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When no one’s looking...

The caves at Boulder Park make for a great photoshoot.  Love the curves and bends at every angle! #hiddensandiego

How do succulents confess their feelings?
“Aloe you so much!” 💞

New spot on our Wild & Edible section: PINK PEPPERCORN. All throughout San Diego grows an invasive tree often considered to be a nuisance. That would be the Peruvian pepper tree, commonly found on every block practically! What most people don’t realize is that this tree has a very valuable berry (not truly a pepper) that only grows in warm regions such as San Diego!
Peruvian pepper, more commonly known as pink peppercorn, is considered a luxury, gourmet spice in the culinary world. Learn how to harvest on our site.  Link in bio! #hiddensandiego

Let’s grab coffee sometime ☺️

What did one autumn leaf say to another? .
I’m falling for you 🍂🍃🍂

Post-apocalyptic vibes at Carizzo Gorge Railyard #hiddensandiego


Inside a hideout inside at Blue Sky Ranch.  From the outside, you'd almost pass this without realize what's inside!  It was made in between several huge boulders.  Super cool, but my camera could not capture even a fraction of it in one shot. #hiddensandiego

Today is a good day to have a good day ✨ woke up this morning after 11 hours of refreshing sleep 🙌🏼 meditated, wrote in my journal and made it my goal today to “be sunshine” ☀️ aka radiating love, warmth, light, support and all the other goodness that comes from the biggest star in the sky 🙌🏼 in my opinion, so far so good!!! Work was productive, I am on my way to therapy to cleanse my wild mind && then get to spend time with the only childhood friend I still have ✨ today was a damn good day & I hope you’re was too!! So here’s a pic with doodles on it, cuz who doesn’t love mediocre doodles?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ much love sunshine squad, two more days till the weekend ☀️🌊✨

HAUNTED HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN: Whaley House. The Whaley house was built where a graveyard once was and their backyard was used to hang those found guilty in the home's downstairs courthouse. The Whaley family themselves used to believe the home was haunted, largely by one of the men that was hung in their backyard.  I had a crazy experience here as a child that I talk about on my site.  I'll link to the page in my story shortly! #hiddensandiego

Inside the smuggler's cave. The oldest story of the Smugglers Cave actually has ties with another spot on our site, The Campo Stone Store Museum. The Stone Store was the result of a raid by border bandits in 1875. The raid left the store owners so shaken up that they decided to re-build their store into a stone “fortress” of sorts to ensure protection from any future issues. The bandit was apparently shot in the shoulder and took refuge in this cave while hiding out and healing. Eventually he was found and murdered.  This one is part of our members section btw. #hiddensandiego

Have you ever glamped before?  We've got an amazing glamping retreat in Julian called @alter.experiences that everyone should check out! For those who have not heard of glamping yet, it is basically upscale camping or a way for those on opposite ends to meet in the middle. Think of it as a merging of roughing it in the woods and a fancy hotel. Trust me, it is awesome.  Learn all about it and how you can stay at it on our site www.HIDDENSANDIEGO.net

One of the best haunted houses we have in San Diego is located at an abandoned amusement park out in east county.  Not much effort is  needed to make this place creepy as the decay from years of being abandoned is adding all the natural spooky touches itself!  @haunted_amusement_park_sd, formerly known as Scotty's Scare Trail, only has a couple more weeks left!  I highly recommend checking this one out if you're into the Halloween spirit. #hiddensandiego

CONTEST!! We have teamed up with multiple companies in Julian to give one lucky winner an awesome back-country experience!  Winner will receive the following: (4) Full activity passes to @fortcrossadventures Julian Autumn Jubilee ($128 value), $10 gift certificate to @julianhardcider (Must be 21+ to receive), free 2-person photoshoot at @julianoldetimephoto and 1 scented candle from @_mountain_made_ (best candles ever!). In order to qualify you must 1.) follow us and @fortcrossadventures 2.) Tag a friend(s) that you want to bring along if you win and 3.) comment why we should choose you!  This contest will run for a couple days.  Good luck!  #hiddensandiego

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