PB&J blonde 🥜 showing us that warmth isn’t always a bad thing! Finding the right tone of blonde for you is so important. All of my clients are unique and so their blonde should be too! #livedinbylinda

Start to finish! HOTTIE Tape-In HAIR EXTENSIONS 🙏🏼 •
20” $125/pack
26” $175/pack
People wear 6-9 packs depending on density! I can color match you and process your hair order online! Send me the following:
1) a picture of your hair
2) a picture of your goal hair
3) describe your density in one word: thin / medium / thick ?
4) email address & full name

I can get an invoice to you and the hair order processed in MINUTES! Once paid, I’ll get you on my books for install OR ship the hair to you!!! Let’s get your hair long for Summer! I’ll bet you your hair isn’t “too short” for extensions! Ditch the stigma! I can install on ANYONE⚡️💪🏼

if this doesn’t give you life, are you even human?! I got my enitreeee LIFE tonight at the @junesdiary show❤️ thank you guys so much for having @gdmakeup & I :)

This Geography professor that I Love so much!!! Wanted to add a pop of color for pride!! “I want to match my glasses!!” Nuff said! .
#redken #redkenshadeseq #pureology #bumbleandbumble #surfspraybumbleandbumble #pride #lgbt #emerald #peekaboo #detpursqlon #hillcrest #sandiego #sandiegostylist #redhair #ginger #balayage #highlights

How gorgeous is this color ?? Too bad my fav red head is moving across the country 😭😭😭

Butterfly I did on @ken_fraiche29

This young lady came in today. She has an INSANE amount of hair. Before HSM, I would've been so intimidated to do hair like hers, I would do it, but I'd be unsure & just cross my fingers 🤞🏼& hope for the best.... Well today I just went through through steps & it was great! I think she was a little unsure mid-process, but after I finished cutting, washed it & diffused it just enough to get the water from dripping, she loved it. She said she would definitely be back & was happy that she found someone who knows how to cut curly hair. 😁 #hsmforthewin #headshapematters #hairbydiane #sandiegostylist #elcajonstylist

Of course, I forgot to take a before picture... 😭

Cheers to the weekend friends! I hope you everyone gets some time to enjoy their loved ones!
My weekends are all about My husband, My Lord (Jesus) and my sleep . What’s your favorite thing to do on your days off?
See ya soon Monday ✌🏼
#herestotheweekend #bestofbalayage #sandiegostylist

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