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I'm sure that she's Meaghan! Love this pink hair ❤💞😻 #meaghanbaker #saintowen #pinkhair #girls

My favourite photoshoots 😍
I love the twins job ♥️
#SaintOwen #MichelleHaner #ValarySanders

Trying on my new @saint.owen glasses . Syn approved. #saintowen #love ❤️

👓🔋👓 Time for some @saint.owen in your life. I've been apart of a lot of brands and projects over the last decade. Actually I've been involved with a lot of shit since I was 16 years old. Have I failed in some ? ABSOLUTELY!. Have I succeeded ? YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS OFF!. I can honestly say this so far has been a fun ride and we haven't even started yet. Forget 3 to 6 months from now on who you will see wearing these Or supporting this brand. I think the product will speak for itself. I think that once you have them in your hands and realize that it's amazing quality you will all want it. Thank you in advance to everyone that's already supporting our vision. Thank you Val and Michelle for being the geniuses behind this. Thx Matt and Brian for believing in us. I'm excited to build an empire with some of my closest friends in the world!. Hopefully you all join our ride!.. #saintowen #sunglasses 👓🔋👓 site is up and running!. 💻🔥SAINTOWEN.COM 🔥💻

Slightly obsessed with my new Saint Owen Elwin glasses. #trafficselfie #saintowen #bestiessunglassesline @saint.owen

GALT in gray fade. All our designs are unisex.
Girls, these are your "boyfriend" shades.
Guys, these are your stolen shades.

Came home and had some dope new shades waiting for me from @saint.owen they are 🔥go check them out! Thanks @tallywood 👍🏻 #saintowen


▪️◾️🔳◼️⬛️We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down ⬛️◼️🔳◾️▪️#vonnegut ✔️✔️✔️ 📷@grizzleemartin
#saintowen #GALT

Val and her dad at her wedding💓
#valarydibenedetto #valarysanders #dibenedetto #saintowen

Tal Cooperman of @saint.owen wearing the ELWIN in maroon. #saintowen #talcooperman #tallywood 📸 by @abbi_fotography

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