1928 Teachers Quarterly Sunday School Union African Methodist Episcopal Church. The founders hid and cared for runaway slaves.


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#MCIF2018 - We are thrilled to be offering Nashville audiences the rare experience of seeing FLOOK appear LIVE in America! Please do not miss this opportunity!! FLOOK (@flookquartet) is an Anglo-Irish band playing traditional-style instrumental music, much of it penned by the band themselves. Their music is typified by extremely fast, sometimes percussive, flute and whistle atop complex guitar and bodhrán rhythms. Join us March 18th (time yet to be announced) as we welcome FLOOK for the first time to Music City Irish Fest! 💚


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Makeup is good for you, just like chocolate but in a different way! When I'm feeling a bit blah, a touch of mascara and lip gloss can give a major self-confidence boost for the day! Of course only Vegan makeup touches my skin...

Make sure you have healthy and nutritious meals. Developing healthy eating habits starts with choosing delicious ingredients that nourish you from the inside out. Our 30 Day Challenge teaches us more about clean eating each time we do it! I love it.

Monday Reminders from tinybuddha.com. Don't allow this beautiful day to go to waste. This is your moment to take time, breathe, be kind and listen in. IT'S GOING TO BE A GREAT WEEK!

Aerial shot of Bondi Beach. Never as busy down Gerringong as it is on Bondi, but gee she's pretty...

Start your day right. You only get one Sunday each week. HAPPY REST DAY!

My sweet babe and heart with my sweet doggo babe. @hailcera is my light in the dark and the best dog mom a rescue could ask for! #pippen #sarahallen #dogmom #myhero

The amazing result of our Vegan Make-up range on my fave hotty @Francescawhelan from @annalouboutique! Let your radiance shine through with our Perfecting Liquid Foundation. It enhances your natural beauty while promoting healthy-looking skin.

This weekend is the time to relax - take time our for you. I could spend the entire weekend in bed lazing around, if there wasn't so much other fun stuff to do!

Success is to me determined by freedom, it’s the ability to make excellent life choices and a chance to see more of the world each year. For me, it’s also the ability to wake up every morning and be able to do something that I love. Talent is only the tip of the iceberg, my friends. You owe it to yourself to be resilient, determined, and unstoppable until you reach your goal.

Throwback Thursday ➡️ Here's our fab friends on the Central Coast today having a ball at Loretta Willett's event. And check out hubby Grant who partook in a little skincare sesh and got busy with the Genius Ultra before kicking back and having a few beers with the boys. What a fun way to spend a few hours and make new friends! Thank you Loretta for letting me tag along!

Love xxx

Cosmetic brush sets are designed to help you create a picture-perfect eye, lip, and contouring. Even better, our brush sets are totally Vegan, meaning no gorgeous animals are harmed in making us feel and look beautiful! x

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