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Last night I had a dream that someone came into my house and murdered me and my family. Tonight I drifted off for a few hours to be woken up gasping for air, as I had dreamt of choking to death on a piece of mango why #awesome #cool #summerfun #meth #savedaughterofthesun #docrack

Adrenaline mother babe rainbow playing hotel vegas in Austin tonight

Had to stop and reflect for a moment after seeing this beautiful new version of an oldie but goodie of Naia and I. Thank you @victoriancow for creating this magical piece. I will always be grateful and never sorry. ✨( . ) ( . )✨ #savedaughterofthesun #freethenipple

Butterfly installation

It really irritates me how people have the nerve to shame you for breastfeeding !! It's not against the law in section 43.3 of the civil code relating to personal rights states it is actually a law that us mothers have the right to breastfeed anywhere including public places with the exception of someones home in which they do not permit.. This goes to show the vulgar ways of Americans
#savedaughterofthesun #breatfeedingisnatural #judgementalprudes

April 1950, LIFE Magazine: Bantu mother of the Bamangwato tribe, breastfeeding her newborn. Photo: Margaret Bourke-White ❤️ #breastfeeding #breastfeedingart #normalizenursing #notafraid #feminism #censorship #stopcensoringmotherhood #love #powertotheb00bies

Hi, @sherylsandberg! I'm a big admirer and fellow working mom, feminist, and women's rights activist 😊 Instagram is an amazing tool for people to connect, share, and express themselves all over the world! It's amazing. But something so upsetting is happening with greater and greater frequency and with no explanation: mothers who advocate breastfeeding on their feeds are getting trolled and having their accounts deleted with with no warning! After doing nothing wrong and violating no policies! The latest victim of this epidemic is @julsgarces, who now goes by @julesgarces. #bringbackjulsgarces. She has emailed repeatedly to learn why her account was deleted, to no avail. All her photos are gone. Her son's whole life in pictures disappeared. Her parenting journey, friends, comments all erased. It is devastating to her and those of us who love her and her family. And she is not the first to experience this! It seems to be happening all the time now. Most moms I know worry that one of us will be next. Please help us out here, and talk to your Instagram friends about changing the process by which flagged accounts are reviewed for deletion. Thank you!! 🙏#powertotheb00bies #stopcensoringmotherhood #bringbackjulsgarces #savedaughterofthesun #bringbacknamastetiff #bringbackhelloamerikaw #breastfeeding #motherhood #censorship #wahm

Friends, I need your help once again, this graphic represents just a small sampling of the accounts of women censored and removed by Instagram. I need to present to our legal team a comprehensive list of all accounts they have removed for breastfeeding, non-sexualized nudity and their latest attack on bare bellied and bottomed children by end of day today. If you have a name to add to this list please send it my way. We're collecting info on banned Facebook pages as well, as this spans both platforms.
Thank you so much for your continued investment in this fight. When we stand together our voices will be heard. Please continue to sign and share our petition and feel free to share this graphic as well.

#4thtrimesterbodiesproject #fourthtrimesterbodiesproject #4thtrimester #fourthtrimester #postpartum #breastfeeding #childbirth #bodypositivity #stopcensoringmotherhood #motherhood #bodypositive #everybodyisbeautiful

Ugh, looks like @instagram has been busy lately. The fact that typing #bringback gives me so many hashtag options is ridiculous. #stopcensoringmotherhood You brought back @yanpalmer & @thegraygang, now #bringbackhelloamerikaw, #bringbackcissylala, #bringbackphoenixjamie, and #bringbackogyoginiashley. (Please.)

sadly after mother's this lovely ladies account was banned from instagram. please support daughter of the sun...

Work in progress.. Soul in oness

Sending you all huge hugs right now!!! My original account is back up!! ✨@daughterofthesun_✨ Grateful for all of your love and shares! I feel you!! Let's never use the hashtag #savedaughterofthesun again. 👊

The Phoenix rises!! What a wild last few days this has been. Deleted from Instagram on Friday and reinstated on Monday. Damn spirit, you work in mysterious ways but I trust you and I know all is divine. Thank you to everyone who reached out, who reposted and shared the love. I wanna hug you all right now. Sweet Naia is still sick so back to tending to her and then off to the land for the #spiritweaversgathering. Keep shining the ✨light✨family!! Thank you Instagram. 🙏 Please don't let us have to #savedaughterofthesun ever again!!! And please unfollow me if my photos make you uncomfortable. Whoever keeps reporting me, I love you too and pray for your heart. 💗

Really @instagram @mikeyk @kevin ?!?! Ya'll deleted her again!? This lady does nothing but spread love and light. Stop being ridiculous! Can't you make a final decision when it is obviously just some foolish haters flagging her for nothing? C'mon now. #savedaughterofthesun follow @daughterofthesun1 for the third time! 💜💙

#savedaughterofthesun... Again // Sending love and deep gratitude to my dear sister Amy. Yesterday @instagram deleted her account for the second time in a year. This time her account was deleted with no warning~ and presumably due to one person flagging multiple photos on her account. Amy is one of the most radiant, pure-hearted women I have the honor of knowing and she brings inspiration and light to many both near and far. To support Amy please email press@instagram.com sending words of love and support for this sister, tag founders @kevin and @mikeyk in your posts and comments letting them know how much Amy means to us all, and follow her new account @daughterofthesun1 ✨🙌☀️🙌✨ 📷 by @angeladelaagua

@daughterofthesun_ was deleted again. Shame on you @instagram truly a #pmahighpriestess follow her new account @daughterofthesun1 and repost if you feel inclined. #savedaughterofthesun ✨🙌✨

I'm a bit of an aficionado of the hippies of Instagram, and @daughterofthesun_ is one of the most interesting. Too bad her account keeps on getting shut down because she posts photos of baby butts and breastfeeding sometimes. Zuckerberg's world is pretty rigid I guess. #savedaughterofthesun

I have been following this lovely lady for a long while, & have never been offended by her images. On the contrary, I have been mesmerized by the vibrant colors, touched by the love they exude, & contemplative over her thoughtful words. @instagram, please stop punishing inspiring women, & create incentive for spiteful people to stop flagging images because they can. Please take the time to evaluate the claims before deleting accounts! The people who should lose their accounts are happily shrouded in anonymity. #savedaughterofthesun

Once again IG has deleted one of my favorite accounts @daughterofthesun_ Amy's pictures are full of love, inspiration and joy, living in beautiful Harmony with nature and her family. This sort of censorship is outrageous!
#savedaughterofthesun @daughterofthesun1

Here we go again. #savedaughterofthesun Yes. Lets keep on harassing the people that spread love and beauty. Lets keep deleting the accounts of those who dare challenge our society's fucked up ways through living peacefully and in harmony with nature. If you happen to love beauty, nature, flowers, and family...you know...all that rebelliousness I just mentioned...follow @daughterofthesun1.

Not again IG!!
Follow Amy's new account at @daughterofthesun1
#cantfightthelight ❤️🙏

Come ON Instagram, get it together. With all the trillion gross things people post on Instagram I really feel that deleting people's accounts for a little breastfeeding or baby booty is a total waste of time and rediculous censorship. It's beautiful and natural, GET OVER IT! #savedaughterofthesun

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