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🧣☀️🏔 When holidays are about good photo-clicking sessions 😁😍 #throwbacksunday
📸: @baswanasandeep
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Tho !!! Tho !!! Tho !!! He is soo funny 😄😍❤ @baswanasandeep #admin_1 #love #tellywood #tellywoodactor #partynight #sandeepbaswana #friends

The third part: All I have to say about @baswanasandeep now is that I am dying for his smile and It's the most beautiful one in the whole #tellywood ... even in the whole #india and the most beautiful part of his body. He has that sparkle of charm which makes me to love him but how could u not love him ? I can continue to mention why I love him but this three things are the main reason of my love towards him and I never gonna say why I love him truly ... I just love him. U said that u love him too. I m just happy for it. I want that the whole world love him. U said that my love is different. Thank u... I love being different not only in my love but in everything 💙💙💙 #admin_1 #sandeepbaswana #youngsoul #tellywoodactor #bollywood

Second part: Talking about @baswanasandeep and don't mention his eyes. The first thing I m doing to know what's going on inside of people I always look at their eyes and his eyes... I don't say that he is perfect... everyone has both his good and bad side but there's no doubt that he is such a good, friendly and intelligent person with whom you never get tired. He is a free soul and u can speak with him in everything. His friends are blessed to have him as a one. Just one time look at him carefully. Did u Look ? Do u see that eyes full of stars, that heart full of kindness, that soul full of magic and that angel wings behind his back ... No ? I m sorry u don't have an eyes to see things in different ways. Words can lie but eyes never !!! P.S. The third part u will read the day when I post !!! #admin_1 #sandeepbaswana #udaan #trichq #tellywood #tellywoodactor

The second part will be wait because I have found this damn cute pics of him. Omggg !!!! U r sooo crazy @baswanasandeep soooo... Love u lots. Just can't get enough of his craziness at this pics but u can add this to the list too🔥😍❤ #admin_1 #sandeepbaswana #tellywoodactor

This is not already the first time people asked me why I love @baswanasandeep so much ? This man already end up from me and u still asked me why ? but thanks for giving me another chance to write about him again bcoz I never ever get tired of it. Sit down and take your popcorn... this is going to be long. I fall in love with him bcoz of his acting but not of his kind role... there are so many other kind roles, I don't talk only "Udaan" characters ... but I don't believe them.... even though I don't watch other Indian serials that now on our TV's but I know all actors and no one impressed me like this man did it. He was playing so real and natural like he was playing himself nor Ishwar Rawat than he started interesting me. I wanted to know if he's really good actor or he's just a monotone ones who r playing every role in the same way. I was passionate to find something bad in his acting but I couldn't. I watched his other roles specially the one in "Hitler didi". Something different role and his acting.... undeniably perfect... Second part soon !!!! 😉😄❤#admin_1 #sandeepbaswana #tellywoodactor

Nothing has changed in this years. 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣2️⃣➖2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣
The same handsome man with his beautiful smile but how he improve his acting is undeniable. His smile can light up an entire room... and it's all I need to get through the day !!! 🙈😍❤️️ @baswanasandeep
#admin_1 #sandeepbaswana #tellywoodactor

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