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This #Cardio with @charlesbutlerjr playing will take you out!!!! #SavedAndSexy #TheBlood #TheseIsBloodyShorts 😂🙌🏽

It's ok to honor & celebrate your womanhood - it's ok to be saved & sexy! It's ok! When you carry yourself with strength, grace & dignity that's a turn on...and it's "sexy" - As a woman I have the power to be irresistible just by showing my poise & confidence - now, my curves are a plus...that's the icing on the cake 😁 Celebrate your womanhood! #savedAndSexy (yes, they can exist together!) #wisdomwednesday

If I'm perfect today there's no need for tomorrow #youngandsaved #savedandsexy #chocolateseason #modellife

#savedandsexy I don't wear Nikes & a baseball cap all the time. But I am all the time saving myself. #preserved #waiting #oldbutstillcute
This is my white party white dress for a white party. It stayed in my closet unworn for more than a year cuz I never did go to the intended white party or any other white party in my life.

I notice after my mother's passing my eating increased and my active life came to an halt. It was spiraling out of control. But I made it up in my mind that it was the end of that. That I was claiming my life back. Little progress is still progress..... Still learning along the way!!! This is not a goal but a lifestyle I choose to maintain. #toolegittoquit #savedandsexy #christianandcurvy

Great time last night with these lovely couples❤️!Good food, conversation and lots of laughs! #marriage #savedandsexy #likemindedpeople

😆All things are working for My Good!😆😇 #ignite2k15 #lastpost #youthconference #unstoppable #savedandsexy

Hear me, this beautiful, anointed, compassionate, and loving woman of God has put a smile on my face many days when I felt there was nothing to smile about. Her love for me has made me a stronger man. I'm grateful to heaven and the Angels for my Bribaby..... #classisstillinstyle #savedandsexy


When you’re trying to push up the 50k hill to the 60k mark on your next book. You getting tired and God sends someone to keep you encouraged 💞💞💃🏾

Complete series now available.
Fatherless sons. Bosses in their own right, offended at the mention of love and commitment.
Until they meet women who bring them to their knees while introducing them to the Boss of all bosses.
Faith. Romance. African Spice

Woke up blonde for my Anniv-irthday! 😄

So thankful to celebrate 7 years of marriage with a man who loves me for who I am and not for what I look like. Lol. Don't get me wrong - he likes when I'm poppin but he still loves me when I'm busted and disgusted. He's my friend through good and bad. Love him always and even more so because together we made our Gem💎. So grateful that every birthday I celebrate from here on out will be with the most precious jewels that God gave me. God does all things well.

Thankful to be 33 & loved!❤🎂🥂 Stay Fab!💋 Stay Sweet!🍦 #datenight #blackwomenarebeautiful #blackdontcrack #tuesday #savedandsexy #blacklove

A mix up in seating arrangements, bring these two together. An injury and a father's rejection force them to deal with the pain and insecurities their complicated pasts have created. Will they make it past the unmasking to get to their happily ever?

As much as this girl erks every nerve in my body 😒 I’ve never had to question our friendship. That’s my babe, 15% of the time. 🙄 #Loyalty #Bestie #Bestfran #SinceFreshmanYearOfHighSchool #GodlyFriendships #WePrayTogether #WePrayForEachOther #Legit #SheAintGoingNowhere #SheAggy #WeCute #MelaninPoppin #Queens #SavedAndSexy

Weekend Reads.
Relax this weekend with stories make you laugh, edify your soul and span continents

She took a deep breath, and let it go. Self care is important. Just Breathe.
Oh by the way there is a song Just Breath by Jonny Diaz... great jam💞

"How you gonna get through the airport?" Rasheed asked.
"I got this PYT who slides me through when I need to go unrecognized."Kamal zipped up his bag.
"PYT huh?" Rasheed shook his head. "If Jabir can change so can you."
"Nah bro, Jabir and I ain't the same... he acted like he had game while crying over Dami. Me? I really got game. The ladies love the kid." The Danjuma Brothers....are back!!!

Heart Happy!!
It's the weekend. Have you gotten your copy of Mended With Love? It is "unputadownable" Yep I'm making up words... I'm a fiction writer, anything goes 😜

Get to know more about the continent of Africa and its rich culture through faith based warm romances❤️

The Sons of Ishmael are fatherless sons who rose above their childhood circumstance but held on to the pain of the experience until they met women who showed them upon who to cast their cares.

Get lost in stories that span Africa and the diaspora weaving faith, romance and African Spice.
🔥Rasheed x Ibiso🔥
🔥Jabir x Damisi🔥
🔥Kamal x Ebele 🔥

Teaser Tuesday:

"You're one of the Danjumas?"she asked.
"Depends on the Danjumas you know," Kamal responded.
Ebele turned her nose up. "You're Kammy the footballer?"
Kamal looked at her in disappointment. She was beautiful but just that quick, her judgement made her ugly. She was one of those who sat at home and judged what they knew nothing about.
-Excerpt from Mended With Love
How did these two go from this to a couple readers are in love with? Find out in Mended With Love.
Amazon link in bio👆🏾Kamal x Ebele

Who knew my kid's ball would come in handy? #TheyArePartOfTheMinistry

Back to the matter, don't sleep on this couple. Their chemistry burns up the pages... in a godly way of course 😜

"Be prepared for a ton of laughter. What a way to end this series!!!!! I think this may be my favorite book in the series. I truly enjoyed the back and forth banter between Ebele and Kamal. This story talks about forgiving and letting go. Unoma shines light on why it’s not necessary to please everyone. I’m excited to see what Unoma has in store for us in the future"~ Sherell

Enough proof for you yet? Click the link in the bio, go to Amazon and get your copy today!

Working out brings me peace. My therapy..... Looking good is great but when you look good and feel good it's a different feeling. I am doing this for me. #gym #workoutmotivation #loveyourselffirst #fitallseasons #fitissexy #savedandsexy #bodypositive

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