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We love ❣️this criss cross detail of our Azúl María Luisa Jumper. Available online (link in our bio)🔝 #sandíapr #etsyshop 🍉🌻💕

Have an amazing week! 🍉✨💕#sandíapr #etsy

We just got our patches! / ¡Nos llegaron los parchos! 🍉🙌🏽🍉

A sneak peek of our prints for young boys/ Un "sneak peek" de nuestros estampados para los chiquitines 👾🤖

A sneak peek of our prints for little girls / Un "sneak peek" de nuestros estampados para las muñequitas 🌺🍉

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Cute as a bunny rabbit 💕🐰 Get these lovely jumpers now on our etsy shop (link on bio) #etsyshop #sandíapr

That Sandía launches this week!? /¿¿Qué Sandía lanza esta semana?? 🍉🙌🏽💃🏽

🍉🍉🍉 #sandíapr

Main labels are placed./ Nuestras etiquetas ya tienen su lugar. 🙌🏽🍉💃🏽


A little sneak peek of a new mix and match. 🙈☀️🍉

We are so thankful for all the support, we just can't hide the smiles 🙏🏼🤗🍉 #sandiaprlove

Life is better with our top and bloomer set. Get it now in our #etsyshop 💕☀️🍉

"Some days are simply meant for playing" 🙌🏽🤖

Happy Wednesday! Only two days until the weekend! 🙌🏽💕 @etsy @sandia.pr

Start the week right with our Mosaic green romper. Get yours now! ☀🌴🍉 @etsy @etsysuccess #sandíapr

all you need is top, bloomer, and a smile with a little pixie- dust! @etsy #sandíapr 🍉✨💕

Little wonder girl. 🌟♥️ #etsy #sandíapr

Summer essentials: Marvella pink top and bloomer are the perfect match. Go to our #etsyshop now! 💕☀️🛍 #sandíapr

Happy Father's Day to all those super dad! 🙌🏼😘 #fathersday

She looks so cute in our Marvella Pink romper! This perfect summer romper is available at our #etsyshop . 🍉☀️🌸 #sandíapr

Summer loving shorts ☀️🌀 #sandíapr

Shimmy Shimmy cause it's Taco Tuesday! 🌮💙🙌🏽 #etsyshop #sandíapr

Would you like an adventure now or should we have our tea first? ✨🌸 #etsyshop #sandíapr

Haven't you heard that rompers are in? Get it now at our #etsyshop 💙☀️🍉 📷: @nicolepiercephotography

Hey, hey, hey little girl! You look so adorable! 💕💓#etsyshop #sandíapr

We got our business cards 🍉😍💕 #sandíapr

Gotta love the Marvella Pink Harem Romper. Available at our #etsyshop 💕✨

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