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Happy 21st to my favorite person! Thank you for always boosting my confidence whenever I'm unsure of myself and for being my shoulder to cry on whenever life gets messy. I don't know what I would do without you. Glad ya finally made it to 21, kid!!! 👯#sappy #issagoodtime

ΦΜ ❤️s the noles almost as much as i love them #sappy #gamedaythoo !!!

Sisters so great I couldn't choose just one picture #seniors #sappy #allicried

Feel free to Insert a #fake, #sappy, #inspirational quote here if you’d like.... I just love my lashes in this pic 😂 #happysaturday #longlive #selflove and #selfempowerment

happy KD gave me a big sis like u, cait. love u & our sweet family!! #sappy #old 📷: @__photygraphy__

If you're still smiling after a week of 9-5 with 100+ pi phis you know you're in the right place #sappy #butseriously

Sometimes, life is hard. Thanks for being there to make me smile. I love you 💕 @rarenray #sappy #dontcare

It's funny how life works isn't it?

Three years ago I was traveling 2-3 times a month and LOVING it. I even referred to myself as the wandering girl boss because I was single as all heck, building my business and didn't have a care in the world. I LOVED to travel alone and actually thrived on it.
Example three years ago today I had just left denver and was in Scottsdale for a work retreat. (Home is California)

In those years I was HAPPIEST traveling alone all over the place.

Now as I sit next to a stranger and watch everyone board as we fly to Birmingham all I can think about is how much I miss my person and my travel buddy. Don't get me wrong, I am so excited to fly to Alabama and see friends and speak about MINDSET CHANGE at a work event, BUT there's this hole in my heart missing. Something's missing because my husband isn't next to me.

Three years ago I even thought that maybe that would be my life forever. Traveling, alone, loving it. I didn't expect to be married right now and so content and happy with our little home by the coast in a town where my sister is also and living a peaceful ocean filled life. But it's funny how life changes. And how every little decision leads you to where you're supposed to be 😊

I'm getting sappy in my old age.

I'm kidding don't worry. ⠀
#sappy #tbt #husband

Beginning to wonder if I'll ever truly be over this summer...been missing these 37 beautiful people a whole lot the last few days. I especially miss the closeness formed by spending every waking moment together as the fear of those relationships fading over time apart creeps in. "In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn. You'll find your place beside the ones you love" #sappy #its1am #allthefeels #thanksTarzansoundtrack


larches so beautiful had us g[aspen] fir air🍂❄️#sappy #treepuns

Always grateful to have this amazing woman in my life. @jennyallysondenegre is my #bestie & #rolemodel and I'm always impressed by her dedication to everything she does #sappy #dontcare

This will always be case until death do us part. You have been the best thing that has happened to me in the past couple of years. Never in my wildest dreams would I think I would ever meet someone as amazing as you. I know I may be a pain in your ass sometimes and emotional at times. But, just know it's because I love you and the smile you put on my face every day. Life maybe hard for us being apart right now. But, it won't always be that way my darling. I may not have been your first but, I want to be your last love ❤😘 I will always do my best to help you reach your goals in life. If I could tell the world how amazing you are I would. One day it won't just be an online marriage, I swear I will get down on one knee and slide that ring on your finger in real life. Thank you for making my life better and always doing your best while juggling the world. You taught my heart how to love again and not be scared and I will always be here to support you in anyway I can baby girl. #couples #onlinegamers #coupleswhogametogetherstaytogether #love #sappy #myworld #angel #queen #myeverything

This is just a bunch of garbage that I typed tonight...just stupid...meaningless...drivel.
#butwhy #idc #stupid #drivel #author #authorsofinstagram #garbage #sick #youdontcare #saysomething #okay #poetry #poet #poetsofinstagram #dark #sad #writer #fail this feels just like poop on a wall...hope it will stick #sappy #nice #nights #nevermore

Hey everyone now i'm sick.please like this post. If the likes got 30 up i will healthy😊😊

7 years ago today he asked me out 💕 after a volleyball game around 9, in the Kingsburg high senior parking lot, by the curb I had driven completely over earlier that night. I remember thinking that The Office was on 😂 but didn't care I was missing it. So glad I said yes. And I eventually got to binge watch all of The Office with him in married life.🙃 Praying for seventy more years! Love you husband. #7years #sappy

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