Please consider having some amazing homemade food for lunch today and support the Gallardo Family💝 Ulises brought sunshine and laughter everywhere he went💞 and his loss is felt immensely to those of us who knew him. His family loved him so very much and always went above and beyond to let him know that💝 He had so many great experiences and life full of love ❤️ Please consider donating any amount to his GoFundme account or come through today and support our beloved Ulises ⚽️❤️ #numberonesoccerfan #iamsausd #santaanalookslikethis #alwaysinourhearts

Get your tickets 🎟 and come celebrate another year of success and to honor some badass members of the community ✊🏼❤️ #chicanxsunidxs #santaanalookslikethis #makeithappen #puropari

“Soy como el viento que corre
Alrededor de este mundo
Anda entre muchos placeres
Anda entre muchos placeres
Pero no es suyo ninguno ”
-Grítenme Piedras del Campo, #LolaBeltran ✨🤱🏽🌵❤️
#mexicana #mamamexicana #latinamom #latinamoms #latinamother #comadre #thisiscomadrewellness #nopalysol #comadrewellness #lacomadre #mothering #motherhood #mothersofcolor #mamiposa #latinxparenting #parenthood #santaana #santaanalookslikethis #mercaditocarrusel #elcentroculturaldemexico

Let’s party on a dead lawn -Watson #santaanalookslikethis

I am in awe of just how strong and resilient these womyn are!!!
It was such an honor to put these panels together, I honestly did not expect such great feedback from old & new friends & comrades!
It’s so refreshing that even though I have worked in this community for almost a decade, there are still many other super dedicated and vital people in our hood to meet and build bridges with!
Each of our stories are so unique yet we can all relate in some way, and that’s why I wanted to help foster these human connections - so we can all bounce experiences & ideas & continue the conversation.....
I’m so grateful for the people who spent their Saturday at the panel and the art show, I am so grateful for the womyn who put themselves out there and shared their experiences. 💖
Contrary to popular belief, it takes a LOT of strength and courage to express vulnerability. And these ladies did it with grace, poise, & tact.
Once we start having these uncomfortable conversations more often, it becomes easier. It’s kind of like confidence! Start PRACTICING confidence and you’ll be better at it as you go along!
I’m also extremely thankful and proud for the MEN who attended these talks, I know how many hurdles and barriers that would prevent y’all from coming and I commend you for taking that leap!!!
I have gotten so many inquiries asking if I am planning to host another talk, and the answer is YES!
I would really like my next talk to focus on womyn’s specific experiences within the #LGBTQIA community and learn about their marginalized narratives and perspectives!
Logistics still need to be worked out but stay tuned for the next “Beyond Me Too” talk!

Join some Badass folxs ✊🏼❤️ Money raised is used for scholarships and paid summer internships🍎 Let me know if you want to sit at the #Chingonas table this year❤️ #santaanalookslikethis #santaneras #chicanxsunidxs #makeithappen

Much love to the #SantaAna young men that joined us at the #SonsandBrothersCamp this past week! Another one for the books building community with each other and with other folks from across the state! #PeoplePower #SantaAnaLooksLikeThis

Join us in celebrating the kindest most warm hearted person in Santa Ana💝 Lisa will be celebrated on August 18th for her tireless commitment to helping our SAUSD kids, and well everyone else too❤️ Please let me know if you need details on joining us💗 #santaanalookslikethis #kindnessmatters #teachlove #teachkindness

Join us in making smiles happen🍎 #iamsausd #santaanalookslikethis #help #volunteer

Lately and frequently, I’ve been part of a pair or group of womxn who are creating something, or supporting each other’s creations, or caring for each other’s children, or feeding each other, or partaking in healing, or ceremony, or listening on the phone or in person, or just hanging out with cafecito or agua under a tree at a park, or my backyard, or theirs... and I’ve become overwhelmed with the feeling that ***THIS*** IS COMADRE WELLNESS. ✨You may have seen me use the hashtag #thisiscomadrewellness more frequently. Last week I asked followers to answer the question “What does Comadre Wellness mean to you?”. Now, we CHALLENGE you to SHOW us. ✨Show us a photo, new or old, of a moment in which a feeling of Comadre Wellness shines through. This can be of your mami with her comadres, you and your favorite comadres, your niñxs being imaginative with their friends, a selfie of you sitting in your car after work taking some space before coming inside to be present for your kids, a photo of your abuelita’s cooking, fill in the _______. ✨CHALLENGE RULES✨
1. Post a photo to your IG Story or Feed of an image that is descriptive of Comadre Wellness
3. Tag @Comadre.Wellness so we can REPOST and tag you. —
Have fun!!!

#comadrewellness #comadrewellnessandeducation #comadres #comadreando #comadreja #comadresforlife #amigas #community #buildingcommunity #comadresheal #communityheals #latinamom #latinamoms #chicana #chicanas #chicanamom #ittakesavillage #senecesitaunpueblo #parenting #parents #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #momsofcolor #emotionalwellness #newparadigm #orangecounty #santaana #santaanalookslikethis

Maui Wowie 2018 🌺 #aloha #hawaii #santaanalookslikethis

A beautiful and productive day at the park with the Familias 💕see you next Thursday for our next #convivio #homeschoolcommunity #santaanalookslikethis @ourfamms @comadre.wellness @sourcingourlight @danelliaaaaaa @xektan @les1ie @mariarharrison @crystal_domi

#MachismoEsViolencia Rp @karla_estrada_222 - On Jan 2016, I was invited to be a member of @Undocumedia by Justino Mora and Ivan Ceja (@ivncja). However, my work and contributions were deemed unimportant by Ivan, which he used as an excuse to dismiss me from the organization in multiple occasions without the consent or knowledge of his colleague Justino Mora. (FULL testimony LINK in my BIO). The issues began when Ivan’s then-fiancee pressured him to remove me because she was jealous of me (Nov 2016). As the months passed, I experienced sexual advances from Ivan, he made the following statement more than once, “What would you do if I kiss you?” although I expressed no interest in him. From Nov. 2016 - April 2017, my younger sibling was going through deportation proceedings, and I requested the support of Justino and Ivan. On April 15, 2017, I texted Ivan and Justino that my brother was due for deportation later that day. However, 2 hours later, Ivan removed me from the UndocuMedia platform without an explanation. I messaged Justino and shared with him all the problematic behavior I endured from Ivan since Oct 2016. Justino confronted Ivan, and Ivan said that the reason I kept being kicked out was because I was not part of UndocuMedia, although I had signed an NDA on April 2016. On Oct 2017, there was an event to raise awareness on the human rights abuses at the Adelanto Detention Center. Justino asked me to share my younger brother’s story LIVE on the UndocuMedia Instagram page, but Ivan deleted the story from the platform. When confronted, Ivan said I was not a “team member” of UndocuMedia and considered my brother’s story unworthy of showing because of his personal issues with me. For almost 2 years, Ivan has questioned my work; accused me of using UndocuMedia to “enhance” my image; spreads harmful gossip against his colleague, Justino Mora; spoke inappropriately towards a married woman; engages in homophobic and sexist behavior; and expresses anti-blackness. I demand a public apology for his actions towards me and my brother, and to step aside. If Ivan Ceja calls himself an intersectional activist, and expects accountability from the opposition, he should...

Good to know where these Santa Ana liberal nonprofit actorvists stand on gentrification. This isnt the first time something like this has happened and it probably wont be the last. #FuckDTSA #FuckDowntownInc #NoUnityWithLiberals #TheRevolutionWillNotBeFunded ➡️Rp @protegesantana 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼: "You know you are a sell out when you collaborate with gentrifiers - Santa Ana Unidos pushing #schoolsnotprisons campaign at a problematic gentrified space -E Sports Arena was willing to host an alt right group last summer until they were called out by the community & now Santa Ana Unidos is aligning with E Sports Arena and other agents of gentrification (see comments for proof)
-E Sports Arena doesn’t care about any campaigns as long as people are willing to pay
-E Sports Arena is part of the heavy policing on homelessness in downtown Santa Ana - Efforts to address complicity with gentrification were ignored by Santa Ana Unidos
Santa Ana Unidos knows damn well gentrification -increases police violence
-increases arrests & prosecution of youth of color -makes living hard for youth and their families with evictions and rent increase
Yet they keep saying it’s for the 'youth'
Let’s call it what it is! Exploitation of youth and popular campaigns for profit is disgusting. How can you push one issue and not address the connection with larger issues?
Join the effort to tell artists how problematic it is to contribute to oppressive spaces
#profitoverpeople #fakeassallies #rosesthatbrokefromgentrification #2Pacwouldntclaimyou"

UPDATED Flyer☀️🌊 Please consider helping Santa Ana kids go to Camp Catalina ⛺️ Please contact us for drop off location and deadline🤞🏼 #santaanalookslikethis #campcatalina

Please help in making this adventure extra special🏖☀️ Private message for drop off location😊 #santaanalookslikethis #commUnity #campcatalina #donate

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