Se siente como si siempre fuera verano 🌴 #bapubeachwear #4waystretch #surf #mexico #saltyvibes #tagyourpartner

Si te tocan corneta dentro del agua no creo que sea un 🚌 o un diablo rojo 😰 🏄🏾‍♂️💨
Lo que iba a ser una remada suave y constante (@atp.run) se volvió un poquiiiito demandante 🤣
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{heavenly meditated poetry👇🏻}
to reach souls in need
we ruffle feathers, even bleed
for The Truth
letting miracles move through
we were not sent here to blend in
or to pander to ideological sin
we were sent to be the change
and to light the hills in God’s name
so let’s stop hitting the mute button on our souls...
... and stop nodding at “the universe” status quo
we are called in God’s name
to help heal human pain
to inspire kindred spirits
in a world living in vain
we are rebel hearts
works of art
we are pure disruption
taking on the corruption of hearts.
and when God is for us
who can be against us?
nobody we must concern ourselves with
because we are too focused reaching souls and channeling gifts
to worry about the backlash of those who persist
to resist
God’s love.
And always remembering
it was in this very ruffling
of our own feathers
that we ourselves were blessed
so let us with humility
submit our rebel hearts and pray
for the rest.
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CJ Hobgood surfing in the short sleeve Pacifical Tech Tee. SPF 40+, anti microbial, rapid dry, and multi-stretch. Get radical, stay functional.

Dodging storms and crazy birds 🤣
Just over here trying to adapt to this manic Florida winter. The rain and wind have changed our beach flow. That’s for sure. Feeling grateful for sunny days salty skin and the ocean breeze-even if it is making my hair a knotted mess! Any day at the beach is a good day ✨
📷 @gaby__om .
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