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LEGENDARY SANTA MONICA SHOW IS 43 TODAY #DavidBowieSantaMonica #SantaMonica72 #ZiggyStardust

Birthday vinyl! Doesn't get better than listening one of the most amazing people to grace the earth sing you his songs. #davidbowie #santamonica72 #records #recordcollection

... #santamonica72 came too! 🎉 Happy days!

Digging one out from the CD vault. #davidbowie #santamonica72

You're too old to lose it, and too young to choose it. And the clock keeps waiting on your song #davidbowie #ziggystardust #santamonica72 #rocknrollsuicide #theriseandfallofziggystardustandthespidersfrommars

Back in the day, I saw an ad offering to transfer your cassette recordings onto the then new format of CD.
I gathered up all my 4-track efforts I'd recorded with my mates & sent them off.
The slightly dodgy name I chose for my fictitious band came from this treasured Bowie bootleg.
The music bore very little resemblance to Ziggy Stardust, but I think I was hoping some Bowieness would rub off :-)
#bowie #santamonica72 #ziggystardust


I am having a wonderful Bowie birthday.
Here are my gifts.
First, David Live on record. I already had the cd. I like so much this album. It has very original and innovate version of the songs. One of the highlight is Sweet Thing, a great Diamond Dogs song. I love so much the version of Width Of A Circle and 1984. I would like to see more videos of this tour. Lately I want so much to draw another picture of David in this period.
Second, Santa Monica. I didn't have this one neither on record or cd. The second live album from de Ziggy period. I was looking for this one for so long (Now I have to find Nassau Coliseum and Glass Spider). I am going to listen to it and write my impresion later but so far I love the setlist. The good thing about this album is it has live version of songs that they are not in The Motion Picture.
The pictures by George Underground comes in Santa Monica record. They are so beautiful. They show the essence and the style of Ziggy.
The third picture is my birthday cake. My mum cooked it for me. She still doesn't know why I chose a blackstar but maybe she thinks is something related to Bowie 😆
I would have liked to invited all of you to my party. At least you wouldn't ask me why my cake has a blackstar. Unfortunately I can't send you a piece of it. I would like someday to have the opportunity to know all my Bowie friends around the world.
Thanks for the lovely comments and wishes. You made my day more special. 💕Really, I appreciate it so much.
I think you know how I am going to end my day 😉

#davidbowie #bowie #davidlive #santamonica72 #ziggystardust #thespidersfrommars #glamrock #diamonddogs #davidbowieis #davidbowieforever #starman

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