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It's ok to honor & celebrate your womanhood - it's ok to be saved & sexy! It's ok! When you carry yourself with strength, grace & dignity that's a turn on...and it's "sexy" - As a woman I have the power to be irresistible just by showing my poise & confidence - now, my curves are a plus...that's the icing on the cake 😁 Celebrate your womanhood! #savedAndSexy (yes, they can exist together!) #wisdomwednesday

This #Cardio with @charlesbutlerjr playing will take you out!!!! #SavedAndSexy #TheBlood #TheseIsBloodyShorts 😂🙌🏽

#savedandsexy I don't wear Nikes & a baseball cap all the time. But I am all the time saving myself. #preserved #waiting #oldbutstillcute
This is my white party white dress for a white party. It stayed in my closet unworn for more than a year cuz I never did go to the intended white party or any other white party in my life.

Great time last night with these lovely couples❤️!Good food, conversation and lots of laughs! #marriage #savedandsexy #likemindedpeople

😆All things are working for My Good!😆😇 #ignite2k15 #lastpost #youthconference #unstoppable #savedandsexy

Hear me, this beautiful, anointed, compassionate, and loving woman of God has put a smile on my face many days when I felt there was nothing to smile about. Her love for me has made me a stronger man. I'm grateful to heaven and the Angels for my Bribaby..... #classisstillinstyle #savedandsexy

October/libra(in pink) and then November/Scorpio babies(in yellow) like "girl hurry up." BYE!!! #scorpio #november #scorpiomen #savedandsexy

If I'm perfect today there's no need for tomorrow #youngandsaved #savedandsexy #chocolateseason #modellife

I notice after my mother's passing my eating increased and my active life came to an halt. It was spiraling out of control. But I made it up in my mind that it was the end of that. That I was claiming my life back. Little progress is still progress..... Still learning along the way!!! This is not a goal but a lifestyle I choose to maintain. #toolegittoquit #savedandsexy #christianandcurvy


Funny thing is none of my female characters grow weary, they just run from the men God sends them

The Island Of Nosey Be located off the coast of Madagascar, East Africa. In the Mozambique Channel.
It’s the country’s biggest & busiest tourist attraction

Have you gotten your copy of Mended With Love?
http://bit.ly/MendedWithLove ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review “Unoma has written another wonderful Christian fiction novel full of African spice! I laughed, cried, and grinned while I enjoyed reading about the baby Danjuma’s broken heart being minded by love. To date Mended With Love is Unoma’s best written novel, it was worth the wait. I’m sorry to see this trilogy end, BUT I think we need a Danjuma sister story. Fellow readers don’t sleep on Unoma - she’s a gifted storyteller. Great job Unoma.”

Love me from your heart not your head....

Have you met the Danjuma men in the Sons of Ishmael series? Their lives took an unexpected turn when their father made a decision that molded their futures. Until they met the women who helped put their broken pieces back together.

In book 1, A Scoop of Love, heir to the Danjuma empire, Rasheed is forced to confront past hurts and deal with the head strong caterer, Ibiso who is determined to have him check his baggage at the door. Will their love stand a chance?

In book 2, Anchored By Love, One night took Jabir & Damisi back to the very beginning, where they are forced to face old scars. They thought they were done but neither was prepared for what fate had in store.

In book 3, Mended With Love, a mix up in seating arrangements, bring Kamal and Ebele together. An injury and a father's rejection force them to deal with the pain and insecurities their complicated pasts have created. Will they make it past the unmasking to get to their happily ever?
Purchase Link in my bio. Buy one and get one for a friend


Whatchu reading this weekend?

And another ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”
In this third and (sadly) final installment of the Sons of Ishmael series, Unoma Nwankwor knocked the ball right out of the park. I reluctantly started reading Kamal and Ebele’s story knowing it was the end of an era with the Danjuma Family. I didn’t put it down until the very end. I agree with everyone that Kam and E are my favorite couple of the series. Theirs was a pure, sweet love from the very beginning although both were battling demons from their past that threatened the possibility of a future together. As in books one and two, Ms. Nwankwor tells a beautiful story of love unconditional, forgiveness and healing with just enough drama to keep you guessing about the outcome (I did not see that twist coming-wow!). If you have not already done so, I strongly recommend all three books -A Scoop of Love, Anchored By Love and Mended With Love.”
Don’t wait get to know the Danjumas today!

“I have several favorite lines, scenes and parts in this book but this snippet I must share because I came from a dark place a few months ago and Nwankwor’ book In The Dark helped me navigate my way out.
And I quote: “Anyway, an anchor has one job, and that is to steady the boat. Through the storms, the highs, the lows, pain, and gain, you must have an anchor that doesn’t shake. It doesn’t sway with the times. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what God’s hope does for us”.
I’m ending this review right here and now you can go ahead and “one click” for yourself and a friend if you are looking for an outstanding story and fantastic writing skills.”~ Reader’s Paradise

As I shared before, my next book is partially set in Benin City Nigeria. Here’s another history lesson.

Pictured here is the cast brass head of Queen Idia. She was the first Queen mother of the Benin Kingdom. A great warrior and played a significant role in the rise of her son Oba Esiege who ruled during the 1500s
This artifact is displayed in a museum in Berlin, Germany.
Photo Credit: Google

My reading group and I had so much fun discussing Kammy and the Danjumas yesterday.
Doing a mail run today for autographed copies of the complete series.
If you’re in the US, UK or Canada DM me to place your order. See what others are raving about.
Over 60 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star reviews.

Mini photoshoot after church @flame3two with beautiful wife @ladybflame . 6th church and pastoral anniversary #powercouple #savedandsexy #fashionista #dapper #dopepastor #africanprint #coordination #church #anniversary #loveGod

I decided against a long caption. Instead read the ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star review for Mended With Love.
This lady also did a whole video some days ago, I was in total awe. Thank you @laverneasiam 💞💞💞 If you haven’t met the Danjumas you need to👆🏾see what she said and click the link in the bio for your copy.

#History: Benin City, Nigeria. The partial set of my next book.

It was formerly named Ile-Binu, but when the Portuguese landed the kingdom in the 1400's they changed the name to Benin(so they could pronounce it better)

After a while the British landed in the 1800s and took down the kingdom,in the Benin Expedition of 1876, Burning, capturing and looting the Kingdom and eventually relocating its bronzes and rich artifacts to Britain.

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