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Using Nerium consistently literally sheds YEARS of wear and tear off of your appearance . And, by using Nerium you're guaranteed the safest and most effective skincare regimen, using an all natural, holistic approach 😁

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So many of my friends out west are posting snow pictures. Meanwhile in the mountains of Virginia, I had to turn our air on for the first time because it's 88 outside and I'm baking. 😳Strange Winter and Spring this year. #swvirginia #momlife #sahmlife #wahmlife #heatpump #airconditioning

We are so fortunate to have such wonderful people following our journey with this girl!! Thank you for the support on yesterday's post. Even with the hard stuff I am forever grateful she is mine!! #thegoodfaroutweighsthebad #shesthebest #theluckyfew #bugsandherbunny #changingthefaceofbeauty #dsdn #morealikethandifferent #upsyndrome #nothingdownaboutit

"Mothers are important, but not essential." I heard that in a @godcenteredmom podcast as I was raking the lawn this morning. At first I was shocked by that statement - of COURSE I'm essential!!! I'm the cook, the teacher, the housekeeper, the nurse - am I not the oil that keeps this engine running?!
And as I thought it, I was shocked by how arrogant it sounded. Because we ARE told that moms are the center of the home, the most essential piece. That without moms our kids will be menaces to society - that it *all depends on us*. Friends, this might be cultural, but it's not biblical.
In the month I've been gone from home this spring Adeline has been fine. More than fine - she has continued to learn and grow under their care of her more-than-equipped father and grandparents. The house didn't look like it would have if I was home, but people still ate. They still got dressed. They still LIVED.
When we swallow this lie that we are the most essential piece to our husbands and families, three things happen. First, we live in perpetual guilt over taking any time away, for ourselves or for our God-given gifts. This leads to burnout and resentment. Secondly, we cheat our husbands and kids of the capability within them. I truly believe a lot of dads don't help because their wives don't let them or don't ask. And third, we fail to account for God's role in the family. HE is the most essential piece. We can trust Him to watch over our families even when we can't.
Freedom starts by letting things be done differently. Maybe not as "perfectly" as we would do it. It starts by seeing that we are important, but not essential.
My friend @thecarolinafarmhouse talked about this recently regarding asking for help if you want to hear more on this topic, or listen to the whole @godcenteredmom episode "Extravagant Time with God".

🔮MaRBLe RUn🔮
This is a throwback activity we did during our Casue and Effect week last year. I put together this marble run using our play table (turned on its side). I used duck tape and TP rolls. It was actually easier to put together than I thought it would be. The hardest part is getting the angles right at the turns. .
To join in this week's @steamkidschallenge
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Was going to head out to meet my team at a concert tonight, but mom duty called and little Syd needed her momma! I love my team, but there isn't anything in the world that I'd trade this spot for 💕

Happy 6 months to my baby boy! 👶🏻 💙 Oh, the time has passed so quickly! He has challenged me quite a bit this past month with his bottle feeding, teething, and sleep habits or NON sleep habits I should say!! 😂🤣 all while going back to work part time👩🏻‍⚕️....making me want to pull my hair out at times!🤦🏻‍♀️😩 I wouldn't want it any other way!...only because its been a true PRIVILEGE being his mother! He has given me lessons of patience, personal growth, and selflessness. He makes me a better INDIVIDUAL every single day! Love you to the 🌝 moon and back BABY BOY....GOD BLESS YOU! 😘 #mommylovesyou

Watch out world, baby lady is 2 years old today! ❤️😭


Over here dreaming of warm and sunny days! The rain has been constant this past week and my little guy is not happy that he can't play outside lol. Today we ventured out in the rain to target with grandma... always a successful trip! Happy Saturday mamas! 🌸•
• •
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Dinner tonight was a hamburger patty (I make a batch and keep them in the freezer) some French fries from mama's dinner last night, and an avocado tomato 'salad' drizzled with olive oil a little pepper and garlic powder. She ate the other half of the avocado this morning 👍🏼 so hopefully she is warming up to them. {GF Day 1}
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When you only wear #heels a couple times a year, you practice wearing them while you #clean
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Smiling because I am a Momma to this beautiful boy. We have had a tough week of teething, being sick, and all that entails with that, but we both manage to get up in the AM ready to make the best out of the day. This is truly something that I learned from my son, and something that I don't ever want to let go. Everyday is a blessing that I get to spend with my family, and not only because I love spending time with them(duh!), but because I also know that there are lots of people that don't have this opportunity. On that note I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and the days to come after. #familyfirst #family #live #sahm #sahmlife #lovemyboy #lovemyfamily #lovemyhusband #lovemyself #teethingbaby #sickbabyboy #liveeverymoment #liveeverydamnday #liveeverysecond

The great thing about cake is it doesn't feel like work. You forget about work. Kids, adults, they all get the same look in their eye when they're decorating cakes... That's the magic right there. - Duff Goldman #cake #aceofcakes #celebratejoy

⭐️GODDESS⭐️••• what do you think? Is it the perfect pink or what?!

Saturday at 4pm got me like.....#getmeadrink 🍷😂

God bless Target's $ section....it makes rainy days way more tolerable 🌧🖌🎨🦈

Fun on the lake in our @freshlystitchedboutique watermelon tank 🍉

Isn't my sweet friend, Chelsea, just the most gorgeous?! She's also super generous and is giving away an entire ART Skin Care line from Young Living this month within our team, and you're qualified to enter the random drawing if you've grabbed your kit with me this month already or want to jump in with us before May :) It retails at $144 on its own😱 Thanks, friend!
It's such an amazing facial spa in a kit (with a very gentle cleanser, toner, and smooth moisturizer). It leaves the skin feeling so soft and rejuvenated, and has some incredibly powerful and pricier oils in it (like: Melissa oil, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, and Frankincense >> Google those and you'll want to bathe your skin in them daaaaaily). ALL 100% pure, safe, natural goodness that your skin will adore💛
We have so much more in our fun community awaiting you (easy peasy classes/resources) to walk you through it all, and I am so excited for you jump in!
If you're ready to get started with us by tomorrow, I am also personally gifting a bag of lavender bath bombs to you! This is a dreamy, brand new product from Young Living😍 So many free things with an already smoking deal!🙌🏻😱💃🏼

As a mommy and homemaker, doing the "big cleans" often feels so overwhelming. This zone cleaning rotation, paired with my daily/weekly/monthly cleaning tracker (more on that later) helps SO much!

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K I was scrolling through my photos and decided to zoom up on Nats face cause I'm so obsessed with her. SO happy I did 😂😂 girls got some sass!

Love my DI find today! Perfect for some baby books 📚
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