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This is my campaign to get @beyonce to book #saharthestar as her personal DJ for the #otr2 tour. Tag @beyonce in the comments 🐝

Today #saharthestar taught me about nature and I taught her about caffeine addiction.

Blessed #saharthestar

Play days are the best days. Going to this park in Miami really put it in perspective how much #saharthestar has grown. 18 months going on 18. 🙇🏾‍♂️

Playtime with #SaharTheStar

Tiny prophet and one of the creators that brought her to us. #saharthestar

Trying to make all of 2018 this cute. #saharthestar
Ft. @sherikashaw_ & @pargett

Just a glimpse. Just the last few months of the year. Featuring so many amazing people from my life like @sherikashaw_ #saharthestar @afrochubbz @alanagreer @ms_peoples @problematicpapi @chelcglenn @jessicalaksmi @wave.runner @thetunji @shaylaracquel @gogobranden__ @0penwide @nyerileah @hjaybee @somethingyougottasee @dave.of.earth @chattam @nzingaimani @thethirtysixthframe @traceythedirector_kinship @she_kinahcute @justgreenbean @philofdreams and moments with more friends like @introtogreatness and @personaltruth @hfdavis @byportal @waterpasta and @krie8ta even though they weren’t on camera .
Man this is just a glimpse. Just the tip of an iceberg, but damn I’m blessed to be in relationship with all of you. To be in a position to be able to create with purpose.

Made this with an app called “1 second everyday”. I super recommend it.

This little girl takes my breath away. Without a doubt, my favorite person to take pictures of.
16 months now. (📸 shot by daddy / 👗styled by mommy @sherikashaw_) #saharthestar #daddyvision

Two baby cousins! And two fly mommas! #SahartheStar #familyovereverything ##teachthemyoung

Apple picking!!! 🍎🍎🍎Sahar had a blast! She wanted to eat everything! #forthatpie #driveanhourforthatpie #SahartheStar #applepicking

Never knew a love like this...#SahartheStar #blackmoms

Luke Skywalkin’ on em. Random DP work I did for my favorite little human #saharthestar #skywalker thanks @miguel

So much personality in a little person. #saharthestar

Shining. #saharthestar

day 62 // this is my airbnb host, sahar. she was very accommodating, although she didn't seem to know english very well. 4.5/5, would recommend
#saharthestar #airbnb #bedstuy #brooklyn #nyc #maip2017

Very rare footage of Sahar driving a golf cart in Montego Bay. #saharthestar

Happy 1st Birthday #saharthestar 😍

A year ago today, God blessed me with another niece✨ Happy 1st birthday Sahar! Auntie loves you❣️#saharthestar

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