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Nice to see Orlando Bloom back in a Pirates of the Caribbean film, even if he does have poo on his face 💩
#pirate #piratesofthecaribbean #salazarsrevenge #orlandobloom #disney #saturdaynightin

Iltapäivän elokuvahetki, koska on melkein lapsivapaa viikonloppu. Elokuvan valinta oli yksimielinen 😂👌 #mylove #movietime #myboy #myman #sleep #piratesofthecaribbean #salazarsrevenge

First four pics are recent TDC movie stills!!
The fifth pic is a pic from a recent @variety interview with Kaya
Here’s the link to the interview👉 http://variety.com/2018/film/features/actress-kaya-scodelario-1202665847/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
"You’ve been vocal about having been sexually harassed", says the interviewer.
"I never thought I would have an opportunity to be able to reach people like this. I’ve always believed if there was just one person who spoke out and said, “This thing has happened to me,” maybe as a young child I wouldn’t have had so much depression and felt so conflicted growing up. To know that I could perhaps do that for someone else, I feel like I owe it to myself to do that.", answers Kaya.
Kaya’s such a strong woman. She’s a good person. I just wish the person who sexually harassed her, never did anything like that to her. I wish Kaya had never experienced sexual harassment. No one should experience sexual harassment, but unfortunately, too many people does.

Reading about what inspired Kaya to become an actor and and what She would have been doing if she weren’t acting was very interesting. •
Kaya got asked about Why it is important for her to portray strong females on screen. And I just want to say that I love that Kaya portrays strong females on screen, I really love that🖤
The sixth pic is from when Kaya, Dylan and Thomas were at @yahooentertainment and the seventh pic is from when Dexter, Kaya and Thomas were at @younghollywood
And the three last pics are from The Special Fan Event for Maze Runner: The Death Cure❤️❤️ #kayascodelario #kayarosescodelario #kayascodelariodavis #skins #themazerunner #thescorchtrials
#thedeathcure #piratesofthecaribbeandeadmentellnotales #deadmentellnotales #piratesofthecaribbeansalazarsrevenge #salazarsrevenge

It’s Friday. It’s a port kind of evening. It’s felt like a long week. Thanks to lovely colleagues however, a few little time saving changes I’ve made to my routines in the week, my daughter @_kate_x_ giving me some curls and @sweeneybeeny’s chilli 🌶 it’s been manageable. Hence all is reasonably well. The film of choice tonight is Pirates of the Caribbean #salazarsrevenge #didyiuknowpaulmccartneywasinit. I have two targets this weekend 1) to go and see Darkest Hour and 2) walk along Southsea seafront #totallydoable #smarttargets #whatsgonnaworkteamwork #oltew #onelovelythingeveryweekend #teacherlife #everythingbutthegirl #googlehome

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