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As the rain ☔️ pours down on my rooftop like the sound of nature applauding all I can do is sit and reflect on the blessing God has bestowed upon me. Music is what we love. If you have to re-build, then re-build, if you have to make a sacrifice, make the sacrifice. No matter what it is keep your dream alive for your dream is interconnected and truly affects generations to come. #reggae #roar #dreams #sandiegorain #powertochange

It's not supposed to rain in California #sandiegorain

Even though it's rainy, we're still dreaming of summer 🌞 get your summertime essential here! #PlatosClosetEscondido #platosclosetsandiego #sunnies #socalsummer #sandiegorain

First Day of Rain 💦☔️ #SanDiegoRain

San Diego Storms 2017- We will rebuild #sandiegorain #wewillrebuild ☔️#sandiego #rainyday

To sunny San Diego 💙 hahahah #sandiego #sandiegorain #downtown


All blue skies here! 🌴 but what are you supposed to do on those occasional rainy San Diego days?? Check the new post (link in bio) for my top 5 recommendations! ⛈⛈⛈

I got creative with a shopping bag to protect my camera because I left my rain jackets at home, including one for myself. Kudos to all the players who played multiple games while it poured outside. So glad I remembered my umbrella this time! ☔󾓪
#sandiegorain #icantfeelmyfeet #flightactionsports #sportsvideo #cameralady #workrainorshine

Zusi is a true San Diegan... he does NOT like the rain... 🔊 on! #pitbull #piddlebull #pitbullsofinstagram #rain #rainyday #sandiego #sandiegorain #dogsofinstgram #potty

Rain drops keep falling on my head . . .Sunday night blues after being inside all day! ☔️☔️☔️ #rainstorms #palmtrees #sandiego #sandiegorain #rain #weather #sundaynightblues

• 🎶 It's raining, it's pouring... staying inside is boring 🎶 #sandiegorain

No outdoor playing today!! San Diego ☔️☔️

🏠 ☔Why Seeing Homes in the Rain Is A Good Idea 🏠 ☔

In my opinion, there’s no better time to see a house than when it’s raining. Now, I don’t mean it has to be flooding or anything, but a nice steady rain is a good time to see a house.

See, rain isn’t always a bad thing! While getting in and out of cars and traipsing through a house might not be your idea of a great time, if you really want to get a close look at a house, I’ve found that seeing it when it’s raining can often be helpful.  Most of the time it’s not quite as serious as a swimming pool in the downstairs; sometimes it’s as simple as a window seal that’s showing condensation that might not otherwise be there during a dry time, or standing water in poor-draining sections of a backyard.

So next time you want to take a really good look at a house, let me know; I’ll bring the waders.  But so we’re clear, I also like looking at houses when it’s sunny, too.

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