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Non-stop smiles with my favorite merbabes @_mermaidmafia_ 🧜‍♀️
#keepitsimple #goodvibes #surf #laugh #love #allloveallthetime #saltyandsunkissed #spreadthestoke

Love doesn’t see race, religion, political beliefs, or any other labels people use to divide us from one another. We are one human race, one people, needing to embrace love and compassion above all- today & everyday.💗
#lovewins #saltyandsunkissed #mlk

Style points ✔️
@enohammocks @rayban @yeti ⬅️thanks for helping me put less plastic in the ocean and keeping my coffee hot for post surf hangs :)
#saltyandsunkissed #staystoked #surf #lifestyle #enohammock #yeti

Poco loco por un coco :)
Have you ever sat and watched ants? They are fascinating. It’s not a bad way to spend an afternoon. Think I’m crazy... haha well maybe I am :) but maybe you should try it? One of life’s simple pleasures it’s mastering the art of doing nothing :)🌴
#justsaying #reallytho #slowdown #muchotakeiteasy #saltyandsunkissed #lifeinthetropics #puravida #freeyourmind

Aloha Friday:)
All these cold mornings got me daydreaming...
@enriccoromina te veo pronto 😘😘
#saltyandsunkissed #surf #rainorshine #alohafriday #fbf #staystoked

I am so STOKED to be heading to #wanderlustfestival 🌺 @turtlebayresort with this beautiful human @leahvernonyoga! I am so honored to be supporting her and her #supyoga classes. See you in Hawaii 🤙#wanderlust #blissedout #YogaSup

Rocking my latest @salty.and.sunkissed I love that she custom designs each set to be exactly what you want. I wanted something that represented being a newborn photographer with classic colors that I could wear while shooting. She definitely delivered 😍 #saltyandsunkissed

...road trips to the stars and dancing with the universe 💫

"Breathing in, I am joyful
Breathing out, I smile."
-Thich Nhat Hahn
Positive affirmations for a positive life:) warm water, cold water, big waves or no waves. It's all ok. Happiness is up to you- it's not dependent on circumstances but the joy you cultivate within yourself 💙
#haveahappyday #meditation #breathe #positivevibes #saltyandsunkissed #surf #yoga #love #allloveallthetime #smile #spreadthestoke

-The full winter moon-

The :: guilty :: nights
panties and pancakes.
Records and wine.
_So_ sexy_
is the company of *oneself*

The syrup. Drips....
And you // lick \\ each.
As you feel your soul
Howl at the moon 🌙
#nightnight #moonchild #celebrateyourself #femininedivine #saltyandsunkissed

Fitting in is overrated.
I just
want to [ fade ]
into the walls- the trees-
The safety of the earth
And stay there.
In the comforts
Of the density.
In the ambiguous space
Of the <unknown>
And sometimes,
I want to jump right off the edge_
Into the winds of fear
Blissful and brave-
Riding the season of change
And drift away into the sky...
off with the clouds
And soar.float.fly.
into the depths of the universe
Across the *galaxy*
And enter
the freedom
that exists
Within the ::unbound:: soul
Beyond the vast expanse
time + space.
The place
where dreamers emerge
Only_ when the sun
Melts its final decent
Into the sea.
#saltyandsunkissed #currentmood #safeandsecure #wildandfree #both #poetry #inspiration #wanderwithlove #dreamer #stokedyogi #gypsysoul

Albert Einstein once said "there are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."

How you choose to experience life is completely up to you💙
it IS magic. It IS love:)

Seek it, live it, breathe it, be it

YOU are indeed a miracle in motion
#saltyandsunkissed #lifeismagic #wanderwithlove #allloveallthetime #alberteinstein

Wander with love💕
across the globe and back to the stars💫
Cheers to more smiley days and happy hearts 🌈🌴
#happynewyear #saltyandsunkissed #

Well. We didn't get waves for Christmas- but we sure did have fun splashing around in mama ocean. And as possessions come and go time well spent surfing, laughing, loving lasts for all eternity 💙🐠
Happy Holidays!
@_mermaid mafia_
#alllloveallthetime #love #surf #mermaidmafia #saltyandsunkissed

Santas little surfer girl ❤️
Life is good 🤙🏽
#saltyandsunkissed #calistyle #stoked #surf :)

Remember this.
People are inherently good, and life is only as complicated as you make it. Take the time to feed your soul with love. When you do what makes your heart sing. When you live a big life, helping- giving-smiling- dancing- being unapologetically, authenticity yourself you inspire others to do the same. And from here we can change the world from a place of greed and fear to a place of smiles and love. It might sound silly but it's real- and its powerful. So smile and breathe, be kind to strangers and be kind to yourself. Those of us crazy enough to dream the wild dreams are the ones who transform these dreams into realty- have a happy day💚✨🐬
#saltyandsunkissed #inspiration #dreamer #wanderwithlove #surf

We have great news !! SunChaser SUP is expanding 😆 and we need YOU.
Join us for our first Teacher Training here in San Diego February 23, 24, 25.
Interest in teaching SUP Yoga
Certified Yoga Instructor •

Message me for further details
We are going to Rock 2018
#supyogateachertraining #missionbay #sunchasersup

A year ago today-
When my heart met Nicaragua 🇳🇮 I knew that it was the beginning of a romance- new places and adventures stir the soul and awaken parts of self long lost under the veils of conformity and fear. Travel frees your mind. Journeys across time and space enter you into a place of thousands of ecstasies.
Knowing what a wild year of growth and heartbreak it has been I only can feel stoked for the magic this life is leading me to create. Don't let your dreams be dreams my friends:)
Anything you can dream you can achieve- detours and roadblocks are all part of the mystery. The deeper the roots and stronger the tree. Time is never wasted if your intention is pure. Allowing yourself "time" to grow might not be glamorous but it is necessary. You have to traverse the challenges to become the very best version of yourself. Sitting in my Southern California home I am able to reflect and feel so grateful for this opportunity to get grounded. As I write a business plan that will return me to this beautiful country, I feel empowered, high off love and life and a different kind of "adventure". Feelin like a boss babe really...even more confident and secure in my ability to do anything. Had you asked me a year ago if this is what I'd be doing- (as I wandered barefoot and aimlessly around) I'd have laughed. But as I continue to learn I continue to sparkle. I embrace whatever life brings my way with a smile and an open heart- I am reminded- reminded to stay positive, be patient, trust, surrender, work hard, do what makes you happy, and to laugh with wind and with the rain. I continue to dance with waves and in the sunshine and let the unfolding of life absolutely blow my mind.✨
#saltyandsunkissed #travel #wanderwithlove #allloveallthetime #surf #lifestyle #stoked #yogi

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