Brought 2 hitching buddies up to Laconia for bike week last night, we found a good spot for them to hide from the rain. 👌
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Feeling a little lost at sea? We all do sometimes. This time of year I have to really center myself and refocus on what my priorities are and what makes me happy (which mainly begs the question: what will make my family happy?). That’s why we’re not sending Christmas cards this year (I wanted to, but it turned into a whole thing and is far too stressful to do for people to keep on their fridge for maybe two weeks and throw away in January 🙄🤷‍♀️). I’ll try again next year if things are magically less stressful.
As for everything else, life is good, Star Wars was okay, and I am really looking forward to seeing my children’s little faces light up Christmas morning.
Am I maybe longing for simpler times and outdoor family adventures right now? Yep. But that’s pretty much the case whether I’m feeling overwhelmed or not. So...spring will start December 26, right? 😬🙏

Took the big kids and Dalin snorkeling at Salt Marsh Pond today. The water was not bad (but not quite as nice as Winnipesaukee) and we saw tons of small fish. The kids had a blast floating around the shallows of the pond in a little inflatable boat and we all worked up an appetite for lunch. I think we all missed baby T though. 😉

Spending the day in one of our "happy places", so quiet, peaceful, and relaxing. Part 2. #ourlovestory #summer2017 #saltmarshpond #gilfordnh

Spending a quiet day relaxing at one of our "happy places". Part 1. #ourlovestory #summer2017 #saltmarshpond #gilfordnh

Saltmarsh Pond

This view never gets old! Love the fall reflection!#saltmarshpond#fall

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