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Have you been keeping up with Sales EQ? Here are our thoughts for Book Club Chapters 15-18:⠀

"Sales is a process - a completely predictable process. Follow the steps and you close deals. Skip steps and you lose."⠀

The biggest reason salespeople fail in their process is due to their inability to regulate and manage disruptive emotions. But the actual sales process has already been figured out for us - all we have to do is follow it, rather than cutting corners or trying to come up with another way of doing things.⠀

A major part of that process though, is making sure we understand where our customers are coming from and what drives them, as well as openly sharing that you understand what they want and need. This will make the biggest impact on your relationship with your customers, because after all, we're helping people, not just making a sale.⠀


Have you been able to apply what you've learned to your methods yet? How has it worked for you?⠀

Next we have a pretty short read - follow along with us: Chapters 19-20⠀

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Have we lost touch with the HUMAN side of the sales equation? #SalesEQ #sales #human #human2human #emotionalintelligence #EI #EQ

We're just in time to recap Chapters 12-14 for Book Club:
"Don't swing at nothing ugly."
Define your "strike zone" so you know who your ideal buyer is in order to target those people effectively, especially if you're selling a disruptive product (something that the potential customer may not even know they need).
And as important as that - make sure your actions and intentions are always purposeful, or your customer will see right through you and lose interest. In this regard, it's always important to set and commit next steps with your buyer to establish trust and expectations.

Follow along with us! Next week we're reviewing Chapters 15-18 of Sales EQ by Jeb Blount.

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We're packing in our second Book Club recap this week since we missed one last week (whoops), so here's our takeaway from Chapters 8-11 from Sales EQ:⠀

"Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it" - Dorothy M. Neddermeyer⠀

When it comes down to it, your emotions, actions, and reactions have the biggest effect on your experiences and the circumstances you find yourself in. And since the Sales industry is highly emotionally charged, it's important to focus on serving your customers' emotions rather than your own.⠀

This starts by taking care of your own mental health at the source (good sleeping habits, physical fitness, healthy eating, etc.), and learning to manage disruptive emotions (desperation, fear, attachment, etc.). When you're confident, your customers will notice and will be more willing to cooperate with you.⠀

Did you take the empathy assessment mentioned in the book? What was your score!?⠀


Next week we'll be discussing Chapters 12-14 - How are you liking this book so far?⠀

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Oops, looks like we missed our Book Club summary from last week! Here's a recap of what we learned in Chapters 5-7:⠀

There are 4 Levels of Sales Intelligence that, when combined, create an Ultra-High Performer:⠀

IQ: how smart you are - it's baked into your DNA⠀

AQ: how much you know - it's what makes your IQ relevant (it can be improved by how much you continue to learn and educate yourself)⠀

TQ: how fast you assimilate and leverage technology for low value tasks - gives you more time for human relationships⠀

EQ: your acuity for dealing with emotions - this amplifies the impact of IQ, AQ, and TQ because it allows you to relate, respond to, influence, and persuade others.⠀

Fun Fact:⠀

Statistically speaking, you lose about 10 prospects for every deal you close, so you must consistently aim to replace those prospects at a rate that either matches or exceeds the loss. In that regard, Ultra-High Performers are fanatical prospectors - this allows them to be pickier than an average salesperson, because they have a bigger selection and never have to feel desperate to make deals work.⠀


Read along with us! Coming up is our takeaway from Chapters 8-11 from Sales EQ by Jeb Blount.⠀

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This week with the leadership team of Ellison Technologies discussing coaching ultra-high performance. You won’t meet leaders more dedicated and passionate! #leadership #coaching #SalesEQ #peoplefollowyou

Stop saying “just checking in.” It adds no value and makes it easy for people to brush you off. I challenge you to count how many times you say this on follow up calls today. #SalesEQ #sales

There will be 3 types of people in the future. Which one will you be? #SalesEQ #Human2Human #AI #sales #technology #EQ #emotionalintelligence

People run from salespeople that chase them. #sales #SalesEQ

For those of you who showed some interest in our team's Book Club, we started reading Sales EQ by Jeb Blount this past week! Focusing on the first 4 Chapters, here's the main takeaway that really sparked our sales brains:⠀

"People buy for their reasons, not yours."⠀

That might sound obvious to some, but so many of us get lost in a sales pitch that doesn't matter because our prospects have already made up their minds about us (and what they want) before we even begin.⠀

It's not to say that what we have to offer isn't worth mentioning, just that we need to "flip the script" so we don't sound the same as everyone else. Since people generally "act with emotion and justify with logic," you must offer the emotional connection with your customers first.⠀


Wanna follow along with our Book Club? This week we're continuing with Chapters 5-7.⠀

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