So happy for me mum.
She has two incredible daughters. 💐💙✨🔔
📸: @kriscaraway
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Back at @checkerhall at @lodgeroom tonight at 9 for round 3 of this residency! Here’s a clip from last week w/ @thebriancollier @linboy363636 @iamj3po. Joining Julian and I tonight are @antoinekatzbass @palmitosway and some very special guests 🌊 no cover/all ages welcome! Drink specials are on point, and the kitchen closes at 10 so come on the early side 🕺🏻#checkerhall #lodgeroom #HighlandPark #56andfig #livemusic
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A short interlude to get you through your day !!! #timekeeper #drums4life @zildjiancompany @rotodrumrotodrum @vaterdrumsticks @drumdots

When your #IncrediblyTalented friend recognizes your ability to #SANG your heart out! #TBT to last year's Juneteenth celebration where @Contrbnd performed #☀️
--- Today is June 19th! #HappyJuneteenth!! Today is about celebration of #Liberation, #AfrikanLiberation. "#SoFar" is a song i wrote about my own liberation journey so far...hence the title. I'm still liberating myself and people, learning more and more about the world that we are #SURVIVING in. (We all know when facing oppression we can't be living the lives promised to us) And to help with the celebration of #Juneteenth (a day celebrating the struggle for Liberation) here's some facts about our so called "#Liberty" in the US: - So called "Black" people are not citizens of the United States
- #Corporations are LEGALLY considered people and have the same rights as us
- Other People are controlling the stories we have of how this world works. Check your #Assumptions
My #Carfax: The 13th and 14th Amendments. #happyliberationday

Maid of honor and the flower girl. 💐💙👰🏼🍾🔔
I may spam you with Wedding pics, so bear with me, loves. 😘 This was a joyous day, and I’m very proud to show it off. .
📸: @kriscaraway

“Potholes in my lawn.”
Hippiesplotation flick soundtrack containing a variety of sample sources, and some top drawer tracks (even if The Mike Curb Congregation don’t come close to Kelly’s Heroes’ ‘Burning Bridges’, I do dig his and Michel Legrand’s much-covered ’Sweet Gingerbread Man’): Eric Burdon & War’s ‘Magic Mountain’ (De La), ‘Blood’ by David Lucas, and also the splendid Angeline Butler cuts. But my actual numero… er… number one being Michael Greer’s ‘Water’ (The Humble Mag’s also, it would seem).
FYI: That’s a very young Don Johnson on the LP cover - yer lad and film’s lead, Stanley Sweetheart.
Seawater/saline on the nose, very clean, with a touch of jasmine and faint fruit berries scent. Taste: hefeweizen sweetness, lovely gentle fruity tartness from the addition of the chuckleberry (nope, me neither: apparently it’s a cross between redcurrant, gooseberry and jostaberry - ta, Google), juice; plus fruity bitterness also coming from the Nelson Sauvin and Tettnanger hops. The very lively barnet - that came about on the can opening - gives a full juicy mouthfeel. The brew really comes into its own - perfect balance between bitterness and fruitiness, with gentle subtle funkiness on the end.
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sAmPLe SizEs! sending chefs across the nation a little choose your own adventure, oyster edition!! #chefdirect #samplethis

Hey Mikey, he likes it! #samplethis #trickysfiresauce #farmersmarket

Friday afternoon feels

Kersey And Castle “Music For Silencers” vol 2 drops VERY soon via Drum Broker. Looking for that gritty #LibraryRecords vibe... our #samplepacks are the place to start. Links in the bio @kerseyandcastle

😳🙌🏽 Many thanks to @opmiller1 and @djdstrukt for hosting this film session in Brooklyn to shoot a special edition of @seratosample ‘s #SampleThis during #BeatSocietyNYC weekend.
Rp: @seratosample
If you don’t know the name @rockwildermusic (Gilla House x Muzicpark) you need to do your homework 📝 We were fortunate enough to have him stop by the @serato studio and show us how he chopped up @tracklib sample 🔪 after he rocked the stage at last month's @BeatSocietyorignal @Battleave show.
👀 Full video in @serato ’s bio 🙏

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