Anyone else’s California kid fight you tooth and nail about going to the beach, then fight you twice as hard however many hours later when it’s time to leave? Today wasn’t bad (although it has been, too many times to count). Still, it was her third of three choices of what to do today. I think I’ll just save this image and show it to her every time I suggest it and she says no •

I just got one of my very favorite photos back today on canvas of my grandson. One thing that I’m absolutely giddy about is hanging allll my photographs when we move into our own home this year. I’ve held back while we’ve been renting these last years. Not saying that’s a good thing, but only that I can’t even wait to make my house totally and completely ours ❤️ #printsmatter

@kodakprofessional, thanks for bringing #tmax3200 back!!!
I love it!!! Rated at 3200, Canon 1v.
#film #filmisnotdead #thefindlab

Sunny and 60 and windy and cold, all of them and all at once. Snowed in the mountains over town the other night when we woke up to 40s and unexpected rain. Planted my flower pots and baskets for spring with the dog and cat sunning themselves on the patio next to me. Spring’s a season we don’t really get here in SB, so I’m particularly aware of it and thankful this year •

We are always our mama's baby, no matter how old. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Mama & Me sessions aren't just for little babes!
Link in profile to book - 4/29, #ellwoodbluffs #santabarbara

“I always go back to the image of me and Hayden talking, and her looking at me so intently. This picture encapsulates so much about motherhood that I cherish: the intense and pure love I have for my children, and how much trust they put in to me. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this couldn’t be more true.”

More reflective words about motherhood and the importance of being in photos with your children from my client Maureen in my Stories. And another chance to sign up for a motherhood mini of your own at the link in my profile >>>

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life 🌻 Allie and Pyper went exploring on the bluffs and you can see some photos #ontheblog. #linkinbio

Spring Mini Sessions are still available this Saturday, April 21st! Message me for open time slots. #whitneyturnerphotography #minisession #mothersdaygift #santabarbaraphotographer #santabarbarafamilyphotographer #springminisessions

Choose joy on this hump day. Say no to the rest!
#film #filmisnotdead #thefindlab

Sunshine & Hugs.
4/29 mama and me mini sessions. link in profile. a few spots left, hope to see you there!
#ventura #santabarbara

My bff is here and she is one of the best baker I know. I will be stuffing my face instead of posting the rest of the weekend. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
TGIF! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#film #filmisnotdead

I love this perspective my client shared with me. I think when many of us see photos of ourselves and our children, our eyes dart straight to them, not to ourselves. That’s definitely how it is for me. But this is such a fresh way to rethink it. Let’s look at the way that • w • e • look when we are looking at • t • h • e • m • || Who wants to come and make some magic with me to celebrate the otherworldly bond we have with those who made us mothers? Choose your date and time at the link in my profile 🌿

Sister smooches ☺️These two are so huggy and kissy with each other, it totally melts me! 💞💞💞 #betharmsheimerphotography

This little doll had mom (@holliscguerra) and dad wrapped around her fingers from the very beginning ❤️

What mornings looked like last summer around our house...quiet, happy, content. Serenity in a house full of growing minds is definitely not always the case, but what a treasure to have images to hold onto such sweet time we shared together. Life is fleeting friends...take more photographs.
I still have a few more spots open for Houston (5/17-23), Portland (4/22-25), & San Diego (10/7-17). Let me know if I can help you preserve these treasure moments.
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I love how much they love each other. Stolen little moments like this amidst the bickering are so sweet and so special. Happy Monday everyone. Let's do this.

I feel bad because I posted before about the importance of moms being in photos with their kids, and my mom ended up commenting, saying she wishes she would’ve done this when Corey and I were little. But really, Mom, it wasn’t even a thing. I mean, not really. Yes, we’ve got five or ten different Olan Mills sessions from over the years, each one as ____ as the rest. It wasn’t anything you did; that was the thing at the time. We dressed up, we went out to lunch, we drove to the mall, it was special. We picked out our own backdrop. You were actually a pioneer. You knew what it meant, that we’d look back 30 years later and see the 10-year-olds of us with the you who’s as old as I’m about to be this year. And really, when it all comes down to brass tacks, that’s what I’m trying to shout from the rooftops to everyone else. Except that I can do it so much better. And that I think you’ll love the pictures so much more || I know I’ve got more than five left; husbands you can also purchase them for your wives. Choose yours at the link in my profile •

“ I love to see the joy in my own eyes when I see pictures of me and my children.” - @lavieestbella
There’s just something about pictures of mamas with their kids. We can make every excuse in the world about why not to carve out time for moments like these: we only shoot once a year and this doesn’t fit into that box, we don’t like the way we look, our kids aren’t “the right age,” we don’t want to spend the money, we don’t know what to wear, we don’t know where to go, the list goes on and on. I just need to urge all of you mamas right here real quick, because if you put too much thought into it, you’re right, the excuses will come and you’ll never do it. Mother’s Day is coming and now IS the time. For no other reason than that, and that you and your kiddos will only be just as you are together right now, RIGHT NOW. And Santa Barbara is green and spotted with wildflowers in some of my favorite places, so there’s also that. Who wants to let it all go and trust me to capture something you’ll never forget? There’s a link in my profile with all the details, and the option to pick the date and time of your choice. Mother & Child Minis in Honor of Mother’s Day || See more of Isabelle’s pics and why they’re so important to her, in my Stories •

nothing like a fathers love. // ending today being reminded of our Fathers love for us. He is such a good God - so gracious, mighty, HOLY. I am grateful for the community & family we have who reminds me of this through their own love & grace.
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