Yoshino: Fall is finally here!
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Which of the gals do you prefer?🤔
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song for chill edit 😂
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Anime : Sakura quest
Its is one of my all time slice of life series. The story is quite unique making it more appealing to the audiences. Last time i i checked mal, this series' rate is quite low as some of the rewievers didnt like the story. Im quite shocked cuz I didnt feel the story is boring. Maybe the characters and its songs make it entertaining as im more to music person than story line. The characters is cute and moe. Each of them have variety of personality and goals which make the team alive (didnt know the right words). The art is great expected modern series. The scenery especially is amazing. I dont remember the studio name but the studio is one of my favorite. The musics are lit. Both op ed is great and i really love it. Its the main reason i watched the series. To conclude, i love this series so much and you sh oul d try it if you want to start slice of life series. .
Episode : 26
Genre : slice of life
Rate: 9/10
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kaizaki, hishiro (Relife) dan Yoshino sama2 gagal saat melamar pekerjaan tp bisa dijadikan teladan utk para pengangguran 😅

Anime: Sakura Quest

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Nama Asli: Koharu Yoshino
Jabatan: (Eks.) Ratu Kerajaan Chupakabura
Jenis Kelamin: Perempuan
Umur: 20 th. (26 April)
Tinggi: 153 cm
Warna Rambut: Pink
Warna Mata: Pink
Seiyuu: Nanase Ayaka (Ogata Gai, Shirota Mahiru)
Debut: Sakura Quest (Eps. 1)
Yoshino adalah seorang gadis muda periang yang berasal dari sebuah desa di pesisir namun lebih suka untuk tinggal di kota besar seperti Tokyo. Di sana ia selalu bermimpi untuk menemukan sesuatu yang spesial untuk hidupnya, namun nasib berkata lain, hal tersebut tak kunjung ditemukan oleh si sarjana muda ini. Sudah 30 perusahaan yang menolak dirinya, hingga suatu ketika tiba-tiba ia mendapatkan tawaran pekerjaan.
Entah datang darimana, dia yang awalnya bukan siapa-siapa kini dinobatkan menjadi seorang ratu di sebuah kerajaan kecil yang berdiri sendiri di tengah kota kecil bernama Manoyama. Dia dituntut untuk menjalin hubungan ke semua orang, namun sikapnya yang serius terkadang menjadi beban. Belum lagi dia yang katanya hanya gadis normal, namun "normal" di sini memiliki artian yang begitu kompleks.
Sedikit trivia, sewaktu kecil, ternyata Koharu juga pernah dilantik menjadi ratu di tempat yang sama karena dia merupakan wisatawan yang ke-100.000 di kerajaan Chupakabura tersebut. Dan foto dirinya bersama penduduk setempat pada waktu itu juga masih bertengger di kastil kerajaan.
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Time for a picnic! 🥧
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Sakura Quest! -
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🚨Anime Recommendation Time🚨
Today's anime is “Sakura Quest”
This series has a great soothing atmosphere that is filled with emotional twists and turns. The premise may be simple but the way the story unfolds and how difficult situations are dealt with leave a lasting impression on you. With a young girl job wanting to find a job in the big city to get away from the rural lifestyle, only to find herself coming back and being in charge of a big project. She now must bring this dying tourist town back to life, there are many related struggles and concepts that occur throughout the series. I also really loved the characters with each of them coming from different backgrounds and points of views, from the many regrets and lessons that they each go through. There was just so much happy, and sad moments in this series that I just couldn’t help but get very attached and emotional throughout. I really enjoyed this series and found it to be very motivational. It can be very relaxing at times but also make you think on many things in your life. •
Episodes: 25
Second season: no
Genre tags: slice of life, comedy
Dub: yes
MAL rating: 7.47 •
Tired of her rural home, recent college graduate Yoshino Koharu is desperate to lead a more exciting life in Tokyo. After a fruitless job hunt, she finally receives a part-time offer as queen of the bizarre "Kingdom of Chupakabura," a rundown mini-attraction in the small agricultural town of Manoyama. However, Yoshino discovers upon her arrival in Manoyama that she was mistaken for a celebrity and the job offer was a mistake. Left with no other options, Yoshino reluctantly agrees to take on the role and aid the Board of Tourism in their efforts to revitalize Manoyama. Determined to bring excitement to the dying town with the help of local residents, the queen enacts a series of projects to highlight the beauty and charm of Manoyama's culture.

Sakura Quest delves into the story of a tight-knit community that is struggling to balance change while also maintaining the rich traditions and bonds which define their identity. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

We met at @sabotencon @j_michael_tatum aka Tenya Ida of My Hero Academia, Erwin Smith of Attack on Titan & Sebastian Michaelis of Black Butler! We got our Tenya Ida Funko Pop signed! Adding to the collection! #tocmovies #sabotencon #jmichaeltatum #anime #animeconvention

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