It’s as simple as one or the other.
Eye opener 😱😱😱
This really hit home with me today.

Excited to present to a group of sales leaders committed to sales growth at today's Growth Conference... #BetterSalesLife @rohilesh

Finishing the day off with another closing. Congratulations to the new happy owners of 1116 Brooklyn Ave!

What if the thing we search for is already within us?👇 @johnalbertferguson
But that some how along the way we slowly let it go... ♥️ Ever felt like you where born for something great, to do something with your life, or share your gifts?

I’ve been in business a long time now and those I see succeed are those who have not found their purpose but those who have reunited with it!🙏 That’s why selling is so simple to me and those I teach.

It’s not about persuading others to buy your thing, but reuniting others with what they need to regain their path.😎 True persuasion comes from helping others get out of their own way to get what they want, need and desire on a core level. “But John, what if I am selling shoes? How does that fit”

Look, it’s all about the purpose of the thing... A shoe, a pen, a car, a gym membership, a phone, a house, a course... ( actually courses are some of the easier sales once you implement this skill ) 🤔 each are only a tool or simplifies a process to accomplish a thing.

Better, Faster, More impactful 👈

Why the stoicism in the image?
Because all of us have the ability to ground ourselves and help to ground others in their life by what we offer up every day.🙏 I think that’s why I like sales so much... all of us are marketing and selling every minute of the day... 🌎 Seriously though, listen to yourself, you inner thoughts, your speech, and the talk of others you allow to convers with you.

You’ll hear clearly... and it is sales that is being spoken.

Through stories, phrases and decisions that must be made.

That’s why we have “ tribes “ or “ community “ like in MLM and Network Marketing to clubs and societies... We want to belong to groups of people that help us remain grounded in the purpose we feel drawn to... what’s inside of us! 🔥

Change your perspective and you’ll change your sight! 🦁How do you see sales now and how can you use this to impact yourself and at the same time help others you look to influence (sale)? That is the question!

It’s what I help others do in high end premium priced products and services... learn this and they beat your door down for the solutions you offer... because the sale becomes SERVING 🔥♥️

BRANDING IS WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOU WHEN YOU'RE NOT IN THE ROOM !!! Follow >>> @tauqueerashah @tauqueerashah @tauqueerashah

Something to remember when people criticize or complain. Thank you @sarah_alayed for sharing! #stayfocused #salesmotivation

Choose to focus your time, energy and conversation around people who inspire you, support you and help you to grow you into your happiest, strongest, wisest self. #DreamTeam

Nothing worth having is free or easily attainable.
If your life or business are hard right now, be thankful, because many times that is the season that you have to go through to get anything worth having.
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If it's free, it wont be worth it.
And if it's easy, i dont deserve it.
I want it to last so i gotta earn it! 💯💯💯 🎵Never gonna stop - Jay Kill & #thehustlestandard #robbaileyandthehustlestandard

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Anybody else follow Jocko? My friend @jposnick put me on to his podcast and books earlier this year, and he has some great insights into discipline and accountability!
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My business meeting.
Dressing well is a form of good manners.
Looking good isn't self-importance, it is self-respect ♡

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