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Mini crocodile # Kruger #sanpark crocodile #baby #reptiles #lakepanic #water #landscape

••• you can take me apart piece by piece, but i will bite back ••• #krugernationalpark #krugerthroughmyeyes #elmakempphotos #sanpark #odpshutters #wildlife #crocodile #details #lovewildlife #wildsa

Happy Valentine's day everyone! While I'm not too thrilled as I'm currently on my way back to London from our holiday, I hope everyone is having a lovely day!❤️

Wait for it, wait for it! - Anisha

Nothing much just chilling waiting for some lions to show up. In the meantime, check out the animals I already saw. Also caught some zebras and impalas fighting and behaving badly - they’ll be up on Instagram stories soon. I think they made up though. Happy Monday! - Anisha | 📷 @djchak

I was expecting excitement and adventure but honestly did not bank on the amount of emotion you feel seeing a beautiful animal in the wild. Sobbed after hearing that beautiful lion burp and roar (check out our Instagram stories) - I never did think listening to someone burp could be an emotional experience. - Anisha | 📷 @djchak

This little elephant has the most awesome trunk!!!

And time for a dash of colour from this lovely crimson breasted shrike.

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