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Si hay algo que amo, es maquillarme 😍 volvimos al rose 🌹
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Mountain wave clouds made for a great Sunset in Southern Colorado this evening!
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Growing up in a city like Singapore only made me appreciate nature even more.

I generally prefer not to eat at Indian restaurants, because ghar jaisa khaana hai, toh ghar pe hi khaa lo 😑
I remember a friend mentioning Dishoom to me - and the recommended dish was bhindi. See, now bhindi isn't something you go out and spend money to eat on, so I decided this friend was mental, had no taste in eating out and let it be. But Dishoom repeatedly comes up in conversations with both Indian and non-Indian people, so I thought I should try it out. The food's actually pretty good, probably the best Indian I have had in the UK. Inspired by the Iranian cafes of Bombay ( with special mention of Britannia), what I liked best was the original Indian touch, rather than the tacky stuff in other Indian restaurants ( read as Bappi Da music, cringeworthy Bollywood posters, tacky Rajasthani decor with glitter /shimmer/ mirrors). Decent price as well, and proper quantities worth sharing (none of that silly "Indian Tapas" bullshit. What is that?!). Quirky bits that I loved:
1. Directions painted in Hindi, Bombay meri Jaan lyrics on windows and "yahaan peshaab karna mana hai" written in a khopcha near a plant 😂
2. Thums Up and Fanta - no fruit guaranteed 😂
3. Black and white photos of Bombay from back when!
4. The rules found in Iranian cafes ( also in most parts of Pune's peth areas😂)
Thank you to the enthusiastic lunch partner for a perfect day! @wen.adam
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