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🌞When their love is written all over their faces πŸ€— these two are in New Zealand right now living life more worried about experiences & happiness than climbing a corporate ladder πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸŒž

Always keepin' an eye out for those unique angles, and @corey_wilson has provided πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Surfer @connercoffin about to pull in!

11 days and counting with three separate fires -Alamo>Whittier>Park- crew has been working hard but in great spirits and proud to help out so many different communities. #alamofire #sanluisobispo #slofd #whittierfire #parkfire

{LIFE} the 3 moms stand perfectly still while chaos ensues around us. Typical. Love these two.

can you tell I'm in love? with home (aka @sanluisobispo ) that is ☝🏼 I've done more growing up, healing, connecting, learning, & loving here than I could ever have expected possible. thankful beyond belief for the beautiful place God nestled me into as "home" ❀
read more in my latest blog post about how to accept God's hands pulling you into a different direction! πŸ“·: @s01gonzalez

I am honored to have been able to add two piercings to this cool collection on another piercer friend. Two fresh ear cartilage piercings featuring a couple of Tama ends by @anatometalinc on @piercingjohnny from Cherry Blossom in Atascadero. She had me pierce her ear with an 18k yellow gold Tama end with a 3mm genuine jade center and with a little 18k white gold Tama with a 2mm white opal center. Thank you, Johnny! πŸ˜ŒπŸ™πŸ½ I still have a couple appointment openings for tomorrow and this a few this weekend. Private message me to reserve a day and time!

Gateway to Golden Hour🌞 #PismoBeach πŸ“·:Β @jescjamez


Post workout chats about healthy breakfast options!

So sometimes at night Parker will have pretty bad anxiety, so today we are going to adjust his diet and see how he feels. We are going to cut wheat and cut back on sugar.

Did you guys know wheat contributes to anxiety!?! It's real people! Your diet is so important!

It's like #WheresWaldo, only you're searching for two pals roaming the dunes! πŸ‘«
Photo: @luketyreephotography

#tbt Throwin' it back to last weekend, when we had a group of people from the city come ride and we had all our rental shoes out plus Jayme's Adidas Superstars 🀣 #smalltownissues #slotown #sanluisobispo .
#slocounty #visitslo #avilabeach #pismo #lososos #shellbeach #atascadero #templeton #pasorobles #slo #shareslo #slohappenings #throwbackthursday #805 #arroyogrande #pismobeach #morrobay #lososos

I think it's pretty sweet that my kids beg me to wake them up to workout !

It's so hard to pull them out of bed when they are peacefully sleeping but they will get so mad if I don't!
And it's fun to have a workout partner!

Who would you share this view with? #PismoBeach πŸ“·: @rjb_photography44

Sign up to get my newsletter and keep in touch with what's going on. Link in bio. #shareslo #sanluisobispo #mayor

Art comes in many shapes
and forms, from a Wrestlers
combative moves, to a mural
displayed on a wall... Art can
be raw, finished, in your face,
and tranquil, whatever the
art form it's beauty can be magnificent.
- Robert Paul Perez 111
This bubble gum wall is
located in Old Downtown
San Luis Obispo, California
called 'Bubblegum Alley.'
Yes, made of bubblegum
that people leave behind.
Sounds gross, but it's
actually a cool place to see.

#SoulDustProductions returns to one of the first events that started it all. When we first annonced #NothinButTheFunk back in October 2016, demand hit the roof! The Facebook event page alone was flooded with huge interests. It was understood that people just really needed that funk! Just over a month later, we laid the funk on thick, as huge crowds both inside and outside of #bangthedrumbrewery were feeling it....heck, the line reached through the parking lot! It was an insane night with so much fun and, yes, so much great music to go around!

It was a long time coming, but now it's time for the second round of funk for your ears and your feet. It's time to crank things up, as our selectors dig deep into the musical well. We go from the '60s through the '80s, and maybe throw in some new stuff too, but there will be no mistaken where you at. None of that wimpy, watered down stuff they call funk. Those who were there for the first one will attest...it's no joke!

Your selectors for the night:
@jprez805 - Special Guest: @djstheideals (#TheIdeals /#DanceCraze)

Our great friends at @bangthedrumbrewery will once again be serving up its finely-#craftbrew . We'll have a food truck available, so stayed tune on who that will be...we want to keep you nourished, yo!

Tickets will go on sale close to the day of the event, so mark this on your calendar and tell your friends. Dress up in your best funk outfits, or come as you are...we won't judge!

Tickets will be $5; admission is 21+. See you for what we aim to be another fantastic night of unrestrained, unvarnished, freaky, skanky soul...ALL. NIGHT. LONG. See you soon!

#JungleCat joins @djstheideals for a mix of soul, doo-wop, and more @bhbcslo tonight! ✌🏼😎

Play the yacht rock, let's get this party started
#sanluisobispo #weekend #vsco #christophercross #sailing

❀️... even the kiddos had their moms best side in mind #fluffers #themercslo #sanluisobispo #slophotographer #sanluisobispophotographer #bts #behindthescenes

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