Part 4 -1 month later-

Its Saturday, the day Thomas is leaving.
You wake up and you already feel sick because of the thought that your best friend is leaving. You bought him a photo album with your favourite pictures inside.
You stand up and you get ready, after that you go down into the kitchen to make yourself breakfast. It’s 11 am and Thomas is leaving at 3pm so you have 4 hours left to spend with him. After you’re done with breakfast you go over to Thomas’s house and you ring the doorbell.

Tasha opens the door and tells you where to find Thomas, he is upstairs.

You go into his room and you see him sitting in front of his window.
You sit down in front of him.

You: hey is everything okey Thomas
Thomas: no I don’t want to leave, I want to stay here with you.

You: I know I don’t want you to leave either but we can’t change it. Just remember the funny things we experienced together and the last month was the best ending to our story.

Thomas: end of our story? You mean it’s the end of our friendship?

You: I don’t know Thomas, you are going to Australia, and we won’t see each other again.... sorry

Thomas: you don’t need to be sorry, it’s all my fault.

You: no Thomas, it’s Okey we will...
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Thomas is one of my favorite characters 💛

who is your favorite character ?

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