•happy birthday• another year, another birthday extravaganza for John. I love this man with everything I've got, and I'm so proud to call him mine! Every day is better than the next, and planning your birthday has been so much fun. You are my best friend and my soul mate. Happy 33rd babe, I hope you're ready to be spoiled!

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👬💕 I don’t know where you’ve always been but I’m glad you’re finally in my life #sappypost #boyfriend #boyfriendgoals

Happiest of Birthdays to this man who I get the privilege to call Hubby, Nate Dogg, Babe, Handsome, and other cute names I won’t share with the public.😍 I love you, Nate, and I can’t wait to see what this next year brings with life, love, and our adventures together. You are a dedicated husband, a hard worker, and my best friend. Even though it’s your birthday, I’m the one that keeps getting the gift-you. Xoxo #sappypost #happybirthday #handsomehubby #miamor #happywife #bamflife

Pictures say a 1000 words. The intensity of emotions I still feel looking back at & during these moments when I was announced as the IFBB Pro Card Winner are insane. I was just bawling on stage 😂 I still can't even talk about it without choking up, I'm even tearing up as I write this post 😅😭! I've worked so hard & long towards this goal, it still feels so surreal.. Almost like I thought I'd never actually get there but knew I'd never give up. The support & love I've been shown from all of you makes my heart burst! THANK YOU to all of the amazing photographers that day such as @rayurnerphoto who captured the special moments 😭 I have so much more shots to share! ♥ #vanproshow #ifbbpro #10years #ifbbfigure #fullheart #grateful #sappypost #whenwillistopcrying #lol #figurepro #169yousofine #killerkillam

This is my favorite picture right now

Child-hood Friends ❤️ are amazing but my friends... my friends are unlike any other
friend. These girls share a piece of my heart no matter how far they are. No matter how much we talk or see each other. Just knowing that no matter what, we can always pick up the phone and just see how they are or when we see each other it is like time was still.
The love we have for one another is unlike any other. ❤️
I am so thankful for these girls. From 4th grade to forever.
Thank you for growing up with me. For going through life with me. For allowing me to be me. #Roxanne 😂 and thank you for loving me. #forevergrateful🙏 #wcw #friendsforever #childhoodfriends #thankfulandblessed #appercaitionpost #auntroxie #myfavorites #memories #sappypost #sappymood

Today marks 10 years since you became my forever and 15 years since you became my other half. No matter what life throws our way, you’re there to make everything right and always make me feel like I’m number one. I love you more today than I did yesterday. Happy Anniversary, babe!
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Happiest of Birthdays to the love of my life. Thank you for being born, so that we have an excuse to stuff ourselves full of Mexican food and pie. I love you Linds! #sappypost #aboutmexicanfood #andmywife #ofcourse

“Some people are worth melting for.” This little one melts my heart every time she looks up and says Titi Toto in the sweetest of voices. Thank you @alphakai and @reneenwright for inviting me on this family vacation with my beautifully weird little niece. I wish we could be on vacation like this forever. #disneyland #sappypost #auntlife #disney

She’s hard to believe. Hope made solid, dreams you can touch, love you can hold. #SappyPost #ToddlerLife

When I am overwhelmed with the obnoxiously tedious task of wedding planning and wondering what possessed me to want to get married in the first place... All I have to do, in the words of Skinny Lister, "every time I see you all the world is brand new". Looking at my husband to be, what I see is my best friend. The one I make trouble with, the one I love adventuring with, the one who thinks I'm a little crazy but loves me for it and the one, at the end of the day, who makes all of my troubles melt away. Then, I think to myself, the hell with weddings. I'm the luckiest girl alive to be marrying this amazing person who happens to be my best friend. Who cares if my silverware is tied right or if my so-and-so relation thinks this-and-that is wrong or whatever. All said and done and I'll be one amazingly happy woman. 😍😅😎 #igotthis #weddingnonsense #ishouldelope #bestfriends #loveofmylife #mylove #nowthatwassappy #sappypost #sappyalert #isitdoneyet #imalittlenaroticthough

Proud sissy. I know you are going to do such great things. My heart is so happy to see you so happy this past weekend. I’m also upset that I just realized this weekend you’ll be a senior. 😩 #sappypost #feelingold #babysissy

The 3 of us together is very rare these days, but when it happens it’s always lots of laughs, tons of reminiscing, and always a good time. I have literally grown up with these two! We have been there with each other through it all the last 16 years! (The stories I could tell are endless) and will continue to be there. I love these 2 like they are my sisters. All of our lives are very busy and very different, but one thing always remains the same and that’s our friendship. Happy birthday to my babessss and cheers to the 3 Musketeers! 💃🏿💃🏽💃🏼 #LatePost #Neapolitan #SappyPost #LifeLongFriends #WhenYouFindThemHangOnTight

I love my guy so much, he does stuff like getting these from the farmers market on his work break for me all the time. I honestly really don't understand how I've gotten so lucky as to call him mine 💏

February of last year, a lady who just moved to Fayetteville met a sweet woman at orientation for her new job. This lady, found out that the woman had also just moved to Fayetteville. The lady even thought that if the two became friends, they would probably be great friends. However, because of Gods timing and their individual walks with HIM, they never really had the time to pursue the friendship.
Fast forward to December of 2017, the friendship between ladies truly started to form. A friendship that turned into a Tuesday night Bible study & oh, ya know, the casual hang outs. A friendship that turned into encouragement. Laughter. Tears. Joy.
Tierney, I’m so glad and so happy to call you a best friend. Even more so, a sister in Christ. I’m thankful that the Lord led us into this friendship. I’m so thankful that it will only continue to grow and deepen as this time passes on. Doing this study with you has been so refreshing to my spirit, and I’m so happy that I’ve gained such a sweet sister! This last night was a good one. ❤️ Love you girl! 😊💕 #GodsTiming #BestFriend #OnlyTheBeginning #SappyPost

When life gets tough, the tough get stronger.
Today took a turn for the worse. After a hectic day at work, I came home to my husband sayimg that we need to go to the emergency room with little man.

He's refused bottles all day (main source of calories) and he hasn't broken his fever from yesterday.

I have my fingers crossed that we get to go home tonight. 💙
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#sappypost Today was brought to you by darling friends, good books, supportive family, and dreams starting to come to life. It’s been an exhausting day, but it’s been simply brilliant. ———————————————
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#sappypost - - - As we sat there tonight I couldn't help but reflect on how far the last two years here has brought us. Time and patience is a beautiful thing. The ups and downs have been worth every second. My dad has always told me to "make the most of it" and that saying has been engraved in the back of my mind since I was a little girl. I cannot express how much this phrase represents the time I am living in right now. Pat, thank you for always sticking by my side through this journey. I cannot wait to see what the future holds, but for now we will MAKE THE MOST of every passing day. @patscribs12 @crossfitundertow

Another sun sets on another year with my lady, @epileptrick. Every year is different, and this year brought us a new kind of companionship. The kind of happiness that despite our voluntarily busy schedules, we have our sweet morning routines. The kind of happy that realizes when our dreams of big adventures are far fetched but definitely still worth doing together. The kind where you know you are loved unconditionally, no matter how crazy it may seem to outsiders. That type of adulting, functional kind of happy. Thanks for being my person. I love you, homie. ———————————————————— #love #lgbtq #standuppaddle #loveoutside #gross #sappypost #aforadventure #adventurepartner #outdoorwomen #sheexplores #paddling #anniversary #loveandalliscoming #nothingstraightaboutnature #sunset 📷 @a.foradventure

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