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2 of the 3 weddings we had Saturday had donkeys passing out beer during cocktail hour. This cutie was down at our Tubac wedding! πŸ“·-- @aecmccarthy #sassysoirees #goinggladden

@sassysoirees has it right on for Mondays!!!#Repost @sassysoirees with @repostapp
On Mondays we drink our wine from a canπŸ˜‚ #sassysoirees

Getting ready for a fun holiday weekend at @sheratongrandaz! I'm going to match my little for as long as she lets meπŸ˜‚ @jlaladesigns @mothertruckerco #sassysoirees

Baby shower today! Fresh blues and tangerines sprinkled with eucalyptus and dainty waxflower. #mlchgarden #sassysoirees #flowers #flowersofinstagram

When your wedding planner bestie from @sassysoirees sends you a cute pic of custom drink stirrers that you designed...you fall over 😍😍😍 photo cred: @amy_demos and @jordan_demos #wedding #drinkstirrer #sassysoirees #makeanddo #pineapplehippie #maker #swizzlestick #stylemepretty #azweddings #hgtvmagazine #sipsiphooray #encanterra

When your day consists of picking out the perfect little donkey to pass out beers during cocktail hour, and then ordering floral for it😜 @walking_m_farms #sassysoirees

This guy might single handedly be responsible for all the laughing lines on my face from the last 15 years. πŸ“·- @amy_demos @jordan_demos #sassysoirees

Some of my favorite items to incorporate in out of town guest bags are up on the blog! #sassysoirees

Lots and lots and lots of treats are being ordered from @ruzecakehouse for a last minute baby shower I was hired to design this weekend!!! πŸ“·-- @elysehallphotography #sassysoirees


Our Sedona wedding is up on the blog today, and it's super dreamy!!! πŸ“·-- @emilywrenphoto #sassysoirees

2 of the 3 weddings we had Saturday had donkeys passing out beer during cocktail hour. This cutie was down at our Tubac wedding! πŸ“·-- @aecmccarthy #sassysoirees #goinggladden

Last night was pure magic! And nothing makes me happier than 3 happy brides!! πŸ“·-- @danielkimphoto #sassysoirees

It was such an amazing day full of rehearsals for tomorrow, and a Persian wedding ceremony, but getting the pictures back from our Sedona wedding has me 😍😍😍! πŸ“·-- @emilywrenphoto #sassysoirees

A brand new wedding is on the blog today, and its full of pretty details! I'm also pretty obsessed with her ring setπŸ’— πŸ“·-- @amy_demos @jordan_demos #sassysoirees

It might be a miracle, but I blogged this beautiful wedding from 2 weeks ago!!! I literally can't stop looking at all the pictures they are so pretty. πŸ“·-- @amy_demos @jordan_demos #sassysoirees

Sweet heart table goodness from 2 weeks ago! @sarahsgardenstyle, @tremaineranch and I had so much fun scheming this bad boy up!! πŸ“·--@amy_demos @jordan_demos #sassysoirees

We have 3 weddings this Saturday, and this stunning couple is one of them! Bring on the weekend! πŸ“·- @danielkimphoto #sassysoirees

The kids are in bed, and the husband and I are about to eat shrimp in bed and watch crappy TV, and since that wouldn't be Instagram worthy here is a cute picture with some macarons from @ruzecakehouse 🀣 πŸ“·-- @moniquehesslerweddings #sassysoirees #reallife

Happy Monday!!! I'm just drooling over this picture of my bride from 2 weeks ago after she put her dress on. πŸ“·-- @amy_demos @jordan_demos #sassysoirees

Just married and chilling before dinner. @dang.finerentals @noirdestinations #sassysoirees

Today's backyard wedding at the groom's parents home. #sassysoirees

Last nights wedding was a complete success. These 2 were so happy as they came back down the aisle. Now we are off to today's wedding! Stay tuned for pics. πŸ“·-- @racheljane #sassysoirees #turnhertoturner

"I didn't fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we'd choose anyway. And I'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I'd find you and I'd choose you." Kiersten White
Our bride's engagement pictures get us so excited for their wedding day! πŸ“·-- @jarrodjphoto #sassysoirees

I just don't know what I would do without these 2!!! Here's to 2 rehearsals, and 2 weddings this weekend! Timelines are done, and every detail has been accounted for--now it's time to see both of these amazing events come together!!! πŸ“·-- @moniquehesslerweddings #sassysoirees

Next up this week we have this cute couple getting married at @thefarmarizona this Friday with 300 guests--our team is getting excited!!! πŸ“·-- @hannahrosegray3 #sassysoirees

The reception is well under way... so I'll just be over here with the signature cocktail🌡#sassysoirees

Gold, cactus paddles, and acrylic...YES PLEASE! #sassysoirees

Tomorrow these 2 are getting married, and I am just so excited to see everything come together for them from all our work this last year! πŸ“·-- @amy_demos @jordan_demos #sassysoirees

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