I was just meditating with #sarahblondin and heard this exact same message. My ears are open. #meditation #idome #iamruthjames

We interrupt your morning meditation with a sea turtle visit 😊🐢❤️ I have a morning meditation practice in which I usually have my eyes closed. At the beach this morning, after pulling 2 cards from our #soulstrollinginspirationdeck #goslow and #reflect, I was nudged to keep my eyes open, watching the sea 🌊 when who greeted me? Mindfulness in slow motion. Took myself into the sea to follow this sweet soul 😊☀️ #soulstrolling #meditation #insighttimer #sarahblondin #seaturtle #polobeach #wailea #maui @soul_strolling

I love this teacher of wisdom. Her words touch deep every time!

@sarahfinds I so love your voice and you touch my soul..really love your guided meditations ❤
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“The first step when coming into deeper relationship with the self is becoming clear and resolute with what you are choosing.
The commitment to the process is the most fundamental component.” – Sarah Blondin.
So take a deep breath dear one and step toward yourself and the inner mystery ♡

Your emotions, all of them, the good, bad, the blah and hoorah, are our guidance system. Listen within. Where you are in reference to where your Highest Truth is will always be revealed in how you feel. When you feel bad, it’s because of the strain of the stretch away from where you naturally resonate, your innate current of energy — which is to say at the frequency of joy, love, peace, freedom, power. Those are the resting state to which you were born and will always bounce back to once you get in alignment, let go of negative thoughts, and raise your vibration (and this is not some trendy soundbite; literally your cells vibrate and at widely varying frequencies on a scale). 🙏🏽💗 #raiseyourvibes #listenwithin #emotionalguidancesystem #sarahblondin

Sarah Blondin on Letting Go: •

“A part of me knows that once I begin to see, I will never be able to unsee again. That in waking, I will begin the sometimes scary process of perpetually moving forward-process of stretching and growing and then stretching and growing”

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You don’t do anyone any good by not growing into yourself, stepping onto your path and into your power. Wake up and serve, however it is you are being called. 💚🙌🏼

#serve #wakeup #dontstayasleep #stepontoyourpath #stepintoyourmagic #stepintoyourpower #growintoyourself #radicallove #radicalselflove #radicalselfcare #sarahblondin #liveawake @sarahfinds

This is my contribution to #judgementfreejune
If you are someone who is prone to self-criticism and feelings of unworthiness, I’m sharing these self-compassion activities for YOU 💛 They are gentle ways to practice being kind to yourself, no matter how bad you are feeling.
The activities are by three women who are all remarkable leaders in the field of self-compassion – Kristin Neff, Tara Brach and Sarah Blondin •
Link in bio •
📷by Jenna Hamra from Pexels
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First time listening to @sarahfinds Change meditation. Powerful. Insightful. Needed.
#lasttimefirsttime #addsomeflavour #meditation #change #sarahblondin #insighttimer #mindfulness

Hey, tenderhearts: the Insight Timer app has a free 7-part course on the basics of meditation, and it’s narrated by Sarah Blondin (I ❤️ her Live Awake series). If you’ve been wanting to try meditation, here’s an easy way to learn about breath, intention, witnessing your thoughts, and more in short 10 minute lessons! I’m going to give it a try, too, so we can chat about it together! #thetendingyear #meditation #sarahblondin

Sigh 🤗. Explore your darkness and shine a light on it ❤️. @sarahfinds, Your writing just gets me every time ❤️❤️ #liveawake #sarahblondin

“Now, remove the sliver from your heel and release you, your life, into blossom.” - Sarah Blondin

“Presence, this word: overused and rarely embodied.

Yet paradoxically the home of what we are committing our lives to finding.

Happiness is the highest desire of human beings, yet somehow seems to be the most elusive of pursuits.

We have been looking in the wrong places, we have been searching beyond, when really it waits here below our feet, in the soft sigh of our most beloved, in the pearl of dew on the morning grass, in the most simple of things that live vibrantly alive before and within.”

#surprisemorninggift #thankyoummb

[Video: Crossing back into Oregon, presence happily demanded when the bike path negotiates north + southbound lanes of the freeway.]

I feel so much gratitude running through my being in sharing this particular blog post with all of you. We are all infinite. We are all energy. And there is a truth I really want you to know about yourself today. When we experience this truth, we can experience the beauty that exists all around us. We can then change our lives and in turn, the very world we are living in. I hope my blog becomes a source of helping you uncover the love that you are. We are here experiencing this world together but love starts within. Namaste my friends and thank you for reading ❤️ @justlovejustlight

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❤ To The simple. The plain. The ordinary life I get to live. To the beauty that awaits my gaze to turn towards it. To the birds and the crickets who sing our world into harmony. To the life that comes with the rising of the sun, that opens my eyes, that floods my being with vitality and vigour. I would like to share my most sincere gratitude, love and appreciation... To The simple. The plain. The ordinary life I get to live ❤✌ #gratitude #sarahblondin

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