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a concept for probably a bigger drawing that would be finished but its got so much shading,,,, and lighting,,, and positioning and angles just hHhHhHHh nOoOo
#katherinebrooks #thedreamverse #saupsocs

suue is a fairy? sort of?
shes very tsundere
she runs a medical herb store and is also a bounty hunter
#suue #thedreamverse #saupsocs

i havent posted in a bit OOPS
well ive been doodling a lot recently heres part 1
#saupsocs #thedreamverse #banette #pokemon #megabanette #brianeno #davidbowie #flcl #haruharaharuko

ariel and the Me Character designs i guess
#thedreamverse #saupsocs

is kes a boowoo reference????
#kesaiah #saupsocs #thedreamverse

(i cant draw)
new oc her name is julie
shes part of some like? space patrol? thing?
shes a sergeant lmao
shes a HUGE bitch though. very impatient, frequently backstabs, very rough, shittalks people constantly… she aint fun to be around
but shes GREAT at her job and VERY intelligent, with an iq of 165
shes like if a sassy prom kween were in the military
shes not a tsundere so no she doesnt have a "soft spot" to her
id say shes stoic but shes genuinely just very annoyed constantly
shes just so fed up with bullshit that she felt the need to make the universe a "better place" by joining
shes very skilled in combat and very good at planning
and its not very clear since i cant draw for shit, but theres like? panels and holograms and shit on her gloves and she uses that to plan out and write notes and even like summon weapons n stuff
she doesnt really have friends but thats not something that bothers her since she doesnt fucking care about being with people anyways. she sort of does? but. only like .3% of her brain cares about people liking her and/or forming friendships or bonds and such
shes also ace aro. theres that lol
#saupsocs #sergeantjulie #thedreamverse

at first kez acts a bit annoyed with sam and then later on becomes a parental figure of some sort
#kesaiah #samaelherez #thedreamverse #saupsocs

kathy doodle from yesterday
havent been drawing much oops :/
#thedreamverse #saupsocs #katherinebrooks

kiba and fiore fistbumping idk i cant art
#saupsocs #thedreamverse #fiore #kiba

i like the way i drew fiores arms qrapping around kathy but other than that not mucj
i just want to Show Appreciation to my Wonderful Lesbians
#saupsocs #thedreamverse #katherinebrooks #fiore

have this late thing for national girlfriend day
when fiore and katherine met
i cant draw chub or fat for the life of me rip
#fiore #thedreamverse #katherinebrooks #saupsocs

so fiore is part of a species called aqueans
the specific race of aqueans she lives with are. particularly snobbish and think theyre the shit
pictured on the right is her father who is basically donald trump but hes part of fish royalty. he is very far up his ass
this particular aquean city basically all act like theyre racist rednecks except now theyre fancy with ~elaborate vocabulary~
i still dont know how fiore isnt a shitface
#saupsocs #thedreamverse #katherinebrooks

some weird powerful being that receeds in the smoke chambers. this knes gonna need lots of wxplanation too bad im bad at explaining things and how they work
i am also not sure what this fellas name is
#thedreamverse #saupsocs

some doodles i did at 4 am :/ havent been getting great sleep lately lol
#kesaiah #thedreamverse #saupsocs #davidbowie #omikron #1outside

ok so my Dream (that is very unrealistic) is that my characters will one day be in a video game? game in question is part open world (sorta) and eventually CAN develop into a hack n slash. idk man mutliple routes
so like. everyone has different stats? so theres the obvious magic, attack, def, etc? but theres also certain abilites to help you scale the world. its somewhat similar to the abilities in sonic the dark brotherhood. like so certain characters can like? fly or climb certain things or even manipulate the environment. so keep that in mind
so, sam relies on long rage weapons like blasters and bows.
so lets put down his stats? somewhat?
magic: mostly slightly above average!
attack: a little below average
speed: really high
defense: pretty low
special ability: if you time your attacks to the beat of whatever song is playing, your attack and combos raise "scaling abilites": can eventually fly, can mildly manipulate world, can run on walls and defy gravity
magic stuff: minor healing/stat raising, lasers
weapons: bow and arrows, sound blaster
(im sorry i never make sense when i talk abt my ocs rip)
#saupsocs #thedreamverse #samaelherez

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