imma keep it real with you chief im incredibly sad tonight 😪😪

SATURATION pins still available @ the link in my bio (pintoons.storenvy.com) just in time to rep before PUPPY
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Hol up

i cant get over how shawn wants to collab omg kevin is probably still screaming somewhere

BEST BOYBAND OF ALL TIME! heavy brockhampton vibes holy shit. not official merch. yellow embroidered alaska t-shirt. check it out in the shop.
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Throwback BROCKHAMPTON. 🤟🏼 #saturation3 #loveyourparentstour

i had another dream about brockhampton?? Idk but i went somewhere with my class and some boy was wearing brockhampton merch but didn’t listen to bh so someone told him to give the shirt to me. So i’m putting on the shirt and everybody starts clapping lmao but i look out of the window & i see brockhampton outside playing basketball with some kids. & then i see Matt and i freacced it ksksksk no but fr i was so happy & nervous & i was fangirling & shit but he was looking so scared, oh and he was wearing a beanie btw. Then i went outside where i saw Ian & HK but Ian was so fucking short & i said hi and patted him on his head (??) and then Ian and HK started dancing and i danced with them sushshhewj but Ian’s smile was so cute wow. And then i saw Ciaran basketballing on his own, so i went to him & when i came closer it wasn’t Ciaran but Cameron Dallas and that was a plottwist & a disappointment. End of my dream. My second dream with brockhampton in it in 2 weeks. I’m not complaining though.


tell me your favourite song 🧀

The blue mystery 💙💧

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