1 week ago today I was getting ready to become a married man ♥️ 1 week later I'm lying on a beach in Santorini for my surprise honeymoon #loveislove #lgbt #blessed #santorinihoneymoon

Happy birthday to one of the sweetest men ever, who made our honeymoon that much more fantastic! Not enough good things can be said about you, @teofrantzanas. You’re an incredible photographer, HILARIOUS, and oh so giving and kind. I’m so thankful we met 2 and a half years ago and got to spend a day with you in Santorini; we are still so grateful for you taking time out of your busy schedule to capture these moments for us. We look at them every day in our home and people always compliment them! It is the best gift we could have ever gotten ❤️ I hope you have an incredible day with Anna and your little ones, and I also hope we get to see each other again in the near future! Love you Teo!

Breakfast Served ✈️ Current status: Sitting at the airport (a tad sunburnt!) 3hrs before I needed to, Breakfast today includes overpriced extra large cappuccino and a greesy hashbrown. Take me back @santorinisecret 🌴10 Best Honeymoon Destinations Up on the blog! .... Where are you going?

Zum Abschluss der Hochzeitsreise haben wir unseren Füßen am Freitag ein bisschen Wellness gegönnt. Das hatten wir uns nach der vielen Lauferei auch wirklich verdient!
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