So first of all some of my Asian greens got munched over the last few nights. So I have laid a trap for the culprits in the form of beer. Beer 🍺 traps work a treat at catching snails and slugs. But not harming the friendly critters that you want to share your garden. Simply just pour some beer into a low dish near the veggies you are trying to protect. The snails love it. ~
Secondly, We missed a week of doing any form of grocery shopping we ate what we had in the fridge and pantry. A good clean out really makes you get creative with meal ideas but so good to use up what you have before purchasing more. It did however help I had a few things in the garden ready to go to assist with adding greens and herbs for flavour. A big shop today means pantry and fridge and looking better again. ~
Lastly I have been experimenting with my Asian greens, cutting off the leaves and leaving the base still planted, this has resulted in my Bok Choy re sprouting a number of time already this season. The flavour is still great and we have prolonged the plants life. #greattip

Ken Fletcher Park, Tennyson - Situated right on the beautiful Brisbane River, there is lots to love about this park. Built on the site of the old Power Station, the design is tied into power lines and construction with ample ropes. The toddler slide area is shaped like a digger, and there are a variety of surfaces underneath including a sand play area. There is also swings, a merry-go-round and seesaw. Multiple BBQ’s, ample parking, toilets and amenities, and a water fountain. With the added bonus of flat walking tracks which would be great for little learners on bikes. The tennis centre is directly opposite so if you forget your snack, water, or coffee (heaven forbid) you can purchase on site. Definitely one of the better parks if you have a couple of younger kids to entertain. #getthemoutside #outtathehouse #tirethemout #coldwintermorning #brisbaneriver #littlebitchilly #swings #playground #climbingropes #sandplay #tennyson #brisbane #saturdaymorning

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that one time we tried to buy flowers and @calebharshberger took sneaky pics 🌷 .
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