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Create more love.
Words are my medium.
But love is my art.
Life is forever an endless sessions of whatever it is you create ✨
So stoked to share some magic at an art show in South O tomorrow night :)
Shoot me a message if you want to come by- good vibes, music art, and wineπŸ€™πŸ½
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...And this πŸ™ˆπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ˜¬#kookoftheday #stayclassysandiego #justsaying #surfing #saltyandsunkissed @kook_of_the_day

πŸ βœ¨πŸ¦„πŸ¬πŸ’•πŸ‘―πŸ”₯πŸ’›
"You are without beginning, middle, or end; you touch everything with your infinite power. The sun and moon are in your eyes, and your mouth is fire; your radiance warms the cosmos."
You are this πŸ‘†πŸ½ and so much more 😍 Dropping a little bit of a ancient wisdom for you today. Happy birthday sweet soul. Wishes for days and year full love, laughter and all the magic in the universe. Oh and course more rainbows 🌈 ✨
😘 with love from Cali @carnitajessita
#mermaidlife #saltyandsunkissed #youaremagic #bhagavadgita
Thanks @simplyruhill πŸ“Έβ€οΈ for such a magical mermaid capture 😁

I am yes girl.
Yes to skinney dipping under the sky- full moon or full sun- in the flesh- completely free.
Yes to taking off your clothes and dancing in the jungle. Or down a deserted beach
Yes to naked.
Yes to the endless giggles, just because I can...
Yes to cliff diving, and tasting new foods.
Moto adventures and riding in the back of pick up trucks- down dark dirt roads, across rivers and through jungles, Under the black sky to destinations unknown, only to discover the most magical blanket of celestial twinkles and more shooting stars than I can count.
Yes to experiences, moments and places that make me feel small and keep me humble. l
Sometimes I say yes and end up hours, or even countries, away from where I began wondering- well fuck- how did this happen?-only to recall I agreed to this- and now I've got an epic story to tell...
Yes to bare feet + messy hair + salty skin.
To maybe doing what I shouldn't do- Just for a little extra fun.
Because It feels good to be naughty and proper behavior is highly over rated.
So maybe that means things get a little wild- dangerous- possibly even reckless- but I'm not afraid of taking chances and seeing where I end up.
Yes is an opportunity to allow anything to happen...
#saltyandsunkissed #wanderwithlove #poetry

It's not all smoke and mirrors....
Every now and then the full moon grabs my hair and yanks my heart into the rabbit hole of cluterfucky emotional chaos. Like Alice in Wonderland trying to figure out which way to go...
I find myself splashing in a flood of tears. Sitting on my living room floor crying like a baby- for reasons of the cosmos. Feeling the overwhelming entirety of life. Thinking...
Geeeezeeee. Woman. Get.it.together. Haha. Soooo, sometimes I feel sad. I am indeed a happy, love being of sparkles and rainbows and butterflies, but I am also human. A human who lives with a wild, wide open heart loving the hell out of everything. So, the flip side to all that delight is a sweet pure tenderness, mini sob fests, and a gentle sensitivity to all the feels of life. I believe however, it is GOOD to feel. Keeps shit real. Keeps you humble and forever tuned in to the natural cycles of things beyond our tangible manifestations.
Even on the "worst" of days I am stoked on life- my heart and soul are filled with puppy wiggle bliss- so yah, I write about heartbreak- but heartbreak is part of life and I am here experiencing it in all it's entirety and it's pretty fucking rad. I am blessed with life. I am grateful to be here. And until the end of my days Iwill continue to dance around barefoot, with messy hair, salty skin and sparkling eyes.. swimming to the depths of the universe, seeking adventure of the gypsy trail. And giving love love love love love with every single fiber of my magic mermaid soul. It's who I am, and it's what I'm here to do.
πŸ“Έ @endless_sessionsxl
#wanderwithlove #allloveallthetime #saltyandsunkissed #moodchild #staystoked :)

Exciting things are in the works for @serenarosedesigns! A name change and an Etsy shop are coming soon! 😱 Stay tuned! πŸŒŠβ˜€οΈπŸŒ΄πŸŒΊ #saltyandsunkissed #staysaltymyfriends #coastalinspiredjewelry #puravidainspired

Easy livin' in the San Diego sunshine.
catching waves and making magic...
Searching for more #endlesssessions with @traveling.mermaid @endless_sessions_surfboards @barrysnyderdesigns :)
Happy Sunday!! πŸ’™
#saltyandsunkissed #mermaidlife #surfergirl #wanderwithlove

| Weekends |

Are better with salt-water, sand, sun and you @jorelknowles. β€’ 🌞🌞#saltyandsunkissed #smilesfordays #beachbums #openyoureyesjorel

:) On Sundays I hold up door frames...πŸšͺ✨πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ™„πŸ–€ #whyyoumadbro #saltyandsunkissed #dontbesoserious #psiloveyou πŸ˜˜πŸ˜›#loveandlaughter πŸ’“


Hello darlin' ! Happy first day of Fall. Spent the morning on the water chasin' the sun ! Go spoil yourself... it's a beautiful thing !
#happyfall #chasinunicorns

Create more love.
Words are my medium.
But love is my art.
Life is forever an endless sessions of whatever it is you create ✨
So stoked to share some magic at an art show in South O tomorrow night :)
Shoot me a message if you want to come by- good vibes, music art, and wineπŸ€™πŸ½
#saltyandsunkissed #mermaidmafia #goodvibes #southO #alohafriday #artshow #poetry #makeart #sharingsmiles #allloveallthetime #findyourendlesssession #endlesssessions @endless_sessionsxl

Exciting things are in the works for @serenarosedesigns! A name change and an Etsy shop are coming soon! 😱 Stay tuned! πŸŒŠβ˜€οΈπŸŒ΄πŸŒΊ #saltyandsunkissed #staysaltymyfriends #coastalinspiredjewelry #puravidainspired

What a blessed life :)
Magic little moments like this-
Front yard hangs, family, friends, wine and cool Cali summer evenings.
What are you grateful for?:)
#sunsets #saltyandsunkissed #wanderwithlove πŸ’›

I'm just going to leave this right here.
Life is too short to fuck with peoples vibes or let other people fuck with yours...
We are tender beings, let's be kind to eachother.
Let go of what no longer serves you. Step away from your ego. It might be hard, in the beginning, but in the long run you are saving yourself lots of unnecessary pain. My friend put it real nicely yesterday- "if you saw an open flame and you knew it would burn you and cause pain, then you wouldn't touch it." When we apply this to issues of the heart, it makes perfect logical sense...
Be love. Give love :)
All love- All the time
No bullshit.
Happy MondayπŸ’₯❀️
#saltyandsunkissed #unfuckablewith #makeyourmagic #wanderwithlove

Sunday 》 Vibes γ€Š
Some days you need to just ease off the accelerator and enjoy your surroundings ! Always thankful for this view !! Do what you Love πŸ’œ
Love what you do πŸ’œ
#thisismyjob #girlboss

Hey guys, I got you covered! Your wrists that is! Men's bracelets are now available. Your choice of a solid color or a 2 color chevron pattern. You pick the colors and width! 3/8" wide bracelets are $12.00.
1/2" wide bracelets are $15.00.
Scroll πŸ‘‰πŸΌ to see more pics and color options. Message me if you have any questions or would like to place an order. #puravidainspired #beachjewelry #waterproofbracelets #mensbracelet #unisexbracelet #saltyandsunkissed #staysalty #loxolifts

"If you show someone the sun in your bones, and they reject you you must remember they hurt themselves this very same way" -Nayyirah Waheed
Its not that you are unloveable, some people are just not equipped, are not able, to handle your love, they are not ready for your magic....Know what you deserve. Know your worth and when it's time walk away...Do it with your head high, with the respect and with the dignity of the Goddess that you are.
These people have lessons to learn in this lifetime that are beyond things we can teach them.
Betrayal is sucker punch to the gut. It's is where the lowly creep. And it's a place from where I am healing. I'm learning betrayal is an opportunity, to see people and things for who and what they are....
From here I turn to what I know. Love. More love. The only beneficial thing we can do to those who hurt us is send them love. The betrayal, the dishonesty, the yuckiness- its all theirs. It's their burden, it's their pain, its their sick attempts for attention, it's their neediness, it's their sad reality. They are ones who need the most love.
I don't know all the secrets of the universe, but I do know right from wrong and that joy and peace come from letting go of those who have wronged you, they don't deserve your energy to begin with.
When you hold on to fire you are the one who gets burned. So gracefully release your attachment to whatever you thought a situation was or want it to be. And embrace what is. Another opportunity to to shine- and this is why we practice; practice compassion, practice yoga, practice meditation, so when life brings us demons we are able to blow them kisses....
I don't want you to think this attitude negates any of the pain or sadness I feel, or the tears I have cried. It's my alternative to hate and bitterness- its a path, a remedy, a lifestyle that I embody. It allows me to experience life as peacefully, as free, and as happy as possible. Which is all I want for myself and all of you ❀️
#saltyandsunkissed #yoga #letitgo #stokedyogi #meditation #findyourbliss #openyourmind #freeyoursoul #risewithlove #allloveallthetime #aparigraha ⬅️ don't know what it means... look it up 😘😘

" There's an opening of the heart that occurs when you pull back for a moment - into stillness and simply watch. In that space there is room to turn the light inward " β€’
Come open your heart πŸ’œπŸ’™
with us @sunchasersup.
#openyourheart #Breathe

I know I once told you
Everything I write
was about you.
But as seasons change
So do I...
With every setting sun
And every rolling wave
A new *muse* emerges;
And your half ass attempts
To get my attention
Are insulting at best.
Games are a currency
For children...
And I'm a woman
of the ::most::
Of the most divine
Of the most magic
Of the most love
So. You. can step aside
-As i glow with the moon-
You can //choose//
To rise.
Like the sun.
And orbit in my direction~
And eclipse,
And command,
And try to harness
the power of such
|| Beauty ||
That is...
if you
Can catch (me)
Cause sometimes
Shooting stars
Are -only- meant to be
As they explode
Into. .other. .galaxies.
πŸ’«πŸ’™πŸ #saltyandsunkissed #wanderwithlove #wearestardust #mermaidmagic #poetry #raisethevibration

Happiness and generosity are contagious

Do what makes your heart sing- Keep on chasing rainbows, dancing to the music in your soul, making magic and spreading your sparkle-
Shine bright✨
Give love- Be love :)
When the waves are small we opt for seaside sunsets, ukeleles and beers!
Stay stoked my friends πŸ€™πŸ½ life is good.
@bajabreeze πŸ™πŸ’•
#tothesea #sharingsmiles
#alohafriday #saltyandsunkissed #allloveallthetime

All I wanted was love.
And to this the ocean responded...
"Hello sweet mermaid-
You ARE love;
You are all you need.
Dive into me
Let me give you
Everything he never could."
And to this
the mermaid smiled,
Because she knew it was true .
#oceanaddict #tothesea #mymuse #surfergirl #saltyandsunkissed #mermaid #gosurf #bliss #makemagic #staystoked #poetry
@kylapeties πŸ“ΈπŸ˜˜

You can't have β€’meβ€’
I belong to myself_
But || with you || I will share;
[ Everything ] I have,
and everything * I * am.
Careful how you play...
I // write \\ my own rules.
once I'm gone
(I'm gone)
There's | No | turning back.
And my - exit - strategy -
Looks a lot like t h i s.
#saltyandsunkissed #wanderwithlove #poetry

Happy Labor Day !!! β€’
"Come get Salty"
Sup yoga @ noon
Rentals 2-4
#sunchaser #supyoga

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