what is the reason that we talk about it and still its increasing?
Reason is that we all are so cruel to others, including me. We love to talk about it, post about it on our social media accounts, share quotes about it, poetry but we never think of changing our behavior to bring happiness in someones life, to save someone from it. We only feel the pain of it when its happening with us but we won't be bothered to be a cause of the same suffering in someone else's life.
I know people who are going through this illness but it has not changed their thinking. It didn't stop them from creating the same illness for someone else!
They would talk about it and post about it but when they would be given a chance to bring a change, they won't act any different. What's the use of all that posting, sharing and discussions? What's the point when you are the cause of the same illness in someone else's life. We dont care when it comes to others. The circle goes on. Its never ending. It won't end until we all change our behavior and thinking and try to make a difference in someone's life.
If we change It won't only help someone else but will make you feel worthy of something as well. Will help you feel good about yourself as well. So please instead of using that energy on posting and sharing stuff on social media, please practice it in real life.
Practice what you share!
#depression #mentalillness #saynotohate #saynotobullying #practicewhatyoupreach #dontonlytalkaboutit #mentalhealth #cage #darkness #deadend #spreadhappiness #saveeachother #helpingothers #helpwanted #changeyourmindset #mindset

I get that it's not always easy and we've created this culture of masculinity but for a lack of better word, it's bullshit. The statistics below are a result of that culture. Men, it is okay to not be okay, it is okay to cry, to talk about your feelings, to have those hard conversations, to check on a friend. It's ok, it's ok, it's ok. Say it with me until you believe it too. Save each other.

Men die by suicide 3.53x more often than women.

White males accounted for 7 of 10 suicides in 2016.

The rate of suicide is highest in middle age — white men in particular.

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