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Yes, it's only Wed, but we can see the weekend coming!

😂 😍 🐶 @hippie_la_leonberger

hope to see some of you tomorrow at the charity fashion event at the @thetalbott!! it's 6-9 pm, free, open to dogs and well-behaved humans, features some ADOPTABLE dogs, and benefits @onetailatatime!!! I don't know what I will be wearing from @tailsinthecity yet but I'm excited to see since almost no off-the-rack sizes fit me! I would love to greet you so please let me know if I might have the pleasure of seeing you! as always, thanks for all the love and support... you guys make animal rescue fun 💖


The two greatest loves of my life. #saintbernard #husband #mybabes

Fresh Flowers. My daughter. & A dog (or 5!). Best view in the house. 💐 *
How many of you find that fresh flowers in the home brings a sense of comfort & peace? I sure do! Whether it's picked flowers or store bought...you can always find flowers in our home. Along with 5 dogs & tons of arts & crafts! 😜

Cuando sabes que la cagaste😡❤️ #saintbernard #stbernard #maximus

made a new friend today 🐾 #saintbernard #huskypuppy

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