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Kamu mungkin saja melewatkan penampilannya... Saksikan Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge, sedang tayang di bioskop. Lihat jadwal tayangnya di http://po.st/wbzuYr #PiratesID #SalazarsRevenge

ไม่มีที่ให้เจ้าซ่อนแล้ว แจ็ค สแปร์โรว์ การกลับมาชำระแค้นของซาลาซาร์ในครั้งนี้จะสำเร็จหรือไม่ ต้องไปดูกันเอง ใครไม่ดูคือพลาดมากๆ Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge สงครามแค้นโจรสลัดไร้ชีพ มันส์จุใจยิ่งกว่ากับระบบ IMAX 3 มิติ ใครอยากดูนางเอกชัดๆ จัดเลย ทะยานเกิน 150 ล้านแล้ววันนี้ ในโรงภาพยนตร์

#PiratesTH #SalazarsRevenge

Beware the Silent Mary and the ghost pirate crew. #PiratesSG #SalazarsRevenge

see the line when the sky meets the sea, it calls meee~🌊💙
thankyou @disney.idn for took me there!💖
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Revenge is a dish best served cold…dead cold. @disneypirates #SalazarsRevenge #ReelCinemas #MyREELexperience #Movies #Cinema

"Trinkt aus Piraten Yoho" ♪♪ NATÜRLICH schauen wir: Pirates of the Caribbean - Salazars Rache ! #piratesofthecaribbean #salazarsrevenge


I hate how PotC 5 made The Price of Freedom canon. I mean, the book had a nice way on introducing the phenomenons that occured in Jack's life, which eventually built up to where he is now. A filthy pirate.

It explained how Jack really was a good man, and how Elizabeth was correct on that too. Somehow, that creates more chemistry for both of them. Also, I love Esmeralda and Jack. It's honestly better than whatever ship exists in the Pirate Universe.

I curse Dead Men. I hope it never existed. Their crappy rushed plot with an abundant amount of plot holes, lacked creativity. The flashback on how Salazar was tricked into going inside the triangle is what ruined it all. I'm guessing the writers didn't have any ideas, so they came up with that.

Also, the compass part? Seriously? As you all may know, Jack traded his magical compass for a bottle of rum. I mean, I get it, writers tried to make it look as if Jack lost his hope, and that he's more drunk than ever.
But he isn't stupid though. I mean, only the dumbest person can perform such a horrible barter. Also, that one gold coin that he stole in the town's safe, why didn't he use that instead? I mean, it must be worth more than a shilling or two right?
Back to the compass, I still don't get it either. They said that if you betray the compass, it will unleash your greatest fear. Okay
1. Jack betrayed the compass more than once already, giving it away to his peers and foes. I mean, technically he wanted the compass back, but we all know that there is no guarantee he'll get it back (reality wise,) which is still betraying the compass in a way.
2. I doubt his greatest fear is Salazar. Isn't his greatest fear is to no longer have freedom? So instead of liberating Salazar, why doesn't the compass just lock Jack up in a prison cell in some dark abyss? Right? RIGHT?

Please someone fill me up. I still can't stomache these large plot holes.
This my own personal opinion. I would love to hear yours too.

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ahoy ⚓️ I'm finally back from my so called "break" butTttttt I'm here with a post, I'm going to be spamming you because I have a bunch of awesome edits that is a whole theme. 🔱
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and a special thank you to @deppishly

// Made something for my current favorite ship 💕💘😍 @elmatadordelmarrp // Salazar x Salazar "There's a ghost in my head
It keeps me alive... it drags me around, so I can survive.
I listen to silence, I have in my sleeve, I do what I want to ~ forever so deep.

There's a ghost in my head. It's just passing through. There's a ghost in my head ~ and I wonder - If it's you? ❤ - " #ikon
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