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Happy National Love Your Pet Day!! Here is my little fur gal and we just love her SO much!! 💕
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Just like life, you’re going to get what you give. Today there was sweat and snot and it wasn’t pretty. But I gave it all I had and then 1 more. To help others on their journey, and to be a good wife, mom, and friend I need to keep my cup full. I need to keep my anxiety in check and then I can extend my hand. YOU are so worth it!

Crazy dog. It’s working👏🏻👏🏻

When you miss your kitty while traveling, but your in-laws' cat wants attention... #worksforme .
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There is a new blog post on my website. Feel free to check it out. Leave your opinion but keep it clean kiddos! Link in bio! #SweetBabyCadillac #Blog #Blogger #VintageBlogger #Vintage #Retro #VintageVanity #Housewife #stayathomemom #sahm #sahw #traditionalist #vintagegirl #retrogirl

It’s a chilly 💨 , snowy ❄️ day in Colorado & Wyoming!! I am SO thankfully that coaching makes it possible to WORK FROM HOME 🏠 when it’s cold ❄️ & AROUND the world when it’s warm ☀️ !! .
EVERYONE can pursue their DREAMS🙌🏼, but ONLY those who are willing to WORK for it will ACHIEVE IT. ✌🏼
You are always welcome to join me & begin pursuing YOUR DREAMS! 💋
You know where to find me!! #appbelow #msgme
. .
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This is a big factor in my depression/anxiety. Depression/anxiety lets me procrastinate and let things go, and the mess in turn causes more depression/anxiety. What a mess. I’m over it. I think about it all day, every day. There are so many betters ways to spend my time and energy, the most valuable currencies. You guys kept me accountable with that music and baby class last week - help me with this too, please. #depression #anxiety #ufyh #motivation #simplification #minimalism #joy #cleaning #sahm #sahw #dishes #accountability

Awefully close to something my Dad said to me when I was about 21 and still living at home-sitting on the couch on a Saturday night😳I believe it was “Prince Charming isn’t going to ride up and knock on the door”😂🤔 thanks Dad!
Success isn’t going to come find you either, you have to be intentional. But it doesn’t have to all be done in one day. Set a goal and whack at it everyday🔨that reminds me, I need to buy some heavier weights🍑🙌🏻

Monday’s don’t have to be stressful🤔🙌🏻

Not sure how I feel about these🤔 I like homemade kale chips and I luv Mexican candy- you know the Chili covered mango stuff🤗 I’m much more picky than I used to be about snackin’ . Whats your healthier go to snack?

I used to be a big eater. I mean I had a HUGE appetite. That’s the sort of thing that catches up to you as you get older 🙈 I’m grateful that the thing that balances my blood sugar also curbs my appetite so I don’t over eat 🙌🏼 #getyousome #happier #healthier #workfromhome #sahw #workfromanywhere

Just realized I didn't post my results on here!! 😮

I did a 60 hour "Reboot" which ended Wednesday morning. 🕖

It involved a fast of sorts ...but included consuming exogenous ketones, a special broth and Keto Kalm tea in the evening with a supplement of AC-11 🍓

All these things combined encouraged a reset of my metabolism, cleaned out the junk so to speak and helped get my body into ketogenesis⚡ = producing ketones.

I won't say it was EASY but it was worth It! 💜 By the end of day 3 I was feeling lighter, energized and strong! 😃

We all need a good "reboot" once in a while, just like your computer!
I will do another next month! March 11 is the next Reboot .....
➡️➡️Will you be joining me?? ⬅️⬅️

Group fitness, who dis?🤣Sometimes I wish all of you used to know the old me🙈 I was scared, timid, shy, and just embarrassed about EVERYTHING😳 You would NEVER catch me in a group workout, let alone in the front row. I was always concerned about being judged or even just looked at😣I hated being the center of attention (still do), but now I have the courage to go after what I want, idgaf about what others think, and I’ve learned to enjoy the little things of life💗 All of this happened when I started surrounding myself with such a positive community of ladies👯‍♀️ (BEST JOB EVER!!🙏🏼 grateful af) So let’s stop obsessing over our flaws and start toasting to the deliciously authentic creatures we are🥂Let’s get our attitudes in check and start appreciating all the fabulous things we are blessed with. Let’s rock our best ass-ets😏🍑 and forget about the rest. Sound good?

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