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This amount of rain in San Diego is enough to cause widespread panic. And I’m going to spend all day in the freeway. 🌦😐

Little bit of rain makes the rocks come alive... . . . #sandiegorain #moss #sdnature #sdbotany #sandiegonature #mossyrocks #chaparral #bryophyta #fieldbiology

Misty morning in the #tijuanarivervalley and remembering our old neighbors and pondering #whatsnext .

#springishere #sandiegorain #sandiegofarm #futurefarm

Rainy San Diego day! 📷: @harkerinjurylaw #sandiegorain

A different perspective on the rainy day, shot on Portra. All the people watching and photographing it (although I didn't get it when there were more people out there) 😂 ALSO: y’all should come to @beersandcameras tomorrow, because it’s my bday and I’ll be there! 😉😉

More from the torrential downpour at @jamescoffeeco. As this is the second day of spring, I feel it's particularly fitting. Rain + flowers. Also, tomorrow is my birthday (this is important because I HATE rain), and there's a 90% chance of rain. HELP.⠀
Shot this on my Sony because I didn't want to use the rest of my roll of Portra on the rain, and I was trying to capture this girl's amazing, colorful dress in the rain, but my camera had a terrible time trying to focus with that much rain. But I still actually kinda love it 😍⠀
More fun facts: Today is @scotteastwood's bday, and he's exactly one day older than me. And lives in San Diego, although I don't think he's here now. But I guess I should have been born today, because he gets sun on his bday 😡

That one time there was a super cool car parked outside @jamescoffeeco and then there was a torrential downpour. I think I tried to focus on the rain so you could see it better. I like how it came out though. 😊 It’s sunny today though, come visit me at the @socaletsyguild market at @hortonplazapark! Link to event page in bio 😉

When it rains; it pours. .
#rainydays #sandiegorain #wehateit #weneedit #thatslife

Without our Rain nothing grows learn to embrace the storms of your life 🖤 💧photocredit: 📸 @dap_photography760 #rainshoots #sandiegorain #theeyes #fashion #blackeverything #chic #peekaboo #bobbies #whatsnext #2018 #myyear #sandiegogirls

Sunday Feels🤣 #timechange #sandiegorain #sd

Smiling because storm coverage in San Diego means a day of rain!

#snugglesaturday is real 💕🐶💤especially on this rainy day ☔️🌈

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