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Get it @koshuffles 🤗❤️😍

Video I had a lot of fun making with @realearts 🙏 check out @sauga.shapes for more videos
#saugashapes #realearts #myart #musicvideo #cinema

Shaper: @edward_giatti
Go check out part 1 of the video on my page @sauga.shapes
Song: @kylewatsonmusic - Watermelons
#thisaintbristol #saugashapes #torontorockersunion #shufflecan

Clip of the @torockersunion meet up a couple months back. Much respect to them for organizing the meets
#saugashapes #torontorockersunion #cswclassic

Efficient and quality filming with @realearts #saugashapes #realearts

Quick clip from the @torockersunion meetup from a couple months back 🙏👽✂🔸✂👽🙏 Check out @sauga.shapes for weekly videos 🙏🔥🙏 #saugashapes #torontorockersunion

Old video at my favourite place too shuffle 🌊🌞👽 woo it's hard to shuffle for 3 min 🤤
🎼Nytron-Burn it down-Minimix
#shuffle #saugashapes #peaceandlove #cottage #oasis

Admin @pickle_n1ck throwing down centre stage @veldmusicfestival 🔥🔥👽 Check out @shuffle_on @shufflerepublic @shuffle_lifestyle_1 for more quality content 🙏🔥🙏 #saugashapes


Part 3/3 of @findyourzion 's Electric Island Series Episode 1 ⚡️#FYZ
Double ⚡Zion

To watch the FULL After Movie, Check out their Facebook/Youtube pages! ⚡ .
Track : Spektre - The Ark
Alan Fitzpatrick - Rhino
ϟ #zionify #findyourzion @electricislandto

Always great to see @flipsthetixz shredding some shapes 🔥🔥 brings the best to every video 🙏

Track: Post Malone - congratulations (@x5dubs remix)

Check out @shuffle_on @shuffle_can @torockersunion @cuttingshapescanada for the best content 🙏👽✂️🔸️✂️👽🙏 #saugashapes

@eddie.giatti with a little outdoor session before the ice comes ☠👽🔥 Check out @shuffle_on @shuffle_can @torockersunion for more 🔥🔥 #saugashapes

It’s more to me than dancing or going to a party. It’s a way for me to connect with amazing souls in a happy place. It’s a way for me to express myself..pour my heart out..create! We all have the ability to create and use our imagination in incredible ways. Don’t conform to pressures telling you to think and act a certain way. Life is short. Meditate. Get in touch with your true self. Do what you love. And tell everyone you love them. I love you all❤️
🎼BTSM-Blood Moon

Green Velvet this weekend🙌🏽🤗👽✅ #yuuus #soexcited #lesgetit 🎼Detlef & Green Velvet- Freak it

Thanks @torockersunion for hosting the best meetups in the city and for the footage 🙏👽✂🔸✂👽🙏 Check out @sauga.shapes for more videos 🔥🔥

Raiinyyy dayyyyzzz🙌🏽☔️
🎼Alphano and Kamer-I don't mind (Memories)

Raw clip from the past @torockersunion bbq 🙏
Check out my other page @sauga.shapes for more videos 🙏👽✂🔸✂👽🙏 #saugashapes

Absolute 🔥 collab video featuring some of the best dancers in the city 🙏 @yaxology @_jophie @bebo.zzzz @jude_.o @ghazi.zionify @hudszz
Track: My own hymn - @aboveandbeyond

Check out @shuffle_on @shuffle_can @shufflerepublic for the best content 🙏👽✂🔸✂👽🙏

Babe @ravekittenxo 💕😍
Track: Track: Another Chance - @aboveandbeyond

Shuffle couple goals 🤗❤️ @alicatcarrow @eddie.giatti .
Track: Chris Lake- Operator

Have an amazing day..and remember to follow your heart❤️🕉🌳
🎼We are the mirage-Pryda and Empire of the sun

Raw clip from the weekend at the shuffle BBQ. Mixers and dancers coming all together and expressing creativity in the park😀 Best vibes ever✨🙌🏽💓🌲

@staaaph droping some 🔥 with a smooth shuffle and clean shapes 🙏
Check out @shuffle_on @shuffle_can @shufflerepublic for more of the best in shuffling 🙏👽✂🔸✂👽🙏 #saugashapes

@matt_attack24 attackinnnnnnnn @shuffle_on

@synaesthes elevating his style to new heights 💣🔥 Check out @shuffle_on @shufflerepublic @shuffle_can 🙏👽✂🔸✂👽🙏 #saugashapes

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