We all know summers are too short, children grow too quickly and flax fields are never in bloom long enough! I've never photographed in a flax field in my 8 years of photography🤷‍♀️
Back in July I photographed a family with an agriculture background and ag careers, perfect setting for family photos?! Got to love sask skies!
swipe to see more! Can't wait for this family to see them all💙

You don't have to look very far to take on nature and it's beauty! A typical Saskatchewan setting And there is something about this family! Not only are they photogenic but their energy is so calming and always feel it through the images! Was only 2 short years ago we met doing the exact type of session. So grateful for wonderful clients and I Can't wait to meet baby in September! 🌾


Who knowes the name of this place?
I unfortunately do not... 🤔

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