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Help me out guys... Which one of these bikes should I get rid of? Both weigh about 30lbs flat and are set up at 64-65 degree head angles. The Nomad is AL and definitely won't take 27.5 wheels; the Covert is carbon and looks like 27.5's will clear no problem. Covert seems like the obvious choice until you consider it's still brand new and probably worth about $2k more than the Nomad on resale. First world problems are my favorite!

Выкатила своего боевого товарища #santacruznomad да, это не горы... пока 😜 не горы ✌️Катит и с уклона, и под уклон. Просто неистовая машина-монстр, приносящая удовольствие и кайф от езды 😂😂😂

Biazinha dando o talento final na bike para o rolé do final de semana. #santacruzbikes #santacruzbicycles #santacruznomad #botandoprabaixo

Dale's New Santa Cruz Nomad 4 out on the trails. 2018 Fox 36s, ENVE M70s, what a ripper! #santacruznomad #builtbysummit #youdreamitwebuildit #mtb

It was a bit fresh at 7am this morning. But great to ride in. Even with 3 shirts on 😂😂#olddudeshreds #nomad #builtbysummit #santacruznomad #irideflats

The all new Santa Cruz Nomad 4.0 CC has landed at NBX Warwick! This 170mm-travel monster is loaded with SC Reserve 27.5 carbon wheels, SRAM Eagle, and @rockshox new Super Deluxe Coil #nbxbikes #rideforthefunofit #santacruzbikes #santacruznomad


Takes a lot to get an enduro bike to come alive on the bunny slopes, but I think China Camp is great-I don't care what anybody says about it #vaginacamp #chinacamp #santacruzbikes #santacruznomad #mtb #marincounty #nobaddays #outsideisfree

Glad to see a sign, not tickets! I just Finished my loops in the hills behind house faster and and more fun than Ever! This sign was placed just a few days ago after a Fellow Mountain Biker broke his collar bone-dislogged, then severe concussion and started to go into shock, he said "l just wanted to go to sleep." I was fortunate to be there and recently renewed my responder training. I did my best from the crash until he was packaged up. We are usually the the first ones on the scene for our friends, fellow ridder's or even a self rescue! He collapsed and fainted 2x on me! I got EMS to the site and helped Keep him Stabalized. He is doing great and I was happy to help. When you Ride The Chaos it is rewarding to be prepared and confident for whatever you find. Sometimes it is each other and that is part of why I am out there #ridethechaos #mtb #mtblife #bikelife #bikecomunity #trailmountainbiking #santacruzbicycles #santacruznomad #smithoptics

2017 just got interesting lol#newwhip #santacruznomad #fox36 #lovinglife

How long will it take to get warncliffe trails back to running sweet after the big tree 🌲 felling operation #lovemountainbiking #warncliffewoods #santacruznomad #sheffieldissuper

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