Bowls, spoons, strainers and candle holders.

Honey on cornbread! Great breakfast.

Almost the last of the fresh summer salads.

Rubber Duckie you’re the one. You make bathing lots of fun. Rubber Duckie I’m awfully fond of you.

Zlatý šalátový set dokonale ladí s bledým riadom dánskeho @brostecph. Odporúčame ho kombinovať s porcelánovým bielym riadom s čiernym ručne malovaným lemom alebo keramickým riadom v krémovej farbe s hnedým lemom. Doplnením zlatého šalátového setu získa váš stôl na gracióznosti. Posúďte. Produkty dostupné na eshope @sortconcept.

Just right for honey - muscadine spoon.

‘Notional Cruets’
Confession: this piece has been in my sketchbook since at least 2010.

Figs just seem better after a little honey drizzle.

Soup Spoon Union
Salad set (salad, mini soup and drink) with Meatless minestrone soup set (soup and vegetables)

🔥🔥 What is it? 🔥🔥

What kind of sauce should I put in here? I guess it depends on sweet or savory. Right now I am thinking of Come Back Sauce.

This what we have been doing this summer. @Bluff_Park_Art_Association

Salad Set
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