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Their presence is the best present☺️ ha #sappy

Ggg te quiero mucho :v 👽🐹❤️ #sappy #jackson

happy founders day to the best thing that's ever happened to me!! kappa delta, thank you for giving me someone who reminds me of my worth everyday and encourages me to be the best version of myself. i'll forever be thankful for you abs and all the other women this organization has blessed me with 💓 #sappy #notcryingyouare

Does anyone else get extremely attached to their vehicles? Today I sold my car to a new family and I'm feeling all the feelings about it. This car has been through the best and worst times with me since 2006. It's seen karaoke sessions about 40,000 times, it's moved me across the country and then three more times after that. It's taken me to 12 states and so many amazing places. It's transported 13 different animals, some from the beginning of life and a couple to the end. It's driven me to every one of my biggest life moments some where I've screamed out of excitement and some where I've sobbed. It's been my business vehicle conveniently folding her seats down to allow ample room for my event set up. It holds so many memories of my mom, our conversations, shopping trips, and her saying "when we get back we're going to clean this thing, I don't know how you can stand it.." This car has simultaneously cost me and saved me so much money but I'm so grateful that it's kept me safe the past 11 years, now she's off to her new home, and they have a baby! I think my car is excited about that.. #carshavefeelingstoo #crybaby #allthefeels #sappy

Monday consisted of hiking, pizza, the World Series.. and laughing nonstop because we're weird and hilarious (or at least I am). 👫!!!! #favorite #sappy #doihavetoleave #ugh

He's been out of town for roughly 8.5 hours and I already can't wait for Friday #sappy #WylinOutWheatley

We’ve shared a bank account, an email address, a wallet, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a birth month. Thank you for being a constant in my life, and walking me through all seasons. I love you forever. #growingoldtogether #loveofmylife #sappy #inlove #philandjordanwho


"Where we're going, we don't need roads." #newyorkdrivers #sappy#gogreen

“I want to be with someone who dreams of doing everything in life, and nothing on a rainy Sunday afternoon.” Im so lucky to spend these days with you. I hope your day is fantastic and that year 26 is just as adventurous and we’ve planned. You deserve the world, Maxwell. Happy birthday, love. ▪️
#happybirthday #blessed #loveyou #happiness #sappy #notevensorry

roomie cred//boyfriend cred//best friends cred//& work family cred all go to @crossfithollywood... best decision I ever made 🖤💛 #cfhw #family #grateful #sappy #buttrue

So about 2 weeks ago I fell in love with a message a girl sent me for my birthday! After reading it and tearing up a bit I realized that I miss her more than anything and that she means above and beyond to me: So here we are 19 years into this world and it feels like I've known you for all of it. I love you more then many people. I've watched you grow into the beautiful women you've become and I'm so proud of you. And this day is very special to me, because it's your day and your my best friend and more. We may not be sisters by blood but we are sisters by heart. I hope you have the best 19th birthday anyone could ask for ❤️😘 I love you! Can't wait to see you over the break❤ @felicia_fletcher18

#happybirthday #happy #birthdaytwin #cute #sappy #loveyou #friendship #love #bestfriendforever #tilltheend #felicia #throwbacks #flipagram #instagramworthy #likeforlike #Dec18 #2k17 #19years #fun #bestfriend #goals #drinksup #missyou #livelifetothefullest #celebrate #smiles

Myself and my husband Lachy at his mothers for an early Christmas celebration! Everyday is Christmas with this guy by my side (okay sometimes Christmas might seem like it’s being hosted by the devil) buttttttt still! I thank my lucky stars on a every other day basis because well shit, in the 6 years we’ve been together he has had to endure so so many medical issues from me which started 1 year in and I’m only 26, so many crazy Charelle days cause well I’m crazay, two looney tune dogs, paying for my expensive tastes, supporting me dream after dream and well we haven’t had a smooth ride but I can truely say we’re in it for the long haul, @the_bee_boy thank you. #husbandappreciation #sappy #emotional #maybeimpregnant #probnot #crazycharelleday #imjustcrazy #beeobsessedhusband #christmaseveryday #whataranga #luckyhesnice #love #tistheseason #thisisme #wheredyoureyesgo #squinter #drummondgene #ohpoorfuturebabies

Happy birthday to the girl who has constantly made me smie and the one who makes everyday so much easier than before ❤ i love you wiki 💙

#birthday #girlfriend #love #filter #mine #sappy #pout

Сегодня 10 лет моему первому альбому, дебютному альбому группы Sappy - [acoustic]
Он был записан летом 2007, в Ижевске, на студии Валеры Паровоза. Записан меньше чем за неделю. Запись проходила очень легко и весело. Всё происходило примерно по одной схеме - сначала я под клик записывал гитару, потом вокал. После этого Виталик набивал под всё это дело ритмы. У нас не было опыта звукозаписи и мы не знали, как всё будет звучать на выходе, поэтому часто экспериментировали, придумывая аранжировку прямо во время записи. Так, например, в «Песне Моряка» Виталик стучит в барабан пустой пластиковой бутылкой) Или в песне «Заоконный» просто записали барабаны на вокальный микрофон, который стоял в другом конце студии. Практически случайно и так и оставили. Все вокальные партии я записывал целиком, одним дублем. Видимо это придало песням больше «жизни». На финальных стадиях был привлечен Артем Хамзин aka Пушкин, который добавил в некоторые песни клавишные партии. В итоге из инструментов на альбоме только акустическая гитара, ударные, перкуссия и немного клавиш. На некоторые песни так и не прижился никакой ритм, и было решено оставить их просто под гитару, как песня «Тепло». Оказалось записать всё - это лишь полдела. Важную роль занимает сведение. И после нескольких неудачных попыток с разными звукорежиссерами, записи случайно попали к Роме Лукинову, который и придал песням нужное звучание.
Идею обложки и первый макет подсказал Алексей Лаптев, так же как и название песни «Donald». А окончательный дизайн сделал Дима Кечаев. Накануне я сам сидел и склеивал конверты для дисков и 18 декабря, в свой день рождения, в кафе Moskva прошла официальная презентация альбома. Было напечатано и раздарено только 50 экземпляров диска. Возможно у кого-то такой и сохранился:) В целом альбом получился лёгкий, разный, уютный, добрый и до сих пор остаётся моим любимым. А песня «Моя Весна» на долгое время стала нашей визитной карточкой.
Ссылка на альбом в Itunes в профиле
#каконобыло #sappy #тишин

Brought to you by two people who dont know how to pose and are quite uncomfortable being the center of attention😅😂😂 #whatdoyoudowithyourhands
⚠*warning: sappy sarah*⚠ Thank you Jon for such a beautiful day yesterday❤😢🙈 For surprising me for the whole day for my birthday and taking me to my first spa-type experience (thank goodness it wasnt a nakie one) and for taking me to staten island for dinner and sharing with me one of your favorite places. 🙈💕💕 Even though the view of the city skyline at the top was absolutely beautiful, nothing beats having you by my side and experiencing it with you🙈. That's why, despite my messy hair and semi bald look (😂), just one take was enough and we didnt even care to look at the picture after it was taken. 🙈 #miniregretsloljk
Thank you for loving me and spoiling me every single day even when we're not together and especially when im extra grouchy from driving 🙈 (hehe #angrydriver). I am unbelievably blessed to have you in my life and to be able to share another birthday with you. ❤ To the rest of them with you and our loved ones💕🙈. 23 was amazing, 24 will be even better❤. #ptl #happy #sorryguysforpuke #somesoftsheeee #imsleepy #birthdayweekend #happybirthdaytome lol #24 #😢 #😭 #iloveyou #sushitodaywithfam #❤ #mushy #sappy #sarahtalks #blessed

lucky lucky me got to get beautiful Mo ready for her winter formal && then take her groups pictures WHICH had 2 of my other best friends !! LOOK AT THEM!!!!! I am so lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful best friends #sappy #love #majorhearteyes

Because we’re home, get it? Yeah, that’s a bad end-of-the-semester joke… anyway…
I am so so so grateful for the joys of this semester. Honestly and vulnerably, I feel like the Lord redeemed a lot of previous hardship by giving me these experiences + people all wrapped and tied up like a Christmas present.
Dorm groups, Questies, bff, Oyate, & newly-befriended Missions Team: you’ve been present, and therefore, a present. I appreciate you.
Thanks for being parts of Jesus’ ever-working, ferocious, and tangible love in my life. Here’s to a sweet fall semester and a freaking good God. #sappy

Spending Christmas with you, is all I've ever wanted. #sappy #christmas2017 #3postsin1day #merrychristmas #iloveyou #firstchristmasasmrandmrs

something in the way

My love bugs 😍
#sappy #0likes

Looks like all of these years of playing video games helped me out with this Escape Room! #myst So happy to call this birthday girl a friend. @tdubas_ - YOU ARE AWESOME AND U R LOVED! #sappy #sowhat #fightme #comeatmebro #offtopicrealquick

Find a best friend who makes a team with you. Someone who makes you smile from ear to ear , someone who makes you laugh until you cry. Someone who genuinely cares about you, someone who looks out for you, and someone who is there for you no matter what. Everyone deserves someone who is there for them at 2 am and 2pm. Someone who will spend the night just to eat junk food and watch movies. This guy right here is my person. He has shown me so much about myself, and been there through everything. He walked into my life at what I thought was the worst point, but turns out it was just a new beginning, to live a happier , healthier life that I'm genuinely looking forward to moving forward in. He came in , never gave up, never walked away. Sure we've had our days , our moments , and everything isn't always sunshine and rainbows , but he's who I want to call when something is exciting , or I need to vent. I have the best friend , anyone could ask for 💜 #princess #bestfriend #sappy #heskindaabigdeal #amazing #illoveyou

Thank you for the best 365 days ❤️ #sappy #anniversary

*sappy post ahead* these photos were taken four years ago and it’s crazy to me how fast time flies. James is still just as goofy and makes me just has happy four years later. To see how far we have come and how much we have grown over the years is incredible. There’s no one I’d rather explore life with, I love you babe 💕 and thanks to anyone who actually read all of that ❤️
#sappy #inlove #loveyouforever #scad #trusteestheater #fouryears #fouryearsstrong #tothemoonandback

I've spent a lovely six months with this lovely guy. We celebrated with dinner and ice skating, and although I was awful at it, I knew he was always there to pick me up if I fell. ❤️

It's been one heck of a year since graduation but I'm thankful to still have these people by my side. #sappy

Been engaged to this goofball for a whole year today! So thankful for our first home and our first pet and that we get to do it together! ♥️💍#sappy #iloveus #holidays #engaged #oneyear #fivemonthstogo

It’s been a sec since I’ve been sappy about this guy (ok so it’s actually been just a couple posts ago but he is the best so here it goes lmao )
I love this guy a lot.
I mean obviously he’s hot as hell(duh look at him). But the reasons I’m attracted to him are so much more than looks.
He’s ambitious. Hard working. Patient. Thoughtful and selfless. Strong and creative. He’s honest. Spontaneous. Funny. Talented. He lets me literally beat him up when I’m throwing a fit because I’m tired and taking it out on him. Then he wraps me up in his arms and tells me he loves me and everything is going to be ok. Then he says “feel better now?” To which I nod and say embarrassingly “yes”.
He’s my best friend and the most bestest annoying-est roommate ever.
I don’t know guys but I’m pretty positive I’m a princess because he def treats me like one.
Love you @croosa15 ❤️thanks for being you.
#love #loml #sappy #portrait #man #mcm #mce #hottie #lova #futurebabydaddy #hubbypotential #gottawifehimupalready

I can’t wait to call you my husband 😍😜 even when you are sassy and grumpy I still love you. I know you work so hard to build OUR future, I will always feel safe with you. You are so selfless and caring and the sweetest man I have ever met 🤗 #sappy #Inlove #engaged #lover #husband #wife #marriage #cantwait

You can never put a price tag on friendship and happiness...dont know what id do with out you guys #happy #friends #barselfie #sappy #holidays #christmas #lovethelifeyoulive

This got me. This really, really got me. 💔💜✌️
#life #death #snoopy
.. ..
#sappy #peanuts #charliebrown #alsome

To the next act, scene 1. Closing this part of my life is surreal. The idea that this kid, from dirty Kensington in Philly, who hated math, who barely passed high school, who failed 5+ classes in undergraduate, who was so lost and so green so long ago... the idea that I’d not just be a doctor, but a PhD. It’s against all odds. The people that bet on me: I thank you, as I’m the one that profits.
The past two acts saw tragedy, comedy, drama, triumph, but most importantly character development that might surprise some. I hope I’m humbler than I was. Wiser than I was. Stronger than I was. I expect I am. My life is a tapestry of events of which to regret would regret the experiences that I now can pass to my students.
To those who were behind be: thank you, a thousand times, you are a part of me. To those who tried to block me: fuck you, a thousand times, you are barely a footnote.
The next act starts after a brief intermission. Enjoy the rest, there’s more stories to be made! Please join me for the journey!

And... one more thing. If I can do it, you can do it. Never fear your dreams: chase them with dogged determination. .
. Photos by @logancundiff with some of my stylistic adds for instagram consistency. Please donate to his Haiti cause that he’ll hopefully link in the comments. .
#stories #graduation #gator #gatoralumni #gatoralways #doctor #student #uf #itsgreatuf #gatorgood #floridalife #florida #floridagator #gradlife #graduate #phd #dreams #triumph #sappy #orange #blue #uflorida #doctorate #gradschool #gradstudent #swag

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