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C8th textile of Sasanian Persian or Sogdian origin combining hunt and animal combat motifs.
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Praying time in the citadel of Saryazd #sassanidempire #praying #yazd

One Man Army

In 441 AD, during the reign of Theodosius II in the Eastern Roman Empire, the Sassanid Persian Empire once again set its sights on conquering its rich lands in Rome's easternmost provinces. The Persian king, Varanes, had aspirations to conquer these areas and invaded with a strong army to do so. However there would be no battles fought here, as the Persian army turned back from Roman borders upon the appearance of Anatolius, the Magister Militum per Orientem (Master of soldiers in the East), who also concluded a favorable treaty with the Persians. The 6th century AD historian Procopius of Caesarea records the event as follows:
"Anatolius, General of the East, had, as it happened, been sent by the Emperor Theodosius as ambassador to the Persians, alone and unaccompanied; as he approached the Median army, solitary as he was, he leapt down from his horse, and advanced on foot towards Varanes. And when Varanes saw him, he enquired from those near him who this man could be who was coming forward. And they replied that he was the general of the Romans. Thereupon the king was so dumbfounded by this excessive degree of respect that he himself wheeled his horse about and rode away, and the whole Persian host followed him. When he had reached his own territory, he received the envoy with great cordiality, and granted the treaty of peace on the terms which Anatolius desired of him; one condition, however, he added, that neither part should construct any new fortification in his own territory in the neighborhood of the boundary line between the two countries."
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There was an exhibition for the second time after about 70 years in Pergamon museum (Berlin,Germany). It was called the Heritage of the Old Kings. This exhibition was devoted to the Persian legacy inherited by Islam and also focused on Ctesiphon(Ayvan-e Khosrow). I had a chance to take these pictures from the statue(probably belongs to Khosrow Parviz), silver plate(partially gilded) with the Sassanian king hunting and wall frieze of Ayvan-e Khosrow. موزه پرگامون در برلين نمايشگاهي براي دومين بار و بعد از حدود ٧٠ سال برگزار كرد كه شانس اين را داشتم كه اونجا باشم و عكسايي بگيرم از مجسمه پادشاه ساساني،احتمالاً خسرو پرويز و بشقاب نقره و طلا از پادشاه ساساني كه در حال شكارِ و همينطور تيكه هايي از گچبريهاي ايوان خسرو #ctesiphon #تيسفون #photography #bbctravel #pergamon #pergamonmuseum #berlin #berlincity #berlinstagram #germany #deutschland #museum #historical #ancient #history #ancientstatue #statue #goldenplates #travel #lovehistory #khosrowparviz #sasanian #sasanian #sassanid #sassanidempire #event0berlin #ايران_باستان

At the beginning of the 7th century AD, the two most powerful empires were still the Roman/Byzantine Empire and the Persian/Sassanid Empire, and from 602 to 628 they fought the longest and costliest war in their history. By the end of the conflict both empires were exhausted both economically and militarily, and both were ripe for conquest by the emerging Islamic empire.
The Persian empire would be completely swallowed by these newcomers, and the Byzantine Empire would lose everything but Asia Minor, Greece, and part of the Balkans, while the Muslims would control one of the largest empires the world has ever known, stretching from the borders of China and India in the East all the way to the Atlantic Ocean in the West.
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