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Actual album cover artwork on the Orange Army HQ wall by Eric Possell. I've been uncovering a lot of priceless things in the past few months. I was recently surprised to find that I had the original artwork for the cover of the Songs For Summer memorial charity album. Eric was a fellow art student of Summer's and graciously created something warm and lovely for the album which was then overlaid with her own handwriting. Uncovering his hilarious outtakes (swipe to see) was even more of a pleasant surprise. For 18 years, I've avoided displaying anything about the record but having an orange couch seemed like a good excuse to put it up. Eric was ok with me keeping it, so I inquired with Aaron Brothers how much it would cost to frame. About $125. Ulp. Luckily I thought to look online and found Signed & Numbered in Salt Lake City https://www.facebook.com/signedandnumbered . This great frame was just $35. You can still find SFS online. There's used copies for as little as a buck on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Songs-Summer-Ben-Folds-Five/dp/B00004I9U8 #songsforsummer #benfoldsfive #soulcoughing #jasonfalkner #jazzbutcher #b52s #beasley #pansydivision #neutralmilkhotel #sandycoates #babacar #jonathanrichman #posies #theposies #squirrelnutzippers #frankandwalters #gloveandspecialsauce #orange #dailyorange #orangearmy
See the other albums on da wall at https://www.facebook.com/youredoingreat/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1103016799756297

Jack's handsome face graces the cover of 'black sleep' a new digital release by Greg Moore of the Moore Brothers. Check it out on Bandcamp. "Who's a good boy?" #moorebrothers #sandycoates #blacksleep

The handsome face of Fast Atmosphere’s own Jack Willis Schwartz graces the cover of the dreamy new digital release 'black sleep' by Sandycoates, the side-project by Greg Moore of the Moore Brothers. Check it out on bandcamp. "Who's a good boy?" http://sandycoates.bandcamp.com/album/black-sleep #moorebrothers #sandycoates #blacksleep #gregmoore

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