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Agnès Varda’s Vagabond screens tonight at 7:30pm!
“What a film this is! Like so many of the greatest films, it tells us a very specific story, strong and unadorned, about a very particular person. It is only many days later that we reflect that the story of the vagabond could also be the story of our lives.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times
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A middle-aged factory worker's life is upended when she follows her employer to Morocco. #prendrelelarge #drama #sandrinebonnaire #mounafettou #kamalelamri #movie #movies #film #films #filmes #stereophoniestore #stereophonie #store

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Les cent et une nuits de Simon Cinéma (1995)

Vagabond screens Wednesday at 7:30pm! One of Agnès Varda’s most celebrated features, Vagabond tells the harrowing story of the last months in the life of a young female drifter. Sandrine Bonnaire’s riveting performance in the lead role made her an overnight international star at the age of 18, winning her a César Award for Best Actress.
Shot in a semi-documentary style, the film opens abruptly on the body of Mona, frozen to death in a ditch on the side of the road. Interspersed with flashbacks of Mona’s life as a drifter are reminiscences by the people she met along the way – a fascinating gallery of characters including a wealthy academic, a philosophical shepherd, a Tunisian laborer, a giggly countess, etc. – largely played by non-professional actors, whose interactions with Mona produce a splintered portrait of an enigmatic, ultimately unknowable woman. With its sparse, poetic imagery and its deft mingling of fiction and reality, Vagabond is a stunning work that won Varda the top prize at the Venice Film Festival.
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ZO 18/03 18:00 SANS TOIT NI LOI

I am so happy I got to watch this with no spoilers, having no idea what the movie was about. What made me watch this was Isabelle Huppert, a name that can bring a smile on any cinephile's face.

There is an element of mystique which stays throughout the movie, you may not be ready & mentally prepared for what follows & you may not expect it either. Sssh, I don't wanna give in any spoilers, watch it on any day, & get bowled by the writing, direction & overall 'the performance' of all these competent women, Sandrine Bonnaire (the new maid) Jacqueline Bisset (the woman who hires her) & my favorite Isabelle Huppert (Jeanne, the one who takes charge of the mails & is not exactly loved by all). I wish I get to watch more movies like this which come as a sudden shock & a beautiful accident (Serendipity). This is highly recommended (do yourself a favor, don't read anything about this movie, don't even read about it on IMDb or tomatoes, directly go for it & thank me later) 😉

Last few weeks, the frequency of movies have reduced, I gotta buck up now.

To, one of my favorite actresses of all time - Isabelle & to the power of Cinema which transcends boundaries & the language barriers.

LA CEREMONIE (1995) 8⃣♦1⃣

I love Cinema ❤

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